Oct 15 2013

Creating a New Website – Its fun and…

YOU can do this too! 

After several days of work – no, NOT 8 hour days! I work in bits-n-pieces and take MANY breaks. It is READY to be unveiled. Creating a new website all started with Keyword Research (click the link to access the tool I use to do my research). Also… here is an article where I recently discussed the tool I use and a bit about what I look for when using it.


symptoms of heart disease

Click here to visit our newest site – The Symptoms of Heart Disease (dot net)

A BRIEF video to introduce whats going on…

YouTube Preview Image

So, what did it really take? Know this, creating a new website DOES take some work – overall probably about 15 hours total. But it CAN be done (and yes, YOU can do it.) As you review the site (click the banner above to get there – it will open in a new tab), you may wish to look for evidence of the following:

  • The logo at the top of the page was created (by me) in snagit (not free, but inexpensive)
  • There are 3 pages so far (the featured article; the “contact us” and “about us” pages)
  • The blog has been setup to rank for “symptoms of heart disease” – note its use in the featured article and if you know how to look “under the hood”, you’ll see I have optimized it for that long-tail keyword at every juncture
  • The videos have been loaded to a youtube channel that is optimized for the same keyword, also a gmail account has been created with the same keyword
  • This particular keyword is high traffic (14,800 searches per month), but I’m going up against several “high PR sites” such as webmd and the NIH

So… I really could use YOUR help! 

May I ask you to visit the “symptoms of heart disease” site? When you do, please watch the 2 videos (heck, you may find the information compelling – in fact, I’d love your thoughts and feedback – you can supply them at the bottom of THIS post.) While you’re watching the videos (you can click the YouTube logo in the lower right corner to access the YouTube page, please DO comment there as well and use the thumbs up/down buttons provided by YouTube. One major factor in ranking with Google is “social engagement”, so your comments, thumbs UP, and time on the video help to set it up for first page ranking. My goal is to get the site AND the videos ranked on the first page of search results in both Google and YouTube (the #1 and #2 search engines!)

For real, as you review the site and the videos, hit me with whatever comes to your mind – is it visually appealing?, does it load quickly?, would YOU suggest any changes? does the verbage make sense? I can tell you what I have planned… I will be adding more pages and posts that will be strategically designed to rank for complementary keywords. I am also working on creating backlinks (if you know what those are, feel free to create one for me!)

Notice the “monetization strategy” on the site – I am focused on an arginine supplement called Arginine Infusion passionate enough to be a user of it myself

Naturally, once one becomes a satisfied customer, they *may* also be interested in profiting with us as well, but, speaking for myself, I’m tired of “pitching biz opps”… aren’t you? (again – I welcome your feedback on this issue! Use the space below to comment.) But frankly, I’d be happy to have hundreds of satisfied customers nationwide (providing residual income), even if I never make a dime from the “leveraged” side of the business model.

Now, I mentioned that YOU can do this too…

Realize that once the site is created and you spend some time (minimal time) each week adding a post or two, it will “run” on auto-pilot. Now, there are NO guarantees that it will rank on page 1, in fact, as I noted earlier, I chose a  keyword (symptoms of heart disease) that may be tough to rank for…but heck, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? And, I will make more sites – probably a bit more quickly as I become more adept and now know the theme I am using.

As I created this site (and no, I’m not done, as I mentioned I will add more posts and pages in the coming days and weeks, but the ‘heavy lifting’ is most definitely done!) I documented each step along the way. This has allowed me to develop a template or a flow-chart if you will. My goal is to create a process for developing websites and ranking them on Google that anyone willing to invest the time and effort can follow. If you wish to do the same – and in doing so, create long term stable residual income, I will be glad to mentor you “according to your needs”. What that means is, there are a number of levels at which we can work. Contact me and we can discuss the available options.

If you elect to work with me in promoting Send Out Cards as one of my “business partners”, I will make my flow-chart information and videos available to you on Creating a New Website to enable you to do this kind of work as well! If you wish to pursue your own path, contact me and we can discuss a plan if you want my help to execute your plan.

In closing… don’t miss this offer from Webroot – I just purchased another year of protection…

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I personally just took advantage of this offer!

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Oct 09 2013

Keyword Research – A Primer

Marketing your business has never been “more scientific”. Back in the stone age, business owners had to purchase expensive newspaper and yellow pages ads, and never knew how many potential (and interested) buyers were ever visiting your “page”. 

Enter the Internet and Keyword Research

How do most folks search for information and what they want to purchase today?


Simply put, google is the 800 pound gorilla in this world! All you and I do is think of a word (or short phrase) to enter into google, and google returns what we asked for. These words are called “keywords”.

Know what?

We CAN know how many people are searching for specific keyword terms AND how tough it would be to rank on page 1 with OUR website to be found when folks do a specific keyword search. Here is a video that shows how that happens…

YouTube Preview Image

Ok, a few concluding thoughts…

Here is the pleasant surprise – 

But first, I want you to be aware of this promotion currently running in the world of computer/tablet/phone security…

SAVE $50 on Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete 2014. Only $29.99 (Reg.Price $79.99) Complete protection for your PCs. Limited Time Only!

Honestly, this is a GREAT deal! I myself have used Webroot for years. Why? Simply put, it does not slow down my computer and consistently ranks at or near the top of security solutions that remove and prevent threats. At $30. this security suite is a STEAL! Click the link above to get yours today – covers up to 5 devices.

Now – back to keyword research. Understand that the cost of Market Samurai is about $100. – this is a one time fee. So, if you plan to launch more than one website – or even optimize multiple pages within one site, you NEED a tool like this. Honestly, your biggest “investment” is time – NOT money. As I develop TWO new websites optimized for keywords that I identified and chose based upon the information I gathered in Market Samurai, my only other “hard costs” are the purchase of those domains (I use GoDaddy and pay about $12. for each domain I purchase – for a year.) My hosting company, for about $8 per month allows me to add as many domains and websites as I please – so, after the first, NO additional fees are encountered when you add a domain. 

In closing – for now, I want you to know I am available to support you through the entire process including keyword research OR to do this for you for a reasonable fee. I know as a business owner, your time is valuable doing your #1… producing and offering your “wares” to your buyers. 

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Sep 18 2013

The Federal Reserve Speaks, Gold and Silver React and…

What it all means to you and I

Allow me to begin by stating I am NOT a financial advisor, guru, or expert in ANY way. I’m just a guy who does a lot of reading, thinking, and assessing. So, with that…

I’m writing this at 4:02PM EDT (I’m in Wyoming, but I CAN do time zone adjustments!) on Sept 18, 2013. This is barely 2 hours after the Federal Reserve’s latest decision – one to continue “Quantitative Easing” which amounts to printing about $85 Billion each month “from nowhere”. They opted to do this as in their words “the economy has not performed as well as expected” (paraphrased) and they have downgraded the economic outlook for the United States for the coming months.

The Federal Reserve Releases BAD News…

And what happens? Wall street ROCKETS upward! The DOW Rose about 200 points in the last 2 hours of trading – most of that within SECONDS of the news issued at 2pm EDT today (9/18/2013).

On the surface, this seems downright silly – the Dow RISES when the Federal Reserve indicates the economy is WEAKER than they thought… but since the money they are “printing” is going into banks that will buy stocks… well you see the picture, right?

The TRUE indicator of this insanity (I believe) is the reaction of gold and silver – which are TRYING to tell us something! Gold has risen almost 70. on the news (since its low earlier today) and silver almost $2. (on a PERCENTAGE basis) – that is nearly a 10% gain in the price of silver in a matter of HOURS?! Think about it!

My video attempts to make sense of it all…

YouTube Preview Image

AND…remember this – only about 1/2% of the general population owns silver and gold now – historically about 5% have owned precious metals. WHAT do YOU think will happen when the MILLIONS in that “missing” 4.5% “wake up”?

prevent heart disease

Be here tomorrow – START to reduce your risk of heart disease TODAY! Contact me if you want to know WHY I believe in this stuff!!

GOT AN iPhone/iPad… want to see something REALLY cool? Click on the image below…

photo guessaroo

Photo Guessaroo – a new iPhone game, and MUCH more…

US Debt Limit vs. The Price of Gold

U.S. Debt Limit vs Price of Gold

Click to see larger image

Source: ZeroHedge.com

After reading an analysis by Bill Holter on Harvey Organ’s blog, I decided to include this very telling chart. Note the STRONG correlation between the price of gold and U.S. Debt Limit. As Congress has raised the debt limit, the price of gold has continued to rise. The inside vertical axis is the US Debt Limit, from about 6 trillion in 2002 to nearly 17 trillion now; the outer vertical axis is the price of gold from about $250 in 2002 to about $1800 now. 

There is a most interesting break in the pattern that began in mid-2012 – note where the debt ceiling continues to rise, and gold’s price fell. Now, again I am NO expert, financial advisor, or anything of the like, that said, here’s my take… First, some argue that the drop in gold prices was the result in MANIPULATION; and from my experience, manipulation while effective in the short term, is not going to last IF demand remains high (for gold) – do your research, most gold producers are having difficulty keeping up with the ongoing DEMAND for gold! 

Why the relationship?

As the U.S. Debt Limit is raised, we are going deeper in debt and we “print” more money. So… our dollar is being devalued (you and I see this in the form of inflation). To gain an unbiased view of inflation, search for the “Big Mac Index.” As the dollar deflates, gold will necessarily rise in response to a weaker dollar. So, to me at least, the relationship exhibited by the graph makes perfect sense.

The trend resumes…

So, if one expects the trend to resume, there are two options: 1) the debt ceiling can be reduced by about 30% (Ha! Like THAT will ever happen!!) OR 2) Gold will rise (at some point) quickly to around $1900. (and perhaps since “corrections” often over-correct) – will it rise to a significant percentage OVER $1900. before settling back??

One more thing – whatever Gold does, Silver is likely to do as well – and then some! Silver is STILL well below its historic 16:1 price ratio to Gold… so, expect silver at some point – and for some period of time to OUT-perform Gold! This is why some analysts are seeing silver as an INCREDIBLE opportunity. 

 Want more analysis of what I think is coming? Click HERE

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Aug 27 2013

How To Create INTERACTIVE YouTube Videos – (step by step) TUTORIAL

Why would anyone want to create an interactive YouTube video? Ever watched a video where during the video things come up on the screen within the video that YOU can click on?

  • Does it create greater viewing engagement? (My bet is YES.)
  • If you’re trying to make a point, will an interactive YouTube video  technique help to emphasize your point? (My bet is YES.)
  • If you’re in business, could it increase sales? (Absolutely YES!)

In fact, I have found YouTube to be an INCREDIBLY POWERFUL and FREE approach to reaching lots of folks and seeing them develop interest (and yes, sales) in the products and services I am passionate about and in turn promote. 

So, my goal here is to help you learn step-by-step how to create interactive YouTube videos. My series of videos illustrate first how you need to setup your YouTube account to make it “ready” for “annotation” (that is the “magic” YouTube added enabling us to do these wonderful things!) The good news is, you can do this with ZERO “extra” software, though there are somethings that will help as you go along – and I talk about them “just at the right moment” in each of my videos.

Ready to get started? …and learn How To Create…

Interactive YouTube Videos

interactive youtube videos

How To Create Interactive YouTube Videos

This first video takes you through the steps required in your YouTube account in order to “ready” it for interactivity.

YouTube Preview Image

A few things I mentioned in the video you may wish to access:

Next, you are going to learn how to verify you own the domain you just linked your YouTube account to (associated website to use their terms). As I’m hinting above, you need to have purchased a domain (be kind, use my GoDaddy link if you wish to obtain one, it costs you no more, but as an affiliate it helps me to fill my fuel tank!) Further, to actually post a site on the Internet, it has to be hosted. I have found HostGator to be VERY reliable (important) and VERY affordable – so they have my recommendation. When you visit their site, I suggest you click “view web hosting accounts” and then you may find, as I did, the “baby” account for 2+ years to be the best value. (By using HostGator, you will be able to gain outstanding support from the company, and I want you to feel free to tap my knowledge base as well.)

I also recommend a great tool for creating videos – and you can create videos where you are “inset” on the page as you saw me create! The tool costs $15/year and is here.

YouTube Preview Image

Note in the video above I started to talk about how to get a website started – the links I refer to are offered above. The “next video” I refer to in this video is actually video #4. 

I decided to include this next video (#3) as it  illustrates the kinds of interactivity that I consider to be both powerful and effective. (The product I’m highlighting also happens to be one I strongly believe in, but my reason for sharing the video here is to illustrate what YOU can do.) Note how I make use of both outside software to create the “cartoon bubbles” and features within YouTube to create the subscribe button. I’ll have more on how to create the “cartoon bubbles” later in this post.

YouTube Preview Image

This next video (tutorial #3) will introduce you to how to edit your video while it is still “living” on your computer.  I use a video editor called AVS Video Editor. There are some free alternatives. It is within the video editor I create some of the elements you see in the final “product” that is live on YouTube. Know that as you watch this video, you’re seeing the actual process I engage in when evaluating a video (of my own – OR – one that I have downloaded from YouTube previously) and deciding where to add annotations and links. No links are added through this video editor, only the annotations. The links come in the LAST video (tutorial #4)

YouTube Preview Image

Lets review where we are so far: You have set up your YouTube account to have an “associated website”, you created a video (perhaps using screencast-o-matic), you ran the video through an editor like AVS4YOU, and you have uploaded the video to YouTube. Ideally the video is still “unlisted”. This next (and last in the series) illustrates what you do in YouTube to add “hotlinks” and other features that will enable your viewers to see more of your content and connect with you.

YouTube Preview Image



If you wish to contact OR work with me – look for the links above!


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Aug 17 2013

Opportunity Looks Alot Like Hard Work

Thank you Ashton Kutcher for sharing your message “Opportunity Looks Alot Like Hard Work

Yup, Ashton shared a message that others have said “I felt like I was listening to my grandfather” and one noted speaker said “I could have said that”!

Opportunity Looks Alot Like Hard Work

Its a message that we ALL need to hear from time to time. As an educator, I shared passages fromSuccess is a Choiceby Rick Pitino. The bottom line? Want true success, outwork everyone in sight! I actually encourage you to google Ashton’s actual talk to the young people at the Teen Choice Awards Ceremony. His talk is quite inspiring.

Here is my unique take on this entire issue…

YouTube Preview Image

So… are you with me regarding “opportunity looks alot like hard work“? Do you agree with the points I raised in my video? I’d love to hear your feedback – use the reply box below to share your “two cents”.

opportunity looks alot like hard work

“Opportunity Looks Alot Like Hard Work” – These folks EXEMPLIFY the fusion of hard work, vision, and opportunity… (click to learn more)


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