Sep 26 2012

Rat Poison for Lunch?! Whats THAT all about??

May I share the facts of life with you?

No, not those! These…

1) Our HEALTH is ALL we truly have. All the time freedom in the world and all the residual income in the world means naught if you don’t have your health.

**Do you agree?**

2) We are in the midst of a national crisis. Too many of us are out of shape and obese. AND… obesity can lead to heart disease – which according to statistics will eventually kill one out of every three of us.

So, what does that lead me to share with you today?

Watch this video and if my message resonates with you, click the link below to learn more.

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Click this link to learn more…


Get arginine through cardio protogen

natural weight loss

Natural Weight Loss with Capsitrim

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Sep 25 2012

Experiences like this… (let me tell you about David)

Traveling has its rewards – no, not from credit card programs or even the amazing scenery you are treated to around each curve. I’m talking about the rewards of meeting and interacting with people and perhaps, just perhaps if you’re lucky, having a positive and lasting impact on their lives.

Let me tell you about a young man named David whom I met  in Albuquerque in May. It was a hot afternoon and I needed to purchase some “provisions” at a local grocery market, so I stopped into a Smiths (the big chain in this region) in the city of Albuquerque. Upon checking out, I noticed a young man with an outgoing personality and positive attitude… so, as a networker, I did “what I do” – I struck up a brief conversation and exchanged numbers with him. My goal? Simply to meet with him and see if he wanted to work with me as I build out one of the network marketing companies I’ve decided to represent – he fit the demographic I am looking for with a particular product called Hair of the Dog. A day or so later, I called him, we agreed to meet up; he missed the meeting, I texted him and asked if he was serious about making something happen – he replied (which in itself is beyond the norm) and indicated that yes, he was serious – always a good sign when you intend to meet with a “prospective business partner.” So… we met at a local coffee shop.

When we met up, what started as a simple business meeting grew into much more. As we talked – for quite a while – I learned that David is a young man with strong ambitions and dreams, and like too many young men these days, he has placed himself into a life for himself that he is minimally prepared for. David is 20 years old; allow me to introduce you to Angelique, his 16 year old girl friend and Elijah, his 3 month old son.

Yes, David is 20 with a steady girl who is still in high school and a child. In my time with him, he shared with me that he has yet to acquire his high school diploma. While I remained in the Albuquerque area (for RV repairs…and I firmly believe that things happen for a reason) this past Spring, David and I met up several times – a couple with Angelique, who at the time was nearing the time when she would give birth to Elijah.

What started as a simple brief business meeting where I seek motivated, positive people to talk about promoting Hair of the Dog (an energy drink that cures/prevents hangovers – for real!), turned into a friendship and a mentorship as it was clear to me that David had virtually no support network. He was not close to his own family, and his girl friends mom was not really supportive of his relationship with her daughter – even though he was about to become the father of their child. He left high school without graduating after his best friend was killed in what sounds a lot like gang related violence (Albuquerque has a large number of gangs, and many residents who have virtually nothing to their name.)

At that time this past Spring, David’s primary concerns were to relocate to a better apartment where he and Angelique could live with their baby, hopefully one close to his place of employment – at which he seemed to be “established” since he had been working there for nearly two years. I helped him check out a few places, and used my resources to provide him with more potential apartments for himself and his new family.

At our last meeting in May, I promised David would remain in contact with him and would return in the autumn. I could see the doubt in his eyes as he clearly had been let down by others before. After I left Albuquerque to continue my travels towards Arlington, Texas, David and I remained in contact – mostly by phone texting. I was not surprised as his experiences in life have led him to not count on or even trust most people.

Last night (fast forward towards the end of September), I returned to that same Smiths and hoped to run into David. Recently, he had stopped replying to my texts and emails. Rather than guess at why, I decided a personal visit would be in order.

A promise fulfilled – the look on David’s face immediately confirmed he was not only happy to see me but he knew that I had stuck to my word. That was at around 4pm, his work schedule permitted him to meet with me after 5pm at which time we talked for a bit and then went to “break-bread.”  (As it turned out, his phone had been stolen and he did not have the funds to replace it. He is working to earn enough to get it back.)

I learned that Angelique gave birth to a healthy baby boy; that David had moved (I saw his place last night briefly – its in a tough part of town and you gotta travel through a tougher part of town to get there!) He is now about 6 miles from Smiths and has had trouble getting there on time so last week he earned less than $100. Not good for a guy who has to cover his own living expenses and help with the baby.

We talked about immediate action steps – getting his GED, landing a job closer to where he is now living, getting a better job once he has his diploma, along with steps to start making money with Hair of the Dog. He surprised me by sharing that he still had the can of “HOD” I had given him back in May (unopened) and had shown it to several folks. I reminded him about the nature of network marketing, and the fact that a young man (in another company) was making over $70,000 per month marketing to college age students in Arizona (this news came to me from the owner of Good Life – makers of HOD).

I believe that David will in time grow into the mode of building a network marketing business, one that I will be honored to help him grow. Should he not move in that direction, I still feel blessed to serve as his mentor, regardless of whether I am anywhere near Albuquerque or not. I will continue to encourage him to get his GED and a closer job – a need for a phone, printer, computer, and eventually a car.

If my travels bring me in contact with more David’s and I can be a source of information, inspiration and mentorship, then it makes this journey all the more enriching and worthwhile.

Just wanted to share this. More thoughts coming soon, including a hard hitting video where I’m goin to talk about rat poison.

Downtown Albuquerque

Downtown Albuquerque

Early autumn in Tijeras

Early Autumn in Tijeras

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Sep 22 2012

Summer in Texas

If you asked me last year when I set out on this journey where I would be this summer now just ended (about 30 minutes ago!), I would most certainly NOT have named Texas! But… that is how it worked out. And, you know what? I’m glad it did. I had some great experiences, stayed at some real nice campgrounds, had a wonderful journey, and met some great folks! 

My video below “tells all” and… shares a few thoughts on business (very few actually) – enjoy…

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Sep 20 2012

Long work hours… not good for your health

Yes… We ARE as a nation killing ourselves – over what?


Many may know that I’m “growing” a blog on Heart Disease Risk – it is all about sharing the latest research and findings on the #1 killer in our nation today.

Most of the time, my posts “over there” do not relate (directly) to what we talk about over here. What is it we talk about over here anyway?! 

Anyway, I digress.. today’s post on my Heart Disease page is all about the health risks of working overtime – specifically your risk of a heart attack goes up when you work more than an 8 hour day – according to the research your risk is raised upwards of 80%! 

time freedom

The American Eagle – A symbol of Freedom (image courtesy valerie everett)

Reflecting on MY morning…

Y’know, there is something to be said for waking up early in the mountains outside of Albuquerque – I’m at 6500 ft. elevation. It was 42 this morning when I rolled out, made breakfast, and checked emails. Now, I’m at a local coffee shop, called Coffee at Dawn (in Cedar Crest, NM – a great little place really – if you stop by, bring your own cup!) Why do I paint this picture? Well… working too many hours causes stress – all kinds of stress – you can read more about THAT on my heart disease page. (As for me, I have not had a “j.o.b.” (just over broke) in 7 years. 

Why now? 

Well… in case you hadn’t noticed, the economy ain’t good! And… as prices of “staples” go up (food is up 20+% by some estimates; gas is up 100+% in the past 3 years; electric and heating oil are up as well. What does that all spell? LESS discretionary income! So, what do many do? Go out and get ANOTHER job, give up MORE of their precious time and still find that they just barely “make ends meet.”

The solution…

Most view getting a 2nd (or 3rd) job as a solution. Not only does this result in trading one of the most valuable things you have (your time) for something of far less value (some money), now we see it is causing stress – and could lead to an early grave. So, from my view – this is NOT a solution! 

Some of you know where I’m heading… the ONLY answer is to “work smart – not hard”, but that sounds like a pitch line doesn’t it? So, lets look at it another way – and lets consider what the rich know that most of us don’t… 

Ever hear the phrase “it takes money to make money”? Well, that IS true, but what most don’t realize is that it doesn’t take MUCH money to produce a residual income stream.

And when you are willing to risk SOME money, IF you do it right, you WILL generate “cash flow” that is based upon residual income (often with leverage.) You know, its funny, I was in a Wells Fargo the other day and they actually had a poster up that referred to generating cash flow through their bank. While this is true – frankly the rates they will give you will NOT even generate enough cash flow to outpace inflation – which is another issue you MUST consider… if you leave your dollars “alone”, they will slowly devalue. That is, you lose purchasing power. Think of it this way – if you took $10 in 1980 and left it under your pillow and went to spend it today, will it buy as much as it did in 1980? The clear answer is NO. Why? Inflation has devalued your money.

This is why the rich take the cash produced in their “cash machine” and then invest it in other assets (real estate; land; commodities including silver and gold; other business ventures, etc.) that in turn produce MORE passive income

So, I don’t have wads of cash, whats available for “me”? 

Well, you *could* get started with a “network marketing” company – but – I caution you – most are outright scams now and the few that are not (i’m “in” 2 that passed my filters), WILL require some effort to grow a business. I would be lying to you if I made it sound simple and instant – it is not – BUT – if you put forth the time, it is well worth the effort! And…if you want to know what I’m excited about, just read some of my other posts – or look at my cardio or promptings button. 

Remember, the key is time freedom – and the only reasonable way to achieve it is with enough cash flow to negate the need for a 2nd (or 3rd job.) As you’ll see in my heart disease risk article, working those extra hours could cost you! My parting comment to you today is to encourage you to *do something* – that is take action.

How to proceed…

Not sure how to proceed? That is the value I bring to the table. I encourage you to contact me and let’s talk – get to know each other and build a bridge. If you then feel comfortable, and wish to allow me to help you chart a path, it will be my honor to do so. 

Alan Sills

561 676 1205

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Sep 18 2012

4 Tips to create Powerful Videos and a Value Proposition

I promised you some GOOD news a few days ago…and here it is!

Send Out Cards

In the video that follows, I share four tips that will help you to make videos that really enable you to connect and communicate with your audience. You see, its all about credibility when you’re talking business. If the viewer (your potential customer) does not see you as credible, they will not give you the time of day.

Think about this… do you receive *tons* of email with all kinds of promotional / crazy claims? How many do you really give a moment of your time? If you reviewed them all – or even a number of them, you would have NO time left!

We all develop filters that enable us to make a “quick call” on whether we want to devote time towards reading or watching something.

This video will share 4 key tips – and share a value proposition – something called “Send Out Cards” – and you’ll see why I’m excited about it.

I look forward towards hearing from you (one way or another) after reviewing the information below…

YouTube Preview Image
Send Out Cards

Now is the time to check out Send Out Cards – and if you’re new – try it out for free!



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