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Aug 25 2012

What does it mean to REALLY “be in your own business”? Important thoughts…

I conducted a webinar last week, it was attended by my best audience yet! 

But that is not what matters to me, what matters most is that I provide value to all who read and view my content whether it is live or posted here for you to view anytime. 

So, what’s on my mind? Well… there are LOTS of scams out there – so, in this 3 video series (all posted below), I begin by discussing how to evaluate an “opportunity”. And yes, I do spend a moment or two on Zeek. And… it seems as we go on, there are more and more. Just over the past few days, I was introduced to a phone “deal” that is highly NON-competitive; an information based program that costs its victims, errr – users, nearly $200/month (most of whom will never look at the info), and of course there are the endless diet products that produce temporary results at the cost of ingesting a chemical factory. But… the BIG topic I want to address is…

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What it really means to be in your own business. (And if you are an affiliate or rep for a company, are you *really* in your own business?? And what does that mean for the long haul?) So, I turn my attention in video 2 to building your own valuable web property. One that can pay your bills for a long time to come! Hint: It has something to do with Blog Curation.

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In my 3rd video, I talk about how to improve your results when folks search for your niche via Google. This involves using Google Plus and Pinterest. In video 3, I refer to a great (and very affordable) course to learn google plus – go here to access it:

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If you like my content, please click the like or share & feel free to leave a comment below! Links above will take you to Pinterest; and the Google Plus Course.




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Aug 25 2012

Want a reliable source of income that YOU own? Blog Curation may just be THE answer.

I have become a believer! I have seen my results in “alexa” and an uptick in my traffic! 

Now you should ask… “in what?” and “why?”

My answer? Blog Curation!

Blog curation is an activity that gives Google *just what they want* – and in return, you get what YOU want. Google wants good content. You want traffic– representing an audience that will be interested in what you have to offer.

What is “blog curation”? It is an activity where you select a “niche” (mine is heart disease risk – see my curated blog here –, curate for that niche an in turn create content that Google wants to see, and then the fun begins… Google begins to “reward” you with top ranking on key words that highlight YOUR site as a recommended resource.

heart disease risk

For example, my goal is to see Google searches like “how can I reduce my risk of heart disease” show MY pages as a top result. Once that happens,lots of trafficwill be “driven” to my blog.

What then? Monetize it! How? A number of ways. You can learn more here –

Here are some key points:

  • Blog curation will produce a sustainable resource for you that when monitized will produce long term, lasting income (you must learn to do it correctly to get results!
  • Blog curation allows you to OWN your own business (valuable web property)
  • Blog curation is NOT a path to instant riches (but of course, what is?!)

Want to learn more? Check my blog curation video series linked above – and feel free to reach out to me here with any questions.

Oh, and a NEW recommended site – – gain a presence there, grow your business, ALL for free.


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Aug 24 2012

I had to share this – its too important – you need to know

First – what you’re about to read and see – SHARE IT! I rarely ask this of you on my blog. You may be aware that I have been exploring the power of “Blog Curation” for the past several weeks. I did a 4 video training series on the topic to help you get started with it.

My blog is here –

Each day, I curate a post on a topic related to heart disease risk (and how to reduce it). Today’s post is so amazing that I wanted you to see this – and you will want others to see it as well. As you read the post, you’ll find that research recently shared at an American Chemical Society symposium is likely a “game changer” in reducing our risk of heart disease. Here is a link to the article

heart disease risk

Click here for the article.

Fascinating discovery highlighted by American Chemical Society likely to reduce heart disease

Ok, more food for thought. Blog Curation is not just an activity designed to add value to others lives (as I believe does), it is also a strategy that can produce a long term source of income. See my video training series referenced earlier to learn more about this.

Now a few additional “current issues”

1) I *still* plan to bring you a video series that mirrors what I shared on my (highly acclaimed) webinar from earlier this week. Look for that post perhaps as early as later today.

So, its Friday morning. Pray for those impacted by the shooting in NYC this morning. It is an area I have walked through many times in my life – an area I always felt safe doing so. It is ashame what is happening in our cities – mostly large, but both large and smaller. On a greater scale, pray for our nation and our freedoms.

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Jun 28 2012

Blog Curation 101

Blog Curation is HOT. Done right it can lead to “Google love” which leads to top rankings on organic searches in the niche of your choice. Top rankings lead to TRAFFIC on your site which IF you have something of value to offer your visitors can and will lead to a passive income stream and a lifestyle you’ve only dreamed of. 

Check this image for SOCIAL PROOF… I only started my blog curation a few weeks ago (less than 4 as of 7/9/12) and you can see the results I just pulled up on Google! (click image to see it full size)

blog curation is powerful

Blog Curation is powerful! And…YES, it *really* works!

The full Blog Curation series is now posted here! All 4 videos. Be sure to access my notes (and links) pages below for additional support! 

The two videos that follow were inspired by a live event I conducted online for a group of interested folks on June 27, 2012. These two videos are parts 1 and 2 of a 3 (or 4) part series I’m in the process of creating that is designed to empower YOU to know what Blog Curation is (and much more) and empower you to move in that direction IF you so choose. 

In the videos I refer to an outline that can be found here…

And I reference some resources, most of which I am an affiliate for, so, I certainly ask if you’re going to use the product or service, kindly DO access it through my link!

Here now are the videos…

Blog Curation 1

YouTube Preview Image

Blog Curation 2

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Blog Curation 3

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Blog Curation 4

YouTube Preview Image

So, if you watched all 4, Thanks! And…if you decide to use any of the resources I talked about (including Harlan’s course), please DO use the links provided on this page

And…please DO leave me feedback in the comments box below!

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Jun 26 2012

Blog Curation – the BEST road to a long term STABLE passive income

Blog Curation is HOT and getting hotter…but as with anything, you have to learn to do it correctly. We’re going to talk about just that Wednesday Jun 27 at 8pm EDT.

Register here:

Learn the RIGHT way to get “google love” and create an Authority Site that will lead to long term profitability for YOU.

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Register here: 

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