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Aug 25 2012

What does it mean to REALLY “be in your own business”? Important thoughts…

I conducted a webinar last week, it was attended by my best audience yet! 

But that is not what matters to me, what matters most is that I provide value to all who read and view my content whether it is live or posted here for you to view anytime. 

So, what’s on my mind? Well… there are LOTS of scams out there – so, in this 3 video series (all posted below), I begin by discussing how to evaluate an “opportunity”. And yes, I do spend a moment or two on Zeek. And… it seems as we go on, there are more and more. Just over the past few days, I was introduced to a phone “deal” that is highly NON-competitive; an information based program that costs its victims, errr – users, nearly $200/month (most of whom will never look at the info), and of course there are the endless diet products that produce temporary results at the cost of ingesting a chemical factory. But… the BIG topic I want to address is…

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What it really means to be in your own business. (And if you are an affiliate or rep for a company, are you *really* in your own business?? And what does that mean for the long haul?) So, I turn my attention in video 2 to building your own valuable web property. One that can pay your bills for a long time to come! Hint: It has something to do with Blog Curation.

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In my 3rd video, I talk about how to improve your results when folks search for your niche via Google. This involves using Google Plus and Pinterest. In video 3, I refer to a great (and very affordable) course to learn google plus – go here to access it:

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