May 04 2013

Steamboat Lake – Almost Ready for Summer?!

You gotta see these pics! They were taken on MAY 3rd – yes I said MAY – NOT MARCH…

I even annotated some!

Steamboat Lake is at about 8100 ft. above sea level. You cross Willow Creek Pass to get here and the world changes from brown to white! I am currently stationed in their parking lot – perhaps only for a few more hours – but as you’ll see from the pics, my site for the summer is still under a foot or more of snow! The ranger did plow out the road late yesterday (5/3) to my site, but I need to get a snow blower (yes, in May!) to clear out the site. THAT may be today’s project!

Outside of electric, I am currently self-contained (water and dump tanks) as the water is not yet turned on up here (it got to 18F on Friday morning!)

So, I’ve got responsibilities to the park (I’m a “Campground Host”) and of course I plan lots of online business for the summer (check my other posts for “whats up”) – so, that along with hiking, possibly fishing, and some biking will be my summer!

But for now… enjoy these pics –




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May 01 2013

Moving Day…

Yup, its moving day – well at least it was SUPPOSED to be! Watch my video and see my pics below to see why moving day will actually be TOMORROW! (Its not the roads here! Its where I’m going)

YouTube Preview Image

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Apr 30 2013

Strike while the iron is hot…

strike while the iron is hot

According toThe Phrase Finder

Strike while the iron is hot means to act decisively and take your opportunities when they arise.

Quoting from the Phrase Finder…

This old proverb clearly alludes to the imagery of the blacksmith or farrier at his forge. If he delays in shaping the iron when it is hot a pliable the metal soon cools and hardens and the opportunity is lost.

The expression is recorded in Richard Edwards’, The excellent comedie of two the moste faithfullest freendes, Damon and Pithias, circa 1566

I haue plied the Haruest, and stroke when the Yron was hotte. 

1566, eh? Guess there were some really wise people around back then! Of course in reality, there have always been “go getters”. Remember the fairy tales we learned about various animals that prepared for winter? built a better house? And so on…

Allow me to be succinct – I see very turbulent times ahead. Times that at least two generations of Americans have never experienced. And, with the normalcy bias being what it is, most folks will simply go about their daily lives until…  (As I write this, the Dow is up about 110, and is at or near a record high… what will some people do when THIS bubble bursts?!)

You’ve heard me speak about this before – PREPARE! As I get ready to spend summer in one of the most beautiful spots in the nation, I encourage you to prepare for what is likely coming our way.

This leads me to talk about…


Now the word “opportunity” (in my humble opinion) is way over used in our society. Ambushing someone and bringing them to a “hotel opportunity meeting” gives the word “opportunity” a bad name! Opportunity only makes sense for YOU if … AFTER APPROPRIATE EVALUATION, you decide that there is GAIN for you – and – GAIN for others.

All business must be win-win – even a purchase at Ace Hardware MUST offer a tool for a price at which Ace profits AND you gain use and ownership of the tool at a price that makes it worth it to you.

So, what about timing? Well, in life, for those of us north of 20 or 30, timing is everything.


Allow me to help keep you alive – especially if you’re working with me… I want you here!

Cardio protogen is part of my DAILY routine – READ THIS to see why.


Now, if you’re currently working with me in one (or more) of my projects – you presumably took action because you saw “an opportunity”, but will you strike while the iron is hot?? One of the “things I do” – and as an educator, its a natural for me… is support my team(s) – so, if you are looking to strengthen your position in the business you’ve elected to profit with, just remember that the best time to act is now! 

Allow me to call to your immediate attention a company called Rippln. This is a company that has grown from less than 50 to about 300,000 in about 2 weeks (nearly 6000 are part of my team!), and because of the nature of Rippln’s business model, the number of “ripplers” may grow into the tens or hundreds of millions… if you are already enrolled, are you following the ancient wisdom – strike while the iron is hot?! If you want to know what all the buzz is about – this post details a bit more about Rippln.

My other business ventures, while not growing at the pace Rippln is, ARE paying me – and some quite well. I mention this as I sought (and researched) opportunity – and did not let “grass grow under my feet”. Part of my motivation (my “why”) is to be able to realistically live an “on the road” lifestyle in my (luxury) RV.

If you agree with the points I’ve raised in this post, and you see time slipping away before the coming economic turmoil – what is holding you back from generating some (or significant) “location neutral” income? If you’ve been pitched on dumb idea after dumb idea – I can relate! So… here is my closing thought –

If you contact me (my skype is alan.sills), I can promise you this – we will have a frank and honest conversation with NO hype. And I will assure you this as well… every project I’m working on is build upon solid and long term business principles.

So, the next move is up to you… Will YOU strike while the iron is hot?

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Apr 26 2013

Vision and Determination – a POWERFUL Combination

Just like the title says – I see these two – vision and determination to be a POWERFUL combination.

Whether you are a producer or developer, like Steve Jobs or Kody Bateman, or an investor or “active participant”, like many of us can be – if you combine these two attributes, YOU are UNSTOPPABLE.

I share MUCH more here…

YouTube Preview Image

Hey, if you enjoy reading this blog – and doing other things in life – I’d like to keep you around for a while! May I share this… I PERSONALLY use Cardio Protogen EVERY DAY- and HERE is why. Considering Heart Disease is the #1 Killer in the developed world…you might just want to review the info! 

heart disease risk


Heyy… are YOU Rippln? …


Click this image for more info! Talk about VISION!

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Apr 23 2013

Gold and Silver “Crushed” – What happened? and… What’s next??

Wow… we all read recently – “gold crushed“, “gold crash” –

and the headlines told the story… or did they?

Allow me to preface some fact filled information with a quick video…

YouTube Preview Image

Ok… as I stated in my video, I firmly believe the following

  • Much of the “exodus” from gold and silver was on “paper” (that is – those with PHYSICAL gold KEPT HOLD of it – in fact as of this afternoon (4.23.13), I was on the phone with “my guy” at Monex and he informs me he has been working 10+ hour days on the phone selling gold and silver to VERY willing buyers – my point? DEMAND for PHYSICAL silver and gold has if anything INCREASED in the past several days; some may even look upon the current situation as “gold and silver are on sale”
  • There is much evidence that certain “power players” have a vested interest in driving the price of silver and gold DOWN (in the short term) – while actions like this have proven successful in the short term, they rarely counter long term behaviors (like millions of buyers of the physical metals) for long.
  • The fundamentals that favor long term appreciation in the price of silver and gold HAVE NOT CHANGED

So, here are a few sources I will cite (and link to) for your reading pleasure. IF after you review this info, please DO feel free to contact me, I will be glad to introduce you to “my guy” at Monex and insure you get both treated right AND get the best price available. (You can reach me on Skype as alan.sills OR use the “contact me” link at the top of this page.)

***********Anxiety over the price of gold and silver can impact your health … so can this…*****

I am a DAILY user of Cardio Protogen. Why? Read / watch HERE and learn!


Now for the links (and more)…

Here is an interview with Mike Maloney and Chris Martenson. Listen carefully to their insights and the history they bring to the table on this topic.

YouTube Preview Image

A report from Zero Hedge that also shows the correlation between significant moves in Gold and subsequent moves in the S&P – very enlightening! (Take a few minutes and really digest the charts on their page – look for Gold’s big move – and then what the S&P did shortly thereafter. Will lightning strike “thrice”?

Sunshine Profits, a private fee based newsletter that has been courting me for a while now made  a free post – linked here – as you read the article, note where the author indicates he does not (and no one really) knows whether we are at the bottom for gold and silver. Could gold drop below $1400. again? $1300? perhaps…but he like most are seeing this as a SHORT TERM downturn.

As always, I’m sharing this with you to add value to YOUR DAY! I am NOT a financial advisor, expert, guru or anything like that! I do have a number of VERY interesting posts on my page, so, now that you’re here, feel free to “poke around”. May I suggest you have a look at my Rippln post… and, if you wish, take me up on my offer to send a heartfelt message to someone today HERE.




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