Aug 08 2012

On The Road with Al…Thoughts about travel, autumn, and more…

Greetings from Lake Lewisville, Texas

If you build it, they will come. And they did and we did! 

In fact, the Lake Lewisville campground (where I have been for the past week or so) is a “CCC” project from the 1930s – they dammed up the area and made a big lake – nice idea in country that is over 100 almost every day from Jun 15 – Sep 15! And put in a campground where you can WALK to (and then swim IN) the lake from your campsite. 

Where am I? On the northern end of the Dallas Metroplex. 

My trip to Texas has been MOST eventful – of greatest note is the recent “Restoring Love” event … now I am getting the final repairs done from my blow out in mid-july. I am at McClains RV – a great shop to work with! When they “finish with me” and send me on my way – hopefully in a couple of days, I’m heading for New Mexico (again) and then we will see… my only criteria after then is “gotta be near a major ski area” for the winter! And…unlike last winter in the Salt Lake valley, I want to be IN the mountains. Ok, ok, Tiger Run near Breckenridge, at 9500 ft. elevation might be a bit TOO harsh! And of course, I’m looking forward towards the change of season into September & October, and then that first snowfall of the season! 

Ok, before I talk too much… watch this video, then I’ll share more below – 

YouTube Preview Image

Neat, huh? So, as I travel, I’ve met people…lots of good people. People who are grounded, solid Americans. I’ve formed some new friendships – some will be lifelong. I have stories, and will share if you contact me and ask. The bottom line is most people are good, warm, and caring.

From another viewpoint, many are concerned as well about our nation and its future – many sense something is wrong and don’t quite know what to do. And many are frustrated that they can’t make ends meet the way they would like. This is where I am glad I’m now able to share two great MLM’s (which are NOT for most people since most can’t “make it” in network marketing – no matter how good the product or company. )

Can I be real for a moment? I’m so darn hesitant to say what is *really* on my mind when it comes to the state of the “home based business” industry, but shoot, its out of control! Diet products filled with POISONS… and when you call someone on that – a rep for the company that is, all they say is “well, people ARE losing weight.”  Penny auction “deals” where you are promoting a business that is simply preying on those who are MOST vulnerable – again – point it out to a rep for the company, and most do not care. Even those who call themselves “Christian” don’t seem to be bothered by the business model they are promoting and supporting. Most recently – a new phone company – making FALSE promises (nationwide 4G service?!) and charging MORE than MOST of the discount carriers that are already established (and do ANY of them tell you what you LOSE when you leave the world of ATT, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile?? (nope!)

I’m sorry, but I *had* to. I don’t want to come across as “negative”, but, I feel that too many people are suckered into these programs – and – while I’m on it – the “guru’s” best course to generate tons of traffic nonsense for $498. – ever wonder why most don’t charge over $500?? (Has to do with business regs in some states.) So… for me, I try to keep it real. And…if you ARE entrepreneurial and enterprising, there is a TON of free and worthwhile content all over my site right here!  

If you are still reading, first, THANKS, it means you CARE. Second, if it isn’t obvious by now, and yes, I can be *very* direct, I put morals, values and ethics AHEAD of profit. I could join some of the crap I named above – in fact – I was offered early positioning in virtually every program for the past couple of years. I pass on 99.99% of it. Honestly, and you can peruse this page, because the 2 MLM’s are linked on the page – I’m not one of those guys who hides his affiliations and makes people jump through hoops to find out what I’m doing. 

Hey, got a thought? Want to reach out to me? I’m at 561 676 1205 and I’d love to hear from ya. I *do* answer my own phone! You can also reach me at

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Aug 04 2012

A penny saved or preserved…

“A penny saved is a penny earned” – an old thought, right? Does it apply today as well? 

There has been no inflation since 1900?! Watch my video and consider my point. 

How about a “penny preserved… is that also a penny earned?”

After you watch the video below… lets initiate a discussion – there is a comment box below to post OR feel free to generate dialogue on Facebook. 

YouTube Preview Image

Here is the post about James Turk from King World News

I decided to link additional posts here to let you do your own research and gain a broader perspective on the issues discussed here…

This quotes Peter Schiff and a provocative perspective on what may be headed our way.

And one last link – thought provoking if nothing else… from the Gold is Money forum

As I mention in my video, if you’re looking to make a significant purchase of gold or silver, I can refer you to a dealer who will likely give you the best price you’ll find. (Of course, you should take my referral, contact him and then shop around to confirm!) I share these things, not to scare, but to help those who are inclined to prepare.

This is why when I look at producing income, the first thing I consider (think “Maslows Heirarchy” is preserving what one has AND preserving quality of life. A friend summarized it as “beans, bullets, and bandaids”…and if I’m wrong, silver and gold can always be sold eventually and freeze dried food can be eaten! The world has never seen “fiat” currencies (those backed simply by the “good faith” of their government) survive for much more than 40 years… the U.S. dollar became a fiat currency in 1971 when Nixon took us off the gold standard. When the German Deutchmark was looking to collapse – by those who were paying attention in the 1920’s (the writing was on the wall then as it is now), those folks converted their currency into another nations currency and did not suffer from the loss of the deutchmarks value. 

gold and silver

Click this image to link to the blog it came from – they have a great lesson on money and currency.

Today, to my knowledge, ALL currencies are “fiat”. Some believe we will go back onto the gold standard…but to do that, gold will have to be at least 5x higher than it is today. And, silver has always trailed gold (historically) by a factor of 16:1. (Consider now it is trailing by much more than that ratio, and historically when that condition has existed, it has eventually caught up and “overshot” its mark with gold! 

My goal here is not to preach, but to get the reader to think about things… and to know since most folks have little extra to spend on silver, gold, food and more, the answer is to create additional income streams – but that does NOT mean a “2nd job” or a “3rd job”!! Jobs take away one of your most precious commodities – your time! The alternative? Passive income cash-flow. How? Contact me – lets talk and look at options. 

Just read this article 8.8.12 – “Has the Perfect Moment to Destroy the Dollar Arrived?” – I know…it sounds *crazy*, but YOU read the article and tell me if I was right to link it here.

I leave you with this request… if this post has caused you to ponder – please, pass it on (share it) and feel free to share your thoughts via the comments box below.

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Jul 30 2012

Restoring Love – the MAIN event…

Over 65,000 gathered. The site? Cowboys Stadium in the heart of Texas – in the middle of Summer. A place where daytime temperatures are regularly over 105 throughout the region. Many of those gathered even waited outside in the late afternoon heat (it had cooled to about 103) to patiently wait to enter the stadium.

restoring love

Restoring Love Volunteers waiting up to 70 minutes to receive their assignments for the “day of service” on Friday 7/27

The event? A potentially historic one, one described by its organizer as “The Third Great Awakening” – and the writer here would tend to agree.

The organizer, a man named Glenn Beck, an alcoholic, a self-described “rodeo clown” and a man on a long rebound from hitting rock bottom (due to the bottle) is emerging perhaps as a modern day Jeremiah (not my words)…my thoughts are this – Moses did not wake up one day and decide it would be a good idea to wander around in the desert for 40 years. Likewise, Glenn Beck did not ASK for his calling – but a calling it is (in my humble opinion). Is it ordained by God, Himself? Perhaps.

restoring love at cowboys stadium

Restoring Love at Cowboys Stadium

Frankly after listening to Beck for years now and following his actions at Restoring Honor (Washington DC, Summer 2010); Restoring Courage (Israel, Summer 2011) and now Restoring Love, Summer 2012 – the completion of a trilogy – I’d have to say yes, he could NOT have completed these events in as successful, magnificent and peaceful manner as he did without Divine guidance and oversight.

Restoring Honor, again in my humble opinion changed the outcome of the “midterm” elections in 2010; Restoring Love has the potential to do the same (and much more) this year. There is a story, that after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, a Japanese General lamented that he feared he had awakened a sleeping giant – US!

And, you know what? He was RIGHT. America sprang into action and quickly at that! Within 4 years we have awakened from an isolationist nation with little military to emerge as the worlds ONLY superpower – complete with a spectacular military and amazing and robust economy. Some say since then we lost our glory, rested on our laurels, allowed our nation to slide and be mis-managed. I would not disagree with much of those sentiments, BUT, much like a frog that has been slowly warmed and is then suddenly thrust into boiling water, the American people are now wide awake – once again – and ready for change.

Not a bumper sticker or campaign slogan this time – but REAL change. And not just a “D” vs. “R” issue as the republican party has almost as many useless and frankly dangerous characters as the democratic party. And…WE want them OUT!

restoring love

Our nation has reached a boiling point – how do you justify “business as usual” (entitlements, fat cat deals, back room negotiating, etc.) when we are 16 trillion in debt and have over 120 trillion in unfunded entitlements – to a generation who paid their dues and expects to live to collect well into their 80’s?!

So, with that, our modern day Jeremiah was driven to organize Restoring Love. But… it would have been a total flop IF 65,000+ Americans had not shown up! What did they do? They attended the largest gathering of conservatives in an arena ever on Thursday night. They brought enough food to feed numerous cities in the largest food drop ever! They arrived, rolled up their sleeves, in the mid summer Texas heat to ride in vans and NON-airconditioned buses to venues where they would do about a half-day’s service for strangers whom they had never met (mine was at a GoodWill in Dallas, Tx), and then they gathered at Cowboys Stadium for an evening of fellowship, inspiration, and more.

The videos that follow attempt to share the experience with you. I shot the video footage myself. More professional and more complete videos can be found at (or, but these are mine. My recording of the event. I attempt to share my impressions and experience through them. I hope you find them to be enriching and worth watching. And I invite your comments in the space provided after this post – and/or – share this post via the buttons provided! 

So, let me introduce the videos from the event that follow two ways. First, here is what you’ll see in the first video – after the singing of our National Anthem (an amazing rendition!), you’ll see Beck’s opening monologue – he sets the tone of the entire event, which was designed to run straight through for about two highly engaging hours. There were no “starts and stops” so often seen at speaking events. It was choreographed brilliantly!

restoring love

Washington in Prayer – Learn from Restoring Love

As the video clips proceed, Beck will introduce you to a portrait of Washington – and I have a story to tell on my video (see below); then Lincoln’s desk; a letter from Reagan to his daughter (a heartbreaking story) and finally, the true meaning of the “shining light on the hill”. Again – for the full viewing, be sure to connect with Beck’s and gain access to the professionally produced videos! So, with no further delay, here are some thoughts I want to share with you – then I have the first of two videos from the event to share.

YouTube Preview Image
restoring love

Restoring Love – a Powerful Closing – a poster from MLK’s last rally in 1968 – an IMPORTANT reminder

Ok, that was my overview, now onto actual footage from the event…

YouTube Preview Image


After the event.. a few interviews with a diverse group of folks who attended… (enjoy – and again – please do feel free to leave comments!)

YouTube Preview Image

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Jul 29 2012

Restoring Love Weekend – A Message from FreedomWorks 7/26/12

Picture this scene… 15,000 patriots gather from all over the nation at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas. Matt Kibbe, President of FreedomWorks takes the stage and kicks off the event. Speaker after speaker reminded all of the constitution, its words and meaning. The speakers came from all walks of life – public service; business; entertainment and represented numerous communities and cultures. What follows are clips from several of the brief talks given during the event. 

restoring love

Me and Doreen Borelli – Author of “Blacklash” – learn more about her in the videos below…

I can tell you this- the event was one heck of a kickoff to a weekend that included 35,000 people conducting community service on Friday and then over 70,000 attending Restoring Love at Cowboys Stadium Saturday evening. It is Sunday evening as I prepare this post and my head is still swimming with thoughts from the past 3 days! Here now some of the sights and sounds…

Enjoy the singing of God Bless America, then firey words from Michelle Maulkin and then Statesman Rand Paul

YouTube Preview Image

Deneen Borelli – Author of Blacklash; Senator Mike Lee; Retired from U.S. Congress Dick Armey

YouTube Preview Image

cardio protogen

Click this image – the post you’ll link to could save your life.

Reverend Bryant of “Runaway Slave” followed by Glenn Beck who “brought down the house”!

YouTube Preview Image

send a heartfelt message today

Send a Heartfelt message today – via a REAL greeting card. (click here to learn more)

More coming soon! Be sure to check my blog for additional information related to FreedomWorks and Restoring Love

Here is a link to my first post in this series:


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Jul 28 2012

Restoring Love – Powerful, Transformational, AMERICAN…

It started with a drunk, an alcoholic actually, a man who had hit bottom, by his own admission. He had virtually lost his family; lost all his worldly wealth; and lost his self-worth. Then it happened. He began to “pull it together” and in recent years has become a “man on a mission”…far more than a radio host, he has become a beacon of light and enmity for many across the nation. 

Restoring Love

Restoring Love – the completion of a trilogy – Honor – Courage – and… Love

Of course, I am speaking of Glenn Beck – and Restoring Love. I’ve been here in Arlington, Texas for the past 3 days – and it is hot as he** here!! Currently, its a “mild” 107 outside. I’m getting immune to it! I think that 85 will feel “chilly” when I get back to altitude in New Mexico! But, enough about me; this event is POWERFUL. From the Freedomworks “freepac” event Thursday evening, to the 35,000 people organized to do community service on Friday (I was at a GoodWill for 3 hours, helping to reorganize a wall of books.), to the “survival expo” at the convention center near Cowboys stadium, to the simple face to face conversations I’ve had with everyone from Deneen Borelli (yes, I bought her book “Blacklash” and got a photo as well!) to Michelle Maulkin (yes, THAT Michelle), to ordinary folks… folks whom you are about to hear from. Listen to their stories and impressions of the events thus far – AND – know that the biggest and best is yet to come! Tonight is the *main event* for restoring love at Cowboy’s stadium – with an expected crowd of 85,000+! 

So, without any further delay – here now the video my first with reactions to Restoring Love events… (and if you’re moved to do so, like/share this post AND offer comments in the space provided below)


YouTube Preview Image

Ok… its Sunday morning. I have so much on my mind. I was at Cowboy Stadium (along with about 80,000 other folks) and was completely blown away by what Glenn Beck had to share. He shared “living history” – primarily from George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King. They even had one of the 3 exact replica’s of the Liberty Bell on stage! Along with much else.

Let Freedom Ring. If there was any message, that was it. We are a unique nation, founded by Godly men who sought His guidance in creating the founding documents. Glenn reminded us that it was Martin Luther King who pointed us back to those documents that all men are created equal under God. And hence, he was instrumental in the lifting of the “jim crow” laws – laws that many (black and white) had accepted as “its just the way it is”. Well, I could go on and on … and in a future post… perhaps I will. But for the moment, enjoy the next 2 interviews with a family occupying two RV spaces next to me. You’re going to be very impressed and taken with Pastor Bob…  (the 1st interview has low audio; the 2nd’s audio is fine and the message is incredible)

YouTube Preview Image

More posts and video from the event are right here…

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