Jul 08 2014

Automation: it IS coming… are YOU ready?

Consider this post to be a “heads up” on what IS coming…

automation and send out cards

Oh really?

This is a REAL issue and WILL impact *many* Americans.

After reviewing the video, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts (post below)

YouTube Preview Image

So… fundamentally, do you agree?

IF so, will YOU be impacted? How?


I firmly believe those who prepare and learn a new skill will THRIVE as these changes occur. For myself, I was trained as a classroom educator (science) about 35 years ago. Since then, I have learned how to use the Internet. No, not just to surf the ‘web and post on Facebook all day, but to “drive traffic” to a site (you’re here aren’t you?) and to deliver a message.

Those who master these skills will be in a unique position to provide for their families – yes, its that basic.

There WAS a day where being a steel-worker generated a hard but good living for the “bread winner” and his family. Those days are long gone.

With automation… MORE will change, and MUCH more rapidly than in previous employment “revolutions”. As mankind’s rate of knowledge increases, so too will the rate of change in many areas of our lives.

If you’re just starting out, are YOU positioned to succeed as these changes transpire?

If you’ve been around for a while – are YOU ready and WILLING to “shift gears” and take on a new role?

The Entrepreneur

America (and much of the world) offer you and I (all of us truth be told) unprecedented opportunity for independence as automation causes “systemic change”. But, human nature being what it is, most will remain stagnant and not take action. For those who do however, literally the sky is the limit.

Speaking for myself – I have decided to position myself to avail new technologies AND to grasp onto that which will NOT change.

What won’t change…

Human nature. THAT won’t change.

Combine our need for “belonging”, “acknowledgement” and to act in kindness with the facts as I have laid them out in my video – to me the path is clear. Click the Send Out Cards button below and if YOU agree, let’s talk, ok?

send out cards

Learn How To Create the PERFECT CARD – a REAL card! It’s human nature to express appreciation and act upon promptings… (click here) – AND… see how this ties in with AUTOMATION!


While you’re here, please feel free to review other parts of my site – and offer comment upon posts that you find particularly interesting.

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Jun 25 2013

Entrepreneurship – could it be for you?

Entrepreneurship … Did you know that MOST people were entrepreneurs – essentially small business owners with their own ventures in the 1800’s?

And y’know what? Since then… its been on the decline. Factories became more and more prevalent and “we” became employees.


So, is entrepreneurship a worthy pursuit these days?

I share my thoughts on this most relevant topic in today’s world here…

YouTube Preview Image

HERE is the article I referred to in my narrative above. 

Entrepreneurship… is it for you? Does it mean you have to have “inventory”? (no) employees? (no)

In today’s world, you really can be “location neutral”! IF the points I raise in the above video resonate with you,

CONTACT ME! (I’m on skype as alan.sills) – or – I give my number in the video! 

As I noted in my video, there ARE pitfalls…I will make you ONE promise: When we talk, I’ll give you the “straight scoop”, and share with you the results of my experience – both the good and the bad – WITHOUT the hype. 

What will we talk about? Well, I’m NOT going to pitch you! But… I can assure you that ideas like the “40/40/40 plan” vs. “residual and leverage” will come up; along with the concepts of “marketing and promotion” WITHOUT evening hotel meetings and the need to ambush friends and family!

IF you’re looking to take action right now – and there is NO risk to what I’m about to share… a new platform and community called “Rippln” is just beginning to ramp up (ha! beginning? the company is nearing a community of 1 MILLION right now and is growing FASTER than Twitter at a similar stage in its development!) To learn more… click the banner below.


Entrepreneurship – Rippln will provide an incredible platform designed for success

The KEY to starting it all is entrepreneurship and having an “entrepreneurial mind set”. Ready for that conversation? Lets talk! 

Part II is coming soon as well.




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Aug 17 2012

Sage advice…and yelling at the Sun!

So, I was yelling at the Sun earlier, yes, the SUN! No, I’m not crazy. I’m just noticing that the sun is now getting “weaker”, yes, even here in Texas! As our planet “turns”, the Sun gets just a little “weaker” each day and now, nearly two months past the Summer Solstice, the effect is in full motion and the change week to week will be noticeable for at least the next couple of months.

I went for a bike ride at dawn and the temperature was *almost* “cool”! Just a hint of what is to come! And… it looks like it will not even hit 100 today! (Thank God for small favors, eh?!)

The video below was recorded a few days ago… in it I talk about a number of thought provoking issues, but did not mention “penny auctions” – even though Zeek has always been present in my mind (since it seems that the whole world has been “in” it). Anyone who knows me, knows my opinion about penny auctions, and knows that I have stayed out of them. I don’t know if you heard, but Zeek closed their doors last night – and, I don’t know if Zeek’s closure is temporary or permanent, but it serves as a reminder to us all to choose wisely who you affiliate with AND to have a genuine business of your own to fall back upon. (Contact me if you wish to explore that train of thought – there is a lot behind it)

Here is the bottom line (as I see it), as an entrepreneur, you have to have a PLAN…and then execute YOUR plan. I’m not saying you can not modify your plan as time goes on, in fact you’d be foolish if you do not! My thoughts shared below are just those – thoughts – listen to them if you wish, reflect upon them and if you have thoughts of your own you’d like to share, then by all means, please leave a comment below and share this post if you feel someone may benefit from my message.

YouTube Preview Image


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Jul 24 2012

A Message To Rick…and all the Ricks of this world (perhaps you know one?)…

I’ve got some great stories for ya! I’m heading over to Arlington, Tx for Restoring Love which will be happening later this week (7/26-28). Honestly, its the entire reason I headed this far “east” from Albuquerque! So, its a major turning point in my summer – and based upon the experience coming up, perhaps in my life!

I am also going through the trials and tribulations of addressing the issues that resulted from my blowout last Sunday (7/15/12). But… this came up in the interim –

I made a connection and have built a friendship with a young man online. The young man’s name is Rick. Rick is in a “state” similar to so many others today. He is a “twenty something” who is unemployed, has not had steady work in a couple of years, and is living at home to keep costs as low as possible. He is helping out around the house and does “odd-jobs”, but, he has not secured solid full-time work.

When he contacted me, I shared a world he was not real familiar with – one where you don’t trade “hours for dollars”, one where “I will until” is more the “mantra”. I posted a video to him yesterday to kinda “lay it on the line” and give him a “kick in the butt” (that perhaps you or someone you know needs!)

Interestingly, the video has 15 views on youtube, even though I have not promoted it at all thus far! Seems like, in the 12 hours its been up, people are finding it!

I prepared the video with the thought in mind that Rick needs to consider there are other ways to earn a living than by trading “hours for dollars” – you’re going to see me promote two specific programs, YOU need to evaluate whether they are right for you…and whether you’ve “got it” (internally) to be an entrepreneur. You know, early in our nations history, most people were entrepreneurs and did not expect a few bucks for an hours work – and frankly, even if you are skilled and get $20 or $30 or more for an hours work – consider this: what is YOUR time *really* worth? Would Steve Jobs have spent another hour at work instead of with friends and family? Perhaps…but perhaps not. He did not even see 60 years on this Earth during his life (if memory serves me)…so, what is YOUR time worth?

As a last thought before seeing the video, the “plan” we all grew up learning – trading hours for dollars – has more people on public assistance than ever in our nations history – so, how’s THAT plan workin for ya?

Ok, now you’re ready…You can see the video for yourself right here…

YouTube Preview Image

After viewing it, I welcome your comments.

Have a great day and I hope this resonated with you!



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