Dec 15 2011

The Journey Begins

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It has been just over a month since my last post. An unusual gap for me, but my life has completely changed in the past 5 weeks. When I moved to Florida in 2006, I made a commitment to help my Dad through his last stage in his life. When that commitment ended on November 7, I began the process of grieving his loss (he had a great life and is now with the Lord, so, other than missing him, whats to grieve?)

I began the process of closing his affairs and moving on with my own life. In just a few weeks, I have a new “5th wheel” (see the photos) and a Ford F250 truck. I have traveled from So. Florida to Northern NJ and lived a lifetime along the way. I developed new skills, new confidences,  spent some time with my brother and his 8 dogs, met angels (yes, most definitely angels – more on this soon) and attended a high level internet networking conference with Daegan Smith, clearly one of the most talented marketers in our nation.

Camping in Morris County, NJ

At Daegan’s event, I met some wonderful people, made some new friends, and perhaps some will become business partners in one of my two major projects. I am also feeling better…actually better than I have in quite a while. Yes, I’ve been eating better, but its more than that. I know that the advice my brother has been giving me for the past 3 years was good advice…and me – mr “thickhead” finally acted upon it…and now I’m feeling better – even good most of the time! And yes, that has become my 2nd project.

So, my biggest challenge is to know where to begin.  I’m going to keep this post relatively brief as I still have lots of things to do – some personal stuff got set aside to handle my Dad’s estate and the travel (I’ve driven about 1700 miles in the past 10 days) has cut into the time I’ve needed to take care of other routine things.

A Hike in the Woods

I will end by sharing this much – look at the photos below. I took a hike yesterday for about an hour. There was snow on the ground and the temperature was right around freezing…and I loved it! I am clearly not a warm weather person! It was nice to commune with nature, be in NJ, if only for a few days (I do plan to get into NYC in the next few days – I love NY at Christmas time!)

I will also encourage you – please do take a look at the reason why I’m feeling better –   Be sure to take a look at the cardio products &  hair of the dog… these are “game changers” and I (for the first time) am really behind these nutritionals. Want to know why? Stay tuned…more is coming in this area – I will share my discussions with the owner/developer/manufacturer of these products.

Lastly – my thought is this – when you hear what the past 10 days have been like – you’ll understand why I say this… never give up…always persevere…and believe that you are never alone. If you want to make something happen, believe it CAN and WILL happen…and then watch the magic occur. I’m not often cryptic in my writing, but trust me, the past 10 days have been amazing… more soon.

Truly last thought…I am dedicating 2012 to helping as many folks as possible to achieve their dreams – both big and small as I can. Based upon the past few weeks, I know that that is why I’m here

A hike in the woods...

Yes, I still wear sandals - even with snow on the ground! Take that Florida!!

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Nov 13 2011

95 years and 10 days

In my dad’s 95+ years, he (as you might suspect) saw quite a bit! One day, a few years ago (after I had moved to Florida to help care for him), I walked into his home that we were now sharing and he was watching a Yankee game. He quipped that one day, when he was 9, he was in attendance at Yankee Stadium (he grew up in the Bronx and later in Brooklyn) and saw Babe Ruth hit two home runs that day at the Stadium! That might help to put into perspective his birth 1916. Do the math,  this happened in 1925!

One might also contemplate that his health throughout his long life was fairly good as he was born before the 1918 “pandemic” and of course, he survived that illness which took so many Americans at that time. That’s why I didn’t worry too much when a few years ago there was a “scare” of a similar event.

A few highlights of his life I want to share with you in this message,  that may hopefully enrich your day as you read this include – in 1938 after enduring the hardships of the Great Depression (his family really had nothing) and, seeing the rise of Hitler in Germany, my dad wanted to enlist to serve our nation. There was only one problem… he was Jewish and had a clearly Jewish last name. The Army would not accept him! Yes, prejudice and intolerance extended well beyond Hitler’s Germany (and in many ways still does today). He changed his name to one that did not sound Jewish, and in 1942 enlisted in the army. He was assigned to lead an all black unit of enlisted men to oversee as an officer – perhaps they figured out that he was Jewish and this was their way of treating him?? I am not suggesting that leading a squadron of black men should be a punishment, but, in those days, it might be how the military operated. Blacks, as you may know at that time were segregated in the Army – thanks to the “wisdom” and insight (actually, intolerance and bigotry) of Woodrow Wilson.  By all accounts, his men and he got along well, I don’t believe he ever lost any under his command and they respected him.

Think entrepreneurism is something new? In the early 1960’s, my dad started his own chemical supply company.  He was raising a family of 3 boys – and we were a handful – and frankly so was my mother! In 1966, he decided to “move up” to a town called Livingston in New Jersey and extended himself to make the move. A jealous colleague insured that my dad lost his job at the same time. So… at the age of about 50, with 3 minor children, a new home that he really had to push to afford and pay off, he found himself jobless! Fortunately, he had the initiative to start a company, one that (without benefit of the Internet which was not to be commercialized for another 27 years), he “hit the road” and built an income – one that provided for him and his family for the rest of his life. (Wonder why I’m soooo strong on becoming an entrepreneur AND helping others to do the same???)

As I graduated from college in 1981, my parents retired to Florida and moved through a number of homes. They had many good years together and even traveled the world. By the late 90’s, my mother was on the decline with Parkinsons. Her passing ended their marriage of 59+ years in 2002 and a career (on the side) of playing duplicate bridge.  (I even found a course he wrote on the subject and used as he trained others in the play of this rather intricate game.)

Despite being in his 80’s at the time, my dad, with a “never quit” attitude cared for her for about 3 years – even carrying her to bed and to the shower as she slowly declined. In the process, he ended up breaking down his body further (he always was a “couch potato!”) This made his final years rough as he was walking with a walker when I came to Florida in 2006 to live with him. From periodic visits since her passing, I saw enough of a decline in 2006 where I knew it was my role to move in with him to help him remain comfortable and dignified in his decline.

His mobility declined in steps as his body slowly failed – and as life has it, alzheimers stole all but his most consistent memories. To his passing day, he remembered who I and my brother are.  Even with his limitations, he served as Secretary to his condo association until 2009.

My belief system comforts me to know where he is and that he is no longer in pain or affirmed by a failing, mortal body. I know that someday I and my brother will see him again. At his funeral, the rabbi said we are accorded “3 score plus 10”, meaning 70 years, he lived 25 years beyond that, a testimony to the good he did during his first 70 years. However it happened, I’m certain he did lots of good and was always thought of highly by his peers.

He was not perfect – no man is. He had much to give and as he could, gave freely. I learned from him and I know my brother did as well.

Having read this, you perhaps have gained insight into my dad’s life, but also into that of mine and my brothers and you perhaps understand why we are both entrepreneurs AND why we have little regard for excuse makers, whiners, and cry babies.

In my “line of work”, I am always looking for leaders or developing people who wish to become leaders. The others can fall by the wayside…that is just who they are and frankly, life is too short and precious to worry about those who will not take action to help themselves.

For those who DO wish to grow, develop and build business (preferably WITH me!), I welcome you and look forward towards building mutually profitable relationships with you. THAT is why you hear from me as often as you do! The cream always rises to the top – and that’s what I’m looking for – the cream of the crop!

And for those who took the time to read this, I hope you’ve been blessed and at least enriched by it. Feel free to email/call/text me and ask me whatever, including sharing more stories of what I learned or what my dad experienced for the better part of the past CENTURY.

As I build business into this holiday season and in preparation for the economic winter I believe is just months or a few years off…I will be helping those working with me to grow and thinking of both my dad and Him in whom I trust and believe.

Alan Sills


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Nov 07 2011

The deal of the day, and how to AVOID it…

It’s really just human nature, isn’t it?

Everytime there is an economic downturn, the rats crawl out of the woodwork and pitch their deals. Have you fallen for some? I have! And…I learned by getting burned. As recently as this morning, I woke to two new offers for programs with names like “100% commissions paid” (yeah, whatever that means), and “just been paid (dot com)” – makes me want to jump right in! (NOT!)


So, how does one filter all this nonsense?

It begins with a business plan. What are your goals? What is your strategy? What are you comfortable promoting? (And…before you answer that question – you better decide if you have morals and ethics.) I’m reminded of the movie “Billy Madison” with Adam Sandler and the “academic decathalon” held between Billy (Adam Sandler) and Eric. When the question about business ethics came up, he withdrew and if I recall got violent!

Overly dramatic? Sure, but the reality is I’d bet more than 50% (probably way more than 50%) of people in business have Eric’s problem! So, it does not surprise me when I see people promoting crap – with a straight face. Part of it is certainly a learning curve; part of it is the result of a defective compass. So…how do you decide what to consider when companies crawl out of the woodwork to present their “opportunity” to you?

If you have a plan, ethics and morals, and an effective filter, the decisions to be made are easy!

Consider this – we are heading into very tough economic times. Will a $50 bottle of juice or jar of miracle skin creme be “in the cards” for many people? I submit you need to think about what you’re marketing – not only should it be a product or service that provides value, but it should be one that is price competitive and is likely to remain in demand as the world’s economy deteriorates. And…if I’m wrong, and the world’s economy improves, then a good choice for bad economic times will be an even better choice for good ones! 

Beyond the product or service, you need to consider the company – are they “stable” and likely to remain so for years to come? Did you know that over 90% of all home based businesses that startup, fail within 2 years? In fact, some marketers join these companies expecting a 12 – 24 month “ride”. What are they riding? They are riding on YOUR back! Why? Because they are rep #12 and you get to be rep #15000 and by then there is little chance for you to make money – and the whole thing was designed just to make the early (insiders) rich – at YOUR expense. For me, I want NOTHING to do with those kinds of companies…and I’m always amazed at the arrogance of the people who bring these deals to me and are then “offended” when I tell them what I really think! (Hey, I’m from Jersey, I speak my mind!)

So…if you find the right company with the right product or service (and naturally, if you reach out to me, I’ll share what I found that meets my criteria), are there any other considerations and how do you market it? Well, yes, since most of these businesses are built on a “team” concept, you want a sponsor who will truly support you and exhibit leadership. I believe that leadership is a BIG key in the networking industry. Without it, the road is considerably rougher.

Now lets talk marketing – when you speak with me, you’ll find that I support my “primary” with a couple of other programs that in and of themselves are money making opportunities, but my main reason for joining these “other” programs is to use them to promote my “primary”. That is – these additional companies provide marketing support (lead gathering, social media marketing, etc…) Again, ask me and I will get very specific! And…I will help you to get it all moving forward. In fact, my new course, just rolling out (this week?) will address the nuts-and-bolts of “Getting Started”.

My goal this morning was to share some thoughts that can hopefully help you to avoid the “junk” offers out there and learn how to filter all offers to see if they are worthy of your time to consider. Have I achieved that goal? If so, give me some feedback! I’d love to hear from you. I did not want to “pitch” you anything in this message…just offer a few (hopefully valuable) thoughts.

With that, have a great day!


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Nov 01 2011

Facebook – the new face of business marketing?

Social media marketing – the new buzz words… and in a world of “web 2.0” tools and services, Facebook is probably king of them all. Yes, linkedin has its role and so does twitter, but Facebook with staggering numbers – membership approaching 1/7th of the worlds population has captured the energy and the buzz!

Facebook started less than a decade ago with personal pages and “friends” as the model. It grew into pages called “fan” pages and “groups”. The fan pages are now a great home for businesses – and those pages can even be customized with the look and feel of a webpage, including video, and offers you can opt-into to acquire many, many “freebies”.

The most exciting thing though for a business, is the ability now to drive “eyeballs to your page”. Watch my video below as I detail how this is done…

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Want to learn more about Social Outbreak? 

Click here

As you saw in my video, any kind of business – home based (MLM) or brick and mortar (traditional) can and should create a Facebook business page and then a custom Facebook “iFrames” page. This is what Social Outbreak does…and then some! Why the excitement? Because creating a custom Facebook page is just the beginning of a marketing strategy. Once the page is complete, the next steps include promoting it, creating engaging content, and following up with those who “like” your page. 

This is where Social Outbreak shines! Until recently, the best approach towards promoting a Facebook page was perhaps Facebook “pay per click” – the advertisements that appear on the right side of people’s personal pages. The benefit of a “ppc” advertisement is that it can be set up in a way that you to a great degree control who sees your ad and how much you pay for it. But… by far the better strategy is the one offered by … you guessed it – Social Outbreak!

In a word (well two…) “viral growth” – that is where the excitement comes in. You see Social Outbreak offers two distinct strategies that I discuss in the video above AND on the page I have obnoxiously linked you to four times now! Go there and review the two graphic images to see what they will do for you… then either take action and join right now (you can also profit with us OR just get a customer account) OR you can reach out to me and ask as many questions as you can think of… and then you’re really going to want an account!

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Oct 14 2011

Success is a Choice

Allow me to take from Rick Pitino’s classic book on success and determination. I want to share my thoughts this morning through this video – and…invite you to join me in a webinar I have scheduled for Tuesday evening 10/18/11 at 9pm EDT. The webinar is titled “Leadership, Business, and Financial Freedom” – join me for LOTS of great and powerful info. I have been on OVERDRIVE…

My “personal growth” efforts are paying off! Most recently, I generated 52 high quality, targeted leads (so far) in about 30 hours! Want to learn how? Join me Tuesday evening. But first… have a look at my thoughts here – 

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Success is a Choice – by Rick Pitino

Success is NOT a right; a gift; inherited or otherwise! Success is the result of working incredibly hard for a long period of time. 

Hey!! You want to succeed? Ok, succeed! How? Outwork everyone in sight! Sweat the small stuff, sweat the big stuff, but know in the end it WILL pay off. 

Want to hear more from me? Join me in my upcoming webinar…

Register for my upcoming webinar here…

there will be a special give-away for those who truly want success and are ready to take action… be sure to be on the ENTIRE webinar! 



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