Oct 11 2012

Wanna “just feel good”… by doing something nice for someone else?


they can be a powerful thing. 

Pause for a moment – think of someone…

A friend who would appreciate (or perhaps needs to hear) a kind word from you.


If you’re in business… a customer whom you want to THANK for their business

Whatever your circumstance, I think you’re going to appreciate this…

AND remember – Christmas is coming – and this is a GREAT THING for the holidays…

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If you liked what you saw and heard above – click here to learn more and try it out by sending a card right now to someone who you are PROMPTED to send one to…

send out cards

Create (and send) a CUSTOM CARD (and gift) TODAY! (click here to get started)

And… if you have not seen these recent postings – well, errr… ummm… you NEED to! 

Arginine – what it is and why EVERY ADULT over 40 needs to know about it

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Oct 09 2012

How many of the 232 million American adults are just plain FAT???

Ok, ok, I’ll be politically correct – how many of the 232 million American adults are overweight or obese?

And … yes, for the moment, I’m still among the overweight group.

natural cure for obesity

Are you kidding me???

Ready for the answer? 160 million!!

Aside from being just plain unsightly… obesity can lead to all kinds of conditions including heart disease (which eventually takes 1/3 of us) and diabetes. 

The problem is so pervasive, I created a site dedicated to cutting edge information regarding heart disease risk.

The solution? (and believe me… I’ve been doing my research!!) And, for those who know me, the answer is to eat right and get more exercise. But for those who already have “compromised” sugar management problems and those who want some extra help losing the weight… I have some GOOD news for you. 

Watch the video that follows, then *take action* to improve your health (think about how much MORE you could do in your life, with your loved ones, etc. if you were in better physical condition)

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Want more information regarding Capsitrim or GlycoTea? Click the images below…

natural weight loss

Natural Weight Loss with Capsitrim

sugar management

Manage your carb intake and sugar levels with Glyco-Tea












PS – A word of advice – and a warning – if you are using a “weight loss shake” or “meal replacement shake” – read the label!! It is likely LOADED with “GMO’s” and as such are best AVOIDED.

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Oct 08 2012

We are all getting older – and it certainly beats the alternative…

This past weekend really FELT like Autumn here in Grand Junction, Colorado. How ’bout where you were?

There was a “crispness” in the air; color on the trees; and enough sun to enjoy the warmth in the mid afternoon, while knowing it was downright cold early in the morning.

For me, Autumn is a time for preparation – readying for winter – prepping my home and myself. I’d like to share with you today a couple of things that are getting BETTER in my life and may help you as well. In my video message, you’ll learn about “trigger finger” (a close cousin of carpal tunnel syndrome) and how I BEAT it with two really great products. You’ll also learn about a show Dr. Oz recently did – on “silent reflux” – and if you’re like me and 40% of Dr. Oz’s audience, you’ll be VERY glad you learned about this potentially silent killer. So without any further delay, watch the video!

YouTube Preview Image

You can visit Good Life here to review the products that helped me so much in the past few weeks.

muscle penetrating oil

Super oxygenated oil

restore and rejuvenate joints

restore and rejuvenate joints with Joint Protogen

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Oct 02 2012

Starbucks, return coffee drinkers, and YOU

I’ve got some thoughts for you today (gee…thats rare for me, eh?)

I was thinking about relationships, repeat business, and retention and YOU can see my thoughts here…

And I will tell you this – what I reveal in the video below are insights (with perhaps a hint of wisdom) that may be considered the “secret sauce” in earning a SOLID, STEADY, and REAL living online!

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Now, if my thoughts resonated with you, you can access the companies I named and get more info here…

send out cards

Send someone a heartfelt message today in the most unique and personalized way possible!


A special bonus video from Lake Vallecito (actually high above Lake Vallecito)…

YouTube Preview Image

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Sep 29 2012

Lake Vallecito, Co. and the San Juan Mountains

An amazing weekend! Watch the video below as I share thoughts and experiences.

I wanted to get this up – its Saturday morning here – I’m in Durango. Already had a GREAT breakfast and now in a starbucks on Main St. as I enjoy the “shoulder season” between summer and winter near “Purgatory” Ski Area.

This has been an amazing weekend! Lake Vallecito rocks! It was interesting being here on their closing weekend. This is an area where truly 90% of the population is leaving this weekend – snow will soon fill the region and few stay to endure it. The first video shares my experiences around the lake on 9/28, there are images below that I took as I traveled the region (I will likely add more on 10/1); The second video below talks about my day on Sunday (9/30) – hiking at 11,000 feet.

Oh…and wondering what Pura Vida is? I’ll tell the story later today – so tune back in!

YouTube Preview Image

 Do NOT miss this post…Rat Poison for Lunch

Here are some photos from my travels on 9.28.12…



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