Nov 27 2010

Cashflow is THE key to TIME and FINANCIAL Freedom…

Had enough with Gasoline Prices? Have you seen the price of FOOD lately? Know what is happening to the value of your dollar? Ready to follow a path that will lead to FINANCIAL SECURITY? Then read on...

Make a decision and then take action! Here is my challenge to you… Watch this brief video. If you like what you see, take action by clicking on the link below. Who knows…it may just be the beginning of something big!

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Lets talk “Appreciation Marketing and Relationship Building

Looking to build personal relationships? In business and looking to expand your business relationships? Consider this…In today’s business environment, your clients (customers/patients) can get whatever you offer through a quick web-search for LESS than you charge and often FASTER. So, it pays to strengthen your ties with them and in doing so increase your repeat business AND your referral rates. In short… what I’m suggesting is best termed “APPRECIATION MARKETING”…want to learn more – AND how to PROFIT with us as we grow?

CLICK HERE! (Watch the brief presentation, then be sure to click #2 on this page and “test drive” our system today…then contact me to see if we are a good business match.)

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Oct 22 2010

Yikes! This is an exciting industry!!

Does your head at times feel like it is going to explode?? Mine does! Why? I’ve been learning about Internet Marketing for over a year now – and putting some of it into practice with what I’ll describe as “moderate success” to date. So…what makes me qualified to share anything with you? Well… as an educator, I have learned that one who is nearer to the start of the process is sometimes better at communicating what you need to know now in a way that you’ll best understand as I have “been there and done that” more recently!

So, here is the deal… I’m going to share a blueprint to success in your internet marketing business – and – open the door for you to the art of effective web copywriting. Watch this recording of my webinar conducted 10/23/10 to learn more… (click the link to start playing…allow for 30 minutes of DYNAMITE content and value!!)


PS…the window of opportunity to get JB’s Traffic 3.0 mentoring program is closing… details can be found here: that is…unless  you’re too late!  —ummm … looks like you’re too late! BUT… there may still yet be a way for you to get your hands on the information…so, watch my webinar and then contact me directly at or call me at 561 676 1205

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Oct 17 2010

Learn the 3 Fundamental Rules to TRULY SUCCEED with Jonathan Budd’s Facebook Traffic Course

This will be a big week for all concerned! You are about to have the opportunity to enroll in a course that could very well change your life! As I previewed what Jonathan is about to share in his course, I considered…What value can I add to what Jonathan is bringing to the tableand… I decided to share the “3 Fundamentals” (along with a whole lot more...the secret sauce if you will!! (sorry to steal a JB term!)

Watch this video to learn more…

Get the course info here:

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Sep 22 2010

Only a Split Second Remains…a vitally important message for YOU

Hey there,

If you have been following my posts, we have communicated about a number of issues in the past several weeks and months. This post will be a bit different – first, NO VIDEO! Yup, sometimes nothing replaces the power of the written word. I’d like to begin by sharing some important information with you. About 3 weeks ago I received an email alert from Gerald Celente (Trends Research) that made me take notice and underscored the importance of taking action NOW. Here, copied directly from his email is the focus of his message:

“As every driver knows, in the moment before a collision there’s a gap – a split second – between recognition of the crash to come and the impact.  In economic terms, that gap was the period between August 2007 (when we pinpointed an imminent financial crisis) and now … August 2010.

Now there is only the “split second.”  On the macro-level, and for those who invested everything they had in “Recovery,” there will be no avoiding the “Crash of 2010.”  On the individual level, there is still time to take both evasive action and proactive measures.

Be warned!  While we see a split second left to take evasive action, some of the biggest names in business still blindly persist in minimizing the danger…”

Folks, WE are at that juncture. Like it or not, and while you are entitled to your own opinion, you are not entitled to your own facts. My best advice to you is to insure you and your family have a stable residual and leveraged passive income flow. I have found major vehicles that will take me there – I encourage you to contact me to discuss specific opportunities or look at my “projects” or “work with Al” links here on this page. Suffice to say this much now…I have positioned myself with companies that I expect to survive and THRIVE during the upcoming economic winter…and even IF I’m wrong and things are about to get better (yeah, right!)…I know I’m in the right place, with the right leadership and the right marketing tools and strategies.

So…if you want to develop a long term residual, leveraged income…what do you need to do? Again, I defer to a top earner in our industry…

“If you really want to make money (in ANYTHING that offers a REAL product or service), you’ll need to do four things:

1. Expand your vision
2. Become a student of the profession
3. Commit to doing it.
4. Work consistently for 2-5 years

You’ll never bring people in or make any money worth talking about without committing to these 4 things.”

Again deferring to the experts and their research…

You need to recruit a number of personal distributors (contact me and I’ll share specific numbers) before you should expect any real degree of duplication. The good news is (if you’re in with a good company and a good compensation plan) you’ll reach a higher “rank” during this process AND you’ll earn over $5000.* as you do this. THEN (and only then), and according to the results reported from multiple six figure income earners, duplication will begin and you’ll start seeing the over-rides in your downline AND increased residual percentages on the volume (points) purchased by your team (varies according to the program you’re promoting.)

*I know…this is right where I’m at…In my current “retirement program” in my first 8 months.
If you’re ready to take action…and make things happen…contact me today and let me know you’re “in” and I’ll game-plan with you to achieve your dreams!

All the best,

Alan Sills

561 676 1205

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Aug 20 2010

If I throw you a lifeline, are you willing to participate in your own rescue?

What YOU need to know about our economy and HOW to survive and THRIVE in the coming weeks, months and years. I provide you in this brief video with the KNOWLEDGE you need to see the changes, understand what is happening and then TAKE ACTION.

Want to learn more…reach out to me! Look for my 8step bootcamp, join my blog, review my projects and/or email me!

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