May 22 2010

Pay Per Click Blueprint

Ever wonder HOW to get started in Internet Marketing? Building your list and then building relationships with people on that list…and so on…

Finally! A clear, concise approach – watch this video. I welcome your input on it and I look forward towards hearing from you and serving you. If you like what you see and hear, retweet this!

This presentation was made with Pixetell Рcode A1172 to save $10 on a subscription.

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May 09 2010

What does it mean to be a Go-Giver?

Allow me to share my “book report”, gee I feel like a school kid! Well, its about sharing – and adding value, which is exactly what I hope this post does for you today! I’d like to share with you a powerful book – Go-Givers by Bob Burg and John David Mann, a book that can transform your business… watch the video and then feel free to share it with others (re-tweet!)

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Mar 17 2010

The Annual Pity Party and Taking the First 2 Steps

John Maxwell in “Failing Forward” talks about a “Pity Party”, I share his thoughts on this as we all on occasion have held one. The fix? Take 2 steps – because with 2 steps comes forward motion. Think about it, with your first step, you have not yet moved – its the SECOND step that results in movement from your original position.

Watch this powerful video – think about it – then get back with me – if nothing else I welcome your feedback.

If you like my thoughts here or want to see what I’m doing to create leverage and residual income, check my latest post under the “projects” tab above!

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Mar 06 2010

WordPress Basics…a brief presentation

WordPress ¬†– from my research is still the choice for blogs. I’ve been asked to provide info on how to post; how to edit; how to include video and how to delete a post. This brief video touches upon these areas…

(If you decide you like this pixetell presentation and want pixetell for yourself, you can get it here: and enter code A1172 if you decide to purchase it to save $10)

If you decide to set up a blog, you can do it from scratch OR you can have a professional team set up the core structure – see what we offer here:

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Mar 04 2010

Marketing Your Business…A Few Thoughts

In these challenging times, business professionals know that Marketing is where you “make it or break it”. Think about it – most businesses are running on razor thin margins with little room for error in their marketing decisions. Whether your bread and butter is coming from customers, clients or patients – the reality is, in many situations it is easier and more cost effective to generate repeat business from existing clients and referral business from your clients than to attract new business through advertising.

My goal is to provide you with top solutions designed to help you build relationships with existing clients and in turn your referral rates – as well as – help you to understand the “New Media”. The New Media, also known as Internet Marketing includes social media marketing, pay per click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO).

In this video, I share a bit about each area and offer just a bit on how to get started. Additional postings will share much more detail as my goal is to provide YOU with the utmost VALUE when you visit my blog.

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