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Apr 10 2013

Success is a Choice

Words of Wisdom by Rick Pitino –

Success is a Choice

success is a choice

success is a choice – think about it

Words I have shared with my students over the years. And, yes, I considered his words to be THAT insightful to those I had charge over to use one of my most valuable commodities as an educator – class time – to share them. I have seen students profoundly influenced by Rick’s words as I shared them. And… they had a lasting effect and impact. I want to share them with YOU – the home based business person; entrepreneur; and enterprising individual. You are in the “right place at the right time” as millions need a way to produce additional income AND a strategy for success. Rick provides some great info in his book – and allow me to share his thoughts with you as I did with my students over the years…

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Each time I share Rick’s thoughts and insights from Success is a Choice, I’m inspired AND I learn something new. So, I made this video as much for me as for you! I’d love to hear what YOU gained from his words. Remember, I am only the messenger – Rick is carrying the message.

And what message is that? Well, I’d love to hear YOUR input first. Feel free to post here (use the space button below) and then in a day or so, I will post a subsequent posting here on with MY thoughts and “my take” on what WE can gain from Rick’s Success is a Choice “manual” (volume).

All I will say for now is, Rick is right – Success IS a choice! Further, we make the choice for success every day and in every action we take that relates to our business life. Jeff Olson wrote about this in “The Slight Edge” – another important and inspiring book (when I was a pre-paid legal rep, that was our “bible”.)

Here is a button to obtain Rick’s powerful book

Success is a Choice



 As promised… here is “my commentary” on Success is a Choice – a no nonsense dose of insights and wisdom that *might* just “make your day”…

But first – TWO thoughts

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Ok, onto Success is a Choice – my commentary…

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