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May 04 2013

Steamboat Lake – Almost Ready for Summer?!

You gotta see these pics! They were taken on MAY 3rd – yes I said MAY – NOT MARCH…

I even annotated some!

Steamboat Lake is at about 8100 ft. above sea level. You cross Willow Creek Pass to get here and the world changes from brown to white! I am currently stationed in their parking lot – perhaps only for a few more hours – but as you’ll see from the pics, my site for the summer is still under a foot or more of snow! The ranger did plow out the road late yesterday (5/3) to my site, but I need to get a snow blower (yes, in May!) to clear out the site. THAT may be today’s project!

Outside of electric, I am currently self-contained (water and dump tanks) as the water is not yet turned on up here (it got to 18F on Friday morning!)

So, I’ve got responsibilities to the park (I’m a “Campground Host”) and of course I plan lots of online business for the summer (check my other posts for “whats up”) – so, that along with hiking, possibly fishing, and some biking will be my summer!

But for now… enjoy these pics –




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