Sep 22 2011

Let’s Twist Like We Did Last Summer…

Bernanke spoke…and the markets have reacted. Bernanke re-introduced “the twist” – a financial “trick” designed to keep longer term interest rates down. Will it work? Well, Wall Street must have its doubts… The Dow tanked almost 300 points in just over an hour before yesterday’s closing. As I write this, Europe is down about 5% (you know its bad when you start talking in terms of percentages! In the USA, our futures are pointing to the Dow opening down about 300 points (3%), but as I write this the futures are still falling. Interestingly, silver and gold are also tanking. As I noted yesterday, this may be temporary. I pointed to the Elevation Group as a source of information that has been important to me.

I am also a follower of Mike Maloney of Mike is an expert in commodities – particularly precious metals. He was enlisted by Robert Kyosaki to write a book for the Rich Dad series. Not surprisingly, his book is about gold and silver as a hedge against just what is going on right now. (Some predicted the current correction in gold and silver and the same individuals suggest that this correction is only temporary…review the information below to get a free trial to Mike’s site.


Learn About Wealth Cycles and get a free trial subscription to an incredible resource.

Scary Economy – Invest In Gold & Silver  <— click here for a free trial

silver and gold


I’m heading out to a local business breakfast shortly. Its a good breakfast, but I see lots of local business owners who are struggling. Last week, I shared with them just a little bit of what I am doing online to build business. I truly believe that online marketing is the key. But, as with any kind of business, it begins with relationship building. I’m going to be talking quite a bit about this in the coming days – and introducing you to a great relationship building tool. 

I will share this for now, my goal is to build business for as long as the economy continues to function (at all) and I’m taking advantage of dips in silver and gold to keep buying in. Mike Maloney and Mike Dillard can help you to understand why this is a sound strategy and most importantly WHEN this strategy ceases to be a sound strategy! 

If you have a 401k, expect a scary day. I don’t know how much farther the markets may fall, but if they stop after today and we get a “dead cat bounce”, you may want to investigate “Inverse ETF” funds. I only share this in the interest of helping you adapt to a rapidly changing economy. 


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Sep 21 2011

Europe, the Fed, and the Palestinians…

This is a BIG week. Slovenia’s government (they are part of the European Union (EU) is on the verge of collapse. This is just a bit more instability in Europe, piling on the Greek default (98% likely according to some analysts) and the Italian downgrade by S&P. What does it have to do with the USA? Well, alot! Why do you think the Fed meeting, originally scheduled for 1 day has been extended to a 2 day meeting (ending today with an announcement planned for mid-afternoon eastern time.)

From what I am reading (and I read alot), the Fed will play a key role in funneling U.S. funds to help bail out Europe. Hmmm…lets all pause a moment and think about how that is likely to turn out. Have you noticed the persistent rise in gold over the past few years? As with any long term trend, the “smart money” gets in quietly. Gold now sits at around $1800./ounce, and for many it is hard to conceive that more upside movement can occur.


This is actually a continuation of my line of thought from above, but I want you to know
I turned to the Elevation Group, organized by the one and only Mike Dillard for insights
on what to do with the money I’m earning as an entrepreneur. I find it to be a very
worthwhile service. Contact me and I’ll give you a personal testimonial.

The Elevation Group
Visit the above link and learn more about what Elevation Group can provide for you.

So, Europe, the Fed…and now a major U.N. meeting?! All this week! What is on the agenda? Well, for starters, the Palestinians are pushing for a seat at the table. In front of the General Assembly? Nope….the Security Council! That puts Obama in a “no-win” position IF the issue comes up for a vote. Vote NO and the Saudi’s have assured us our relationship with them will change (need oil anyone?) Vote YES and Israel will be completely isolated on the planet. You can assess the downside of that scenario. So, what is Obama pushing for? A delay, yup, kicking the can down the road.

With all of these events occurring THIS WEEK – stocks and gold are likely to be on the move. I know that I don’t decide my moves on my own (that is why I shared EVG with you earlier.) Depending upon what the Fed does, if they release at 2:15pm EDT, like they have in the past, the markets (including gold and silver) may move and move quickly.

I share this all with you as if you are running or planning to start your own business, you need to be thinking about how these world events will impact you – including what you market and how you market it.

So, it is on a serious note I leave you with today’s thoughts…

(feel free to comment, I’d love to hear your take)

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Sep 12 2011

September 12: A Day to Come Together

Yesterday was a day of remembrance… did you?



Did you take a moment to reflect upon where you were and what 9/11 meant? September 12 was a day to come together. I recall 9/12/01, I drove to Sandy Hook in New Jersey. It was a day off from school (I was a classroom teacher in Paterson, NJ at the time). I drove to the tip of Sandy Hook, which is actually within a few miles of the southern tip of Manhattan. It was a breezy, chilly day (especially for early September.) I saw the plume of smoke where the towers stood until the previous morning and watched it blow out towards the ocean. The towers had been a prominent feature easily viewed in the past from this spot. I thought about the brave men and women who were busy at “ground zero” hoping against hope to save as many as they could. Many of these dedicated servants are now suffering from debilitating diseases including cancer as a result of exposure to God knows what in all that rubble. 

Incidentally, I later learned that part of the reason school was called in Paterson for 9/12 was due to the palestinians celebrating. Disgusting.

For the rest of us, 9/12 was a day to pick up the pieces, start treating each other with respect, care and love. Heck, in NJ, people were even courteous on the highways! (That didn’t last long.) 

Ten years later, for me at least, the wound is still raw, but I am determined to see our nation (and world) move forward in a sustainable way. That is why from time to time you’ll hear me remark about current events – on my blog or on facebook. 

I want to close this brief note by saying “join me” – connect with me here on my blog  and or my  facebook page. And…if you are so moved, send someone a heartfelt message today.

All the best, 


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Sep 05 2011

Go To Webinar

An Informative Overview

Go To Webinar – one of the most heavily searched phrases on Google such that the cost per click is literally through the roof! Why? Well, many are discovering that webinars (web based seminars) are a great tool to use to communicate with your “list” and to well, errr, ummm, generate sales! 

When you search (Google) for “go to webinar”, you’ll find a company with just that name as well as “go to meeting” among others. These two companies, Go To Webinar and Go To Meeting are major players in this industry and charge rates that are just fine for most corporate clients – about $100/month. 

These tools allow you to conduct live events (often an hour or longer), record them, and share those recordings for as long as the information is relevant. What do webinar providers share? It could be information about their business; a promotion; or they could be teaching something – thus adding value to their following – who is all the more likely to appreciate the webinar provider and attend the next time they offer an opportunity to connect through this venue. 

For the webinar provider, an online meeting maximizes their limited time. Some of the major internet marketers in the internet marketing industry will have 1000 or more attendees at a webinar. 

But…what about small businesses and home based business entrepreneurs??

Do they have need for webinars? (Yes!) And is Go To Webinar’s fee (as well as Go To Meeting’s) going to work for them? My answer: most likely NOT! So, what solutions exist? Well, since most small businesses will have a relatively small number of webinar attendees (you’re doing great if you get 50+ if you are an online marketer), and since you won’t use your webinar tool more than once a week (or twice a month), paying Go To Webinar’s fees just don’t make sense. 

Some internet marketing folks have taken to “group” accounts – while this may or may not violate Go To Webinar’s and Go To Meeting’s “terms of service” – other concerns arise – namely, the account name most likely won’t be yours and since “prime time” for webinars (most suggest Tuesday – Thursday evenings at 9pm Eastern Time) is limited, there will be competition among those sharing the account. 

Where does that leave the small business owner and home based business entrepreneur? 

There are two solutions this author has found that I want to suggest now: 

anymeeting (click the name to access)   Is a FREE web conferencing (webinar) tool. I personally used it when it was called “Freebinar”. You are allowed to have up to 200 attendees and yes, you can record your webinars. It is up to you if this tool is as functional as the high fee based services, but do your own research and you make the call. 

IMToolSuite (click the name to access) is fee based, but you’ll save about 1/3 of the cost of the “corporate tools” AND IMToolSuite includes LOTS of extra tools (features). For example: IMToolSuite really can be (and for many is) a “one stop shop” From within this suite of tools, the user has access to:

  • Create custom lead capture pages
  • A contact manager
  • e-mail autoresponder tool
  • Create QR codes
  • video email server (there is a service out there that charges $35/month just for that and they make you pay up front to join it!
  • Webinars on Demand (the LATEST marketing tool that is used by the top dogs out there – including Mike Dillard and Jonathan Budd!)
  • Much More… have a look for yourself – it might just be the solution you’re looking for to serve 98% of your marketing needs

Personally, I recently used this tool myself to conduct a webinar. I found it to be robust – the webinar tool includes the ability to show a powerpoint and switch live to webpages (and then back) – all while maintaining a video stream (on a wifi connection on a 4 yr old PC that is clearly getting dated!) Why do I tell you this? The webinar tool in IMToolSuite is not a “memory hog” and will allow you to do what you need to do – communicate with your followers – up to 250 of them! 

You can save your webinars with or without video and in a variety of formats. Overall, I’d give this tool an “A” and suggest it to you, especially if you see value in at least a few of the 15 or so additional tools provided by these folks in IMToolSuite – that combination makes the package worth far more than the “price of admission”! But, I’ll leave it to you to be the final judge…



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Aug 26 2011

Mentoring – its part of my DNA


Mentoring for you

My goal when I mentor you is to help you successfully surf in turbulent waters

Have you “been there and done that” with traditional network marketing? Tired of all the webinars, conference calls, weeknight hotel meetings, being told to make a list of “100 family, friends, and neighbors”…and more? Wonder why there is a 99% failure rate in network marketing and want to change that for yourself and others?

Are you determined to insure your future is better than today for yourself and your family?

Do you view yourself as a leader? Perhaps not at this moment, but you know, you just know you have it in you. Remember, leaders empower others – and as you become a leader in “online marketing”, you will be a shining light – and people will flock to you!

Do you enjoy associating with effective, positive people who are making things happen in their lives (and in the lives of others)?

If you want to insure as the economy continues to slide that you actually thrive, then I invite you to interview me – yes, you should interview me. I want you to know with certainty what I can (and will) do for you.

Let’s begin with a conversation – call me at 561 676 1205 (or connect with me on skype at alan.sills or email me at – Whatever method you use, you’ll get ME, not a secretary, screener or whatever. I answer my own phone and serve my community – whether they are across the street or across the globe.


Stormy skies? Allow me to help you find the clear patch in the sky!

I provide a complementary 30 minute consultation. (Value $100) At that time, we can discuss your goals and needs. I will custom design a plan for you or assist at whatever level you require. I have plans and programs available to those who partner with me in my primary business as well as those who wish to pursue their own primary business.

Why me? I am a career educator. I make the unmanageable, manageable; the disordered, ordered. Simply put, I explain (teach) things well. My training comes from some of the best – Jonathan Budd, Mark Hoverson, Daegan Smith, Adam Holland, and Katie Freiling. The value I bring to you is the ability to assimilate, compile, and then present the best of their teachings – along with providing the total support that you will need as you encounter those “little glitches” that well… you will encounter! You’ll find my rates are more than fair and my end goal is your financial success.

If this sounds good to you, and you’d like to learn more – call me at the number listed above. In closing, I look forward towards helping you achieve all your dreams and goals. 

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