Oct 13 2011

28 Leads in 10 hours… proof available

Leads are the lifeblood of ANY business. Do you know how to gather them effectively and efficiently? Do you know what to do with them once you have them?? This morning I woke up to 25 new leads (now 28) and a 31.4% “opt-in” rate. That means that 86 people saw my page and 27 took action by “opting-in” to get the information I promised them. (I can provide proof of this if asked!!)

And… my “campaign” is not even 20% complete! How did this happen?

You may be wondering how you can do the same. The short answer is YES, you CAN do what I’m doing. Allow me to dissect how you can duplicate what I’m doing. I’m only going to touch on the highlights here, but I promise you a “no-nonsense” webinar within the next few days that will begin to give you a path to follow.

First, here is WHY I am building a business…I listened to a financial planner/advisor with lots of experience just this morning at my weekly business networking breakfast. He works with people who are planning their financial future. During the course of his talk, he shared that has all too many clients who are in their 50’s and 60’s have NO (zero, zilch) SAVINGS. I would argue that those of us who are in our 50’s and 60’s are at a point where this is (perhaps) our last chance to “get our financial act” together to insure comfort and lifestyle in our “golden” years…. and that is why I’m here sharing this with you.

Ok, so, what does it take to get 28 leads in 10 hours? Well, it starts by creating a solid “funnel” that introduces people to yourself, and provides something of value to them.  A funnel begins with a webpage that introduces the visitor to yourself and making them an offer to get some “goodies”. All they need to do is “opt-in” to get the “goodies”. Your value proposition could take the form of video training, an ebook, or time with the expert. In my case, I introduce you to me via a three video series. This video series is intended to provide a blueprint for success. Perhaps thats how you got to reading this message! We will take a closer look at the funnel in my webinar. Want a head start? Contact me directly via email (alan@alansills.com) and tell me you’re ready to “make a change”.

What about advertising?

You can have the greatest webpage (site) in the world and a great funnel, but it isn’t going to be of any value unless you put “eyeballs on the page”. How did I do this? “Solo-advertising”. This is a form of advertising through an established newsletter provider. I have been exploring and researching various newsletters for the past several months and am now in a position to recommend at least two. This form of advertising only works IF you are willing to invest in your business. Many home-based “entrepreneurs” are not really business people by their nature and as such, they join with a company, paying some money to become an “independent business owner” and then are not prepared to invest in their business. Instead they use outdated tactics and techniques taught by their “upline” which results in about a 1% success rate. Sound good to you? Not me! That’s why I’m investing in my business by learning from some of the best. For those who work with me, they are treated to my interpretation and distillation of the information I’ve paid literally thousands for.

If I just described your “home based business” and you’re willing to consider investing in your business… (or if you’re searching for the right business for you), then we need to talk! Look for a coming announcement of my next webinar…its coming soon and not to sound like Donald Trump, but… “you’re gonna absolutely love it!”

For now, if you’d like to connect with me on a deeper level, allow me to invite you to my Facebook business page and “like” it. You’ll be treated to an e-book that I could easily charge $97. for  – yet just for liking my Facebook page, you get it for free. Here is the link…


Ok, thats all for now. We will talk MUCH more soon.

Have a great day!



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Oct 12 2011


I grew up in the United States. I am an American. Why does this matter? Well, culturally, I was raised to “go to school; get good grades; graduate; get a good job; retire and live the good life on a pension and savings”.


online marketing mindset

If you are an American, or come from a culture that teaches something similar, I have ONE question for you… Hows THAT working out for ya? I don’t know about YOUR situation, but I know a few things that, well frankly are quite disturbing…


Most people by age 65 are NOT living the “good life”. I live in South Florida, and while my observations are “anecdotal” (hey, I’m a science guy), I can assure you this:


  • People are living longer – its not unusual here in Palm Beach County to see people 85+ who are “out and about”
  • These same people are literally watching their pennies – they are on a fixed income (social security + a small pension) and they struggle just a little more each time gasoline prices rise, or chocolate, or milk. (I shop for me and my 94 yr old dad – I know whats happened this year to prices; I’d estimate I’m paying 10-20% MORE than last year overall. And…his income is LESS than last year (much of his “income” was from interest earned on CD’s in the banks
  • Many people are going BACK to work after they retire (been to Walmart lately? Your local super-market? There is a reason the guy who bags your food was called a bag BOY… it USED to be a kid; now its more often than not a SENIOR CITIZEN serving the same function.


Allow me to add this, in a study recently compiled, those in the survey were asked “If you knew you only had 6 months to live, would you keep working?” MOST (something like 75% indicated) they would quit their job. Sure, people want to spend time with their loved ones and travel; but I believe its deeper than that – I believe it reveals a deep dissatisfaction with one’s “job” (some of us refer to that as “just over broke” – that is, your employer pays you just enough so you can’t quit and you work just hard enough so you don’t get fired. A real healthy relationship eh?


The alternative…


Start your own business. Now many folks who get “pitched” on a home based business, see dollar signs and think they can “join” and get rich in a few days (or weeks- or at most months). There are still “opportunities” that run hotel meetings (yuch!) where the presenter looks successful (even though many aren’t) and 98% of the room is applauding as they continue to chase ‘the dream’ with over-drawn bank accounts.


Is there hope? YES!


The answer is to learn how to market “online”. This is often referred to as “internet marketing” Lets be real here – the internet (as we know it) is LESS than 20 years old. The field is still WIDE OPEN for folks like you and I to earn some real money online. But…you have to have the right mindset.


Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I’ll spend the first 4 sharpening my axe. (A. Lincoln) – yes, THAT Lincoln!


Why is this relevant? Well if you want to be an online marketer, you need to prepare – and NOT expect to see immediate results and rewards. As I see it, you need to have the following “ducks in a row”


(note: I really would appreciate your feedback here – I’m thinking of developing a training product that details this. Do you feel it would be of value to you and others?)


  • Decide what you’re going to market (and your relationship with the provider – affiliate vs. mlm “independent business owner”
  • Find a great mentor
  • Invest in personal development – yeah, mindset stuff – how to approach tasks; how to move into the “you get to choose your own hours; any 17 out of a 24 hour day is fine!” (oh, and not expect an immediate pay-check from these efforts
  • Invest in learning HOW to market online – learn how to create and build a blog; how to attract visitors and build a list; what a sales funnel is and how to construct one (or ten?); the difference between paid and free marketing and which to use (and how) – there’s more, but in the interest of keeping this post from becoming too (way too) long…I’ll cut it here.


Wrapping it up… We don’t focus as a society upon Entrepreneurs – perhaps we should, but we don’t. Entrepreneurs are the ones who are out there “doing the deal” while others work their j.o.b. As an entrepreneur, don’t expect immediate riches, but DO expect IF you take the above actions, you will truly achieve Tim Ferris’ “4 Hour Workweek” 

Alan Sills



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Oct 11 2011

The power of LinkedIn and a free training that shouldn’t be…

 linkedin for business
When I first decided to learn online marketing, I started to study “web 2.0 social media”. I focused (first) on twitter and built a solid following (now over 12,000 followers). I next turned my attention to Facebook and learned the difference between personal and fan (business) pages. Now I develop custom Facebook business pages and have developed several Facebook “apps”. In order to learn these tools and how to use them effectively, I had to invest in my education. I paid some of the top “guru’s” through courses where at times, over 1000 people were enrolled, and each student paid as much as $500. to gain actionable information.
The third BIG piece of the “social media” world is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is NOT a smaller cousin of Facebook. Yes, there are 750 million (estimated) Facebook users and about 120 million LinkedIn users, but, where Facebook is highly social, LinkedIn is all about business. Are you in business? (ANY kind of business – traditional or home based) If so, you need to have a presence on LinkedIn. When I say you need to have a presence, it does not mean you need to carve hours out of your day “doing LinkedIn”. Even as an Internet Marketer, I believe we all spend way too much time in front of the LCD screen! (The ultimate goal – at least for me – is to build a business on ‘auto-pilot’ and one of my mentors has done just that…want to learn more? Contact me!)


So, why LinkedIn? LinkedIn, as stated is a business to business connecting service. As with everything, the details will tell you much more… (read on for the details AND for access to a GREAT training by Bryan Daly of the Palm Beach Business Connection. This is a group “on the move” – even if you are not located in South Florida, you should consider joining the group (its FREE) – you CAN (of course) connect with the Palm Beach Business Connection through LinkedIn (search my LinkedIn profile or Bryan’s). 


The core to growth of any business is acquiring new prospects.
This occurs in the form of new business or referrals. One way of 
acquiring new business is through LEADS. Would you like 100 
LEADS – FREE – with NO obligation? If so, click here…


When the page loads, watch the 9 minute video (optional) and then
click “join” – you will NOT be asked for a credit card and will NOT 
have to purchase anything. If the developer is anywhere near what
I think he is capable of, you’ll be glad you acted NOW while his 
company is in pre-launch.


So, what did I learn? Well, here is just a little from the session – and again – you’ll be able to see the ENTIRE thing on my youtube channel.

(Thanks to David Steinfeld who asked this question this morning in the Palm Beach Business Connection LinkedIn group)

The power of Linkedin

– tool to increase your presence in google searches

– importance of completing your profile

    – value of using linkedin’s improve your profile tool

    – what to (and NOT to) include in your profile

    – thinking about your profile and infusing keywords to enhance its visibility

– where to position your phone number (and how to get it posted more than once)

– how to get your actual website address to appear (instead of “blog” or “company website”)

– Brian provides tips and tricks for how to merge this ONLINE tool with OFFLINE business building

    – moving from a linkedin connect to a “face to face” meeting

    – channel “WIIFM” (whats in it for me)

– The power of the LinkedIn help center

Ok, ready for the link to Bryan’s (free) training?

Go here: http://www.youtube.com/blastofftoday

Look for a 5 video series – starting with “Intro to Ninja Networking with Bryan Daly” and ending with (and this file has the bulk of the training) “LinkedIn 101: An Actionable Training”

**oh, and hey, I’d love it if you like what I’m doing here to write a ‘recommendation’ for me in LinkedIn**

Enjoy, and have a great day,

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Oct 10 2011

Steve Jobs, Fran Tarkenton, and self-reliance

Steve Jobs, Fran Tarkenton and self-reliance. I have heard of late that we are now in the “age of self-reliance”. After reflecting upon that statement – which I’ve heard and broadcast myself, I believe it to be wrong. This nation was founded upon self-reliance. For those who truly understand the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution (yes, they’re made to go hand in hand – one is built upon the other), our nation was founded upon equal opportunity NOT upon “equality of outcome” (words like “spread the wealth” are poison to my ears – at least when it is done by the government!!) Americans have always been a generous people – when a  man is hurting, shame on his fellow man if he fails to rally support for him.

Who are your heros? When I was growing up, I saw the assassinations of JFK and MLK within 5 years of each other – and I was only 5 and 9 at the time of each event. At the time, and even since then, I have viewed them as men of great stature, wisdom and vision. Flawed? Sure. No one in 2000 years who has walked this planet could be termed as “perfect”… but worthy (in my mind) of calling them “heros”. Likewise for Steve Jobs, I count him among my heros for having the vision to see “what could be” (JFK’s words!) and then to act upon it – if only from his garage! In the end, we’re all going where John, Martin, and Steve are, but a question you may wish to ask yourself is “What good will you have done while you were here with us?”

Its been over 200 years since Jefferson, Washington, Madison (and others) formed a new nation. Did their legacy last? Nearly 50 years since we lost JFK and MLK, again, did their legacy last? I submit the same will be true of Steve Jobs and others whom I did not name in this essay – perhaps even yourself!

Fast-forward to today. I get “out and about” quite a bit. On the road I find that most people are poisoning themselves – primarily through what they are putting in their brains (although the smoking is not good either!) I’m speaking in particular about the popular music I hear on their radios in their cars. What value is it adding to their lives? My answer would be “not much”! What about personal development? Wisdom and inspiration? Thought provoking discussion? A passenger in my car is likely to hear a great speaker like Jim Rohn or a radio host who (IMHO) speaks the truth and provides actionable information like Glenn Beck (ooops, there goes a part of my readership!) I’m not afraid to stand up and call these men more modern day heros (again to me at least).

Just this morning, I returned from my morning bicycle ride to hear Fran Tarkenton being interviewed on Fox News. I’ve known of Fran from his football days and from a business I previously promoted. Today he was talking about “small business advocacy” and promoting his site “onemorecustomer.com“. As I listened to Fran, I could see adding him to my “hero list” as he talked about much that I agree with – self-reliance and not depending upon the government (you can imagine what I think of many of the useful idiots in the occupy movement! Why aren’t they at work??? Producing? Providing?)

One more customer is really what growing your business is all about, isn’t it? That is what attracted me to Send Out Cards since its all about building your business one customer at a time! Send a card, build relationships, increase retention, and grow your business with referrals. Powerful? I think so. I’m NOT sharing my thoughts to “pitch” you, but I will invite you to “test drive” the service. Just click here, and send a free card… my treat.


grow your businessIn closing, as our society speeds towards “the cliff” – yes I believe we are collectively driving towards a cliff that I truly hope we don’t drive off! You need to ask yourself, are you self-reliant? Have you protected your assets and your family? Want some ideas? Contact me, trust me, I’ve given it LOTS of thought. If you’re in business, think about what your “value proposition” is. More on that in a coming post…

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Oct 06 2011


Steve Jobs – An American Hero – yes, I don’t think I’m over stating it. Watch the video below to see and hear my thoughts. The first words that come to mind regarding Steve Jobs are entrepreneur, vision, risk taker, principles and American Exceptionalism. In my brief talk, I elaborate upon each. The world lost a leader yesterday…fortunately for us, he leaves behind a legacy – a legacy from which we can learn for the balance of each of our lives.

We live in pivotal times with IMHO very few leaders – Steve Jobs is one of those leaders (watch my video to see who else I name as a leader whom we can all learn from.)

Enjoy my walk down memory lane as I regale you with personal experiences with the Apple IIe, Powerbook 100, 190 and the Mac 6100 – and how I used these machines in the course of my instruction of adolescents.

All I can say is I leave it all out there for you… if my thoughts resonate with you, pass along this post and feel free to comment.

YouTube Preview Image

To act upon what I mention within the video… click HERE

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