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Jun 29 2013

Some home based businesses are built upon a strong foundation – others upon Jello…

When it comes to home based businesses and the products they offer, I’ve seen alot. And for me it comes down to this:

Are the profits generated by the company driven by “market demand” or “recruiting”?

You see – THAT is the critical question!

Before you review the following video – I suggest you review PART 1 HERE looking at Entrepreneurship – and its history in our nation.

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Do you agree with my point made about “anything driven by recruiting”? I’d love to hear your feedback! (Use the space below.)

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home based businesses

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Mar 14 2013

Critical Thinking…Common Sense…and Home Based Businesses

Straight talk and common sense. THAT is what I’m all about. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired (as heck) of the deceptive marketing that tries to create (superficial) curiosity; stays just within “this side of the line” of promising riches; or in general appealing to our most negative “instincts” – including greed.

Is there a REAL alternative? 

I believe the clear answer is YES. It is what I’m building my online presence upon. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not perfect, and I have made my share of mistakes – but – I make (darn) sure I learn from them! I’m now in a situation where I am VERY satisfied with my life choices and life style (just read a few of my other posts), my income is growing as I continue to promote real and viable products and companies that I believe represent values and value. 

Check out my video message below…

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A view from my front door…

dawn at steamboat

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Jun 13 2012

I’m not going to sell my soul for a buck

Yup, that’s right – I’m not gonna sell my soul for a buck. And I’m tired of being pitched by people who do!

(Thank you Harlan, you inspired me to go here today!)

On line bidding sites that offer a ponzi scheme model designed to abuse the poor putz who actually pays for the bids… NOT ME!

Third tier (yup, NOT even second tier) phone service providers, who offer OUTDATED phones at NON-discount prices and send out reps who know even less about the industry to try to get me to move away from a top tier phone provider?! Sheesh!!

Lotion – potion – and pill companies that actually promises “age reversal”??!! I believe their “miracle” products, there are 3 of ’em will cost you something like $150. /month – but – look at the good side… if you’re 20, (they may have finally pulled this crap from their website), they stated if you start taking this “triangle” of products then, you should EXPECT to live to 140. Huh?? Do they really think we are THAT stupid??

Yet, I know folks personally, who “bought in” to be a part of deals like this, and perhaps some that are even dumber!


So, lets talk business ok? Watch my video and then leave me some comments… I wanna hear from YOU!

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So…do my thoughts resonate with you? Are we on the same page? If so, please leave comments below AND share this post with others whom you care about. 

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