Jul 19 2010

Beach Money – How to Achieve it through a simple 3 step plan!

What is Beach Money? Well to start, its a book! Written by Jordan Adler – a young man with a phenomenal and heart warming story. Whether you are a seasoned networker or a “newbie”, you will be enriched by watching the video below AND by reading Jordan’s book! In my video, I share on several important topics. Perhaps of greatest value is the concept that Jordan emphasizes throughout “you get what you focus on”. Watch where I discuss Jordan’s “3 step plan” – designed to be implemented every 3 months.

More will be coming to follow this post – including a post where I share where we are headed and you get to choose between the beach and the soupline…yeah, its that important.

To learn more about Beach Money and the project Jordan and I are working on, feel free to contact me!

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Jul 03 2010

Identity Theft and YOUR exposure as an Internet Marketer

Are you an Internet Marketer? Network Marketer? Social Media Marketer? If so, while we are all at risk from ID Theft… we are particularly at risk. Why? Simple, we put ourselves (and our data) “out there”. Watch my video detailing the problem…and a solution (that you can also profit from). 

Email me alan@alansills.com OR visit http://myIDTplan.com and opt-in to receive a FREE report designed to help you minimize your risk…and if you’re interested, I’ll share a NEW service launching very soon that you can gain greater protection with AND if you wish, market to others who share similar concerns. Again – watch this critically important video NOW!

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Jun 15 2010

Your first 2 recruits – How to get started FAST

Breaking the ice can sometimes seem to be a daunting task! This video details a simple strategy and three steps you need to take to “get your first 2” – and once you do, teach them to get their first 2 as well!

If you like the presentation tool I use, visit Pixetell and use Code A1172 to save $10 on a subscription.

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Jun 13 2010

The 4 Part Close – A Key Strategy that leads to Action!

We are in the business of sharing information, sharing a vision and helping people establish their “why”. But we are ultimately looking for those who are ready to take action. This brief video shares a “tried and true” approach that leads to your “prospect” taking action – what action? Well, joining your team of course! Watch – learn – enjoy – and if you like, pass it on (retweet) and post feedback!

Incidentally, this video was made with Pixetell – if you want a subscription for yourself, feel free to use A1172 on the payment page to save $10!

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Jun 10 2010

3 way calls – A key to building your business

The 3-way call can be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal as a networker. Watch this enlightening (and entertaining) video that features myself and my much better dressed business partner – David Grosz. 

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