Sep 15 2014

Navigating Troubled Waters – Part 2 – Time for Preparation?

If you have not yet read part 1, please do so now before proceeding. Then as you review this post, take your time, there is alot here – it took me time to compile it and I believe it is worthy of your valuable time.

Are we witnessing the collapse of the US economy?

Time for Preparation?

Allow me to begin with this thought –  Things are changing…rapidly. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I’m only a guy who looks at our nation, and frankly sees how we got here – I am not one who is saying “what the hell happened?” Most folks now see how much is going on even in the “mainstream media”. So, as I see it, the key is to be prepared (funny how that is the boy scouts motto!) and as I see it here is how…

First – a word from Dr. Ron Paul – 

Dr. Paul is a man whom I agree with on 90% of his positions – especially as they pertain to the U.S. economy and what is happening in our nation. 

It’s Going to get Much, Much Worse

YouTube Preview Image

You can’t eat silver or gold

Yes, that statement is quite true, and while I AM going to recommend some resources to be purchased BEFORE you buy silver and gold, I want you to remember this: Silver and Gold have had and continue to have value SINCE ANCIENT TIMES. I see no reason to believe that in 2013, that will change! In fact, looking at human behavior today, are we really that different from our most distant grand parents who lived hundreds or even thousands of years ago?

What do I need before considering silver and gold? 

In short – think of the essentials, or as a friend once said to me, when it comes to preparation… “the 3 B’s“: beans, bullets and band-aids!

At a minimum, ask yourself these tough questions:

If shipments of supplies break down how many days (weeks/months) will I (and my family) last with the food we have on hand?

I’m going to recommend Wise Foods to you. Personally, I have several months of food reserves with me. Their food is packaged into meals that serve 2-4 people…and the packages are designed to last 25 years. By using my banner below, you’ll save a few bucks and get free shipping. 


If our water supply is threatened, how will we get potable water?

I thought about this one – my first idea was to carry (remember I’m a full time RV’er) bottled water…but then I realized the space and weight involved. Instead, I opted for a water filter. One that I recommend is the Sawyer featured below. Why? Well, first it will filter almost *everything* from virtually *any* water source. AND… the filter (which CAN be replaced) will filter 1,000,000 gallons of water! (I am also working on sharing a less portable solution – look for an update to this page soon.)



Am I prepared to protect myself and my family?

Personally, I recommend “” or “Cabellas” – ‘nuf said?

What skills do I have (and bring to the table to be of value to others)?

Think about how to make yourself more valuable and useful to others. Ask yourself, what would happen if you were unable to travel from where you are now. Do you know your neighbors? Have you considered what each of you can do to help each other get through a crisis? While things are tranquil, wouldn’t it make sense to at least talk about these matters? 

Before I get to silver and gold… I fully realize most folks have VERY little savings – so, here are my thoughts on that…

I learned years ago that having a “job” is really being “just over broke” And… in my years, I have seen businesses fail that were once thought to be “fail proof”. What would happen if… Further, Brian Mudd shared some alarming stats the other day. In his daily research report (called his “cheat sheet”), Brian uncovered a Yahoo finance report that shows while we are earning 30% more than 10 years ago, hospitalization costs 85% more, fuel 108% more and heating oil 145% more in that same time period. Get my point? 

Oh, and if you think your pension is safe, listen to the audio recordings I have linked in the silver and gold section below.

So, what is the solution?

The short answer is ASSETS – preserve what you have and create new assets. It is in that light, I want you to consider the “home based business world”. Now… before you run screaming for the exits… yes, I know its a mine-field and many things you hear of are outright scams – but NOT ALL. Part of the value I bring to the table at this time is a keen sense of what is and what is not.

I’ve found a few. Presently, I’m generating residual, leveraged income with a company, not because of the compensation plan or fancy marketing schemes – AT ALL. Instead, I see myself more as a “company rep” as I believe in their product – period. If you want to learn more about a “home based business” that I feel is VERY unique and different from the rest – click HERE.

So what about Silver and Gold?

OH BOY… what a hot topic! Why would I say this when only about 1% of the American public own silver and gold (SOURCE)? In fact, this same article, refers to silver as a “ticking time bomb.” One reason I agree with the author of this article is the fact that the national cookie jar is NOT infinite. According to this report, the number of people living on government support (and I’m NOT talking about social security or medicare) is at an all time high – and is MUCH higher than just a few decades ago. As one very sharp individual recently said, you can’t spend $1 trillion MORE each year than you take in and not expect something bad to happen.

I should also point out that demand for gold and silver bullion CONTINUES to exceed or nearly exceed our ability to mine and produce these precious metals. Ask yourself… what will happen when more Americans “wake up” and decide having some bullion is a good idea? Personally, I am a big believer in supply and demand (especially in the long term).

Recently I listened to a few powerful and brief audio presentations. You can hear from:  Bill Fleckenstein    Eric Sprott     Gerald Celente   (I will leave it to you to Google who these men are and why their opinions are worth listening to.) If you do not have the time to hear them, here is the “executive summary”… in short, we are in trouble!

Quantitative Easing (QE) – the strategy by the FED and other national banks (for example, Japan) has only served to prop up the stock markets – and cracks are showing up even there. (There has recently been an increase in “volatility” and that often precludes a “change in direction” (remember – the markets have nearly gone straight up for about 18 months now. In short, paper assets are NOT to be trusted. I’m going to recommend physical gold, and based upon Mike Maloney’s recent warning about COUNTERFEIT silver and gold permeating the market, I suggest you take care as to whom you purchase it from. I use a trusted individual at Monex and would be glad to refer you to him on a personal basis. Contact me and I’ll get you his information. (You can look into who Monex is – they are one of the largest and most trusted bullion dealers you’ll ever find.)

In closing, I am posting this to advise you, my reader of what I believe is coming – and when it comes to preparation, some things to consider (and i’m sure not an exhaustive list). I assure you I am not prescient, nor am I a doomsdayer. In fact, I believe in our nation and know we will survive – but – being prepared – and considering where you live or if you are able to relocate “on the fly” just simply makes sense. Got thoughts to add? Liked/ didn’t like what I’ve shared? Use the space below to offer up your thoughts – I welcome them!

Note: I wrote this originally about a year ago (in 2013), I have since updated it – but – consider this: have things* improved or deteriorated?

*The economy, world stability, general feeling of “ease”

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Apr 15 2014

The Flintstones and Atlanta, Georgia

I recorded this video in Mid-February. At that time, Atlanta had just experienced its (3 inch) “snowpacolypse” and there were stories filtering out about fights breaking out in markets as people secured “provisions” for themselves and their families. That event prompted me to create the video that follows. Before you watch the video, I want to make 3 quick points: 

  • Within the video I talk about our needs and two important things we all need
  • The video itself serves as a “model” for what you can do in a “video with a message” – pay careful attention to all “elements” I have added to the video
  • Consider *just how much* the world has changed since I made this video – just a few short weeks ago!! (see my notes below the video for more on this thought)

Fred says “be prepared”

Important: Watch this video – and just like it says on screen, you do NOT need to add your email (but feel free to do so if you wish to receive updates) – just click “skip email” to start viewing. Also – after the video starts, you can make it full size using the resize tool in the lower right corner (you must scroll over the video to see the “full size” tool. 



 So… just how much has the world changed since Feb 13? (And I’m most recently updated this on April 15th)

  • Russia has effectively “annexed” Crimea and is threatening the Soverignity of the Ukraine
  • Poland has called up its military reservists – a move NEVER before done
  • Rumors have Germany being threatened over continued access to natural gas (by Russia)
  • Flight 370 continues to be an UNPRECEDENTED “mystery” (at least to us) – but the Israeli’s are on “high alert” (for some reason?!)
  • The stock market continues to float near record highs – but Yellen has to keep coming out and voicing her support for the (failed) monetary policies of the past several years (I firmly believe that the “crash” of 2008 was NOT allowed to happen by those in power at that time, and all we have done is delayed the inevitable – and WHEN it happens, it will be a FAR BIGGER event than it would have been in 2008.)
  • A standoff occurred between a private citizen (Cliven Bundy) and the Feds (BLM) – and personally I do NOT think the last chapter on this issue has been written.

What does this have to do with the video I created? 

Two things

1) If you’re like MOST folks, you have not yet done ANY preparation… isn’t it about time to get some food that will store for up to 25 years AND a way to create potable water? (See links IN the video OR below my words in this post)

2) If you’re in your own business – Video Marketing WORKS! – Have a look at Clipz by clicking “Powered by Clipz” to learn more.

Continue on to access Wise Foods and the BEST Water Filtration System I’ve found to date…









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May 31 2013

Navigating Troubled Waters

Life here in the wilderness of the Northwestern Colorado Rockies – and now with only melting snow on the ski slopes –  has given me time to read, learn, think and reflect. 


Hahn’s Peak – Pure NW Colorado Inspiration!

It is in this light – I have some things to share that I hope you, the reader will consider. This will be a hard hitting message and I am delivering it as I believe the more who know and prepare for what is coming – the better off we will all be. 

If you are a regular visitor to my page, you know I am an entrepreneur – one who values his free time and freedom. I am always looking for ethical and moral business ventures where I can create leverage and earn residual income in the name of producing what I value most – time freedom.

And…its working out fairly well! Truth be told, the only job I have held in the past 7 years is my ski school position last winter – and then primarily to push myself to get out on the mountain daily AND to gain access to some of the best ski instruction that money can’t buy! 

My focus today however is NOT to speak with you as an entrepreneur… it is to take a hard – even stark look at our nation’s economy, the concept of fiat currency, the Federal Reserve, your bank account… and some things I believe are ALREADY in motion that you and I need to be aware of – and once informed, develop our own personal plans of action. I don’t believe I am alarmist or a conspiracy theorist in any way – just a realist who has a firm grasp on history and knows what has happened in our own nation and elsewhere that I believe is about to be repeated – and just as in the past, many will be caught off-guard due to either disbelief or lack of knowledge. 

To emphasize, I am firm that dark clouds are gathering and it is only through knowledge and then subsequent and definitive action, that the full brunt of what is coming can be lessened. Read on for specifics…

Allow me to begin with a quote from a gentleman who posted a reply to a most disturbing article I read the other day titledImpending Financial Collapse – The Grand Finale

Referring to the article (linked above), Henry Shivley wrote in response…

I agree with every word and your timing. I say this based on a small event that recently took place for me personally. I have no debt, a credit score of 800+ and a nice six figure salary. After many years of having an un-used home equity line of credit of $100K, my bank recently sent me a letter telling me it was being reduced to $10K ….. this on a paid for house. For me, this was an indicator that the banks are setting up to limit the ability for people to get money out of their bank. My advice, take your money out now while you can. The wrath is coming.

Now these are strong words, but if you take the time to read the article, I think you’ll get the gist of the author’s argument – namely that Cyprus and MF Global were “trial balloons” where the “powers that be” were testing the waters to see if depositors could be treated as unsecured creditors.

ALSO – did you catch the timing cited in the “from the trenches” article? 

Before I move on to the next article I want to share, these two FACTS are etched in my mind:

  • The average lifespan of a fiat currency is about 40 years- and the USA went to a fiat currency in 1971
  • The USA in the past 50 years has gone from a position of financial strength, being perhaps the GREATEST lender and creditor in the world to now being the greatest DEBTOR NATION the world has EVER seen. 

If there is one quick piece of evidence I can produce here and now – consider these words from another potent article titledThe Final Nail in America’s Financial Coffin

you need to be aware of the fact that the government can never pay down the debt that they have acquired.  Could the federal mafia pay down the $17 trillion dollar deficit?  Yes, but they would need 2-3 generations of responsible fiscal policies to do so. Could the federal mafia ever meet its $200 trillion dollar unfunded liabilities such as Social Security and Medicare? The short and best answer is, NEVER.

The passage quoted above does not even begin to consider the potential destructive power of derivatives. Without going into what they are and why we should ALL be concerned in this post – you can read the article for yourself. 

fiat currency

Sunset in the mountains – and perhaps sunset for America’s economy??

The common thread between these two articles – and numerous others I could cite is the fact that fiat currency – currency backed by NOTHING more than the “good faith and credit” of its government is in real trouble – and we all need to take action NOW or face a reality later that none of us ever really thought we would have to face at any point in our lives. 

The action I’m talking about is to prepare for the collapse of the dollar – which has been a fiat currency for 42 years now… by converting our savings (for those who HAVE savings) into commodities that will have value down the road – food, water, ammunition and yes, precious metals (and a few other things – I’m not looking to create an exhaustive list here – though I welcome your feedback on this message by posting below.)

I mentioned Cyprus earlier, were you aware that depositors LOST some of their savings when the “bank holiday” occurred? This model – where depositors are now treated as creditors will be refined – and in my humble opinion is coming to OUR nation – and perhaps sooner rather than later

The following video – all about fiat currency –  explains the likely (almost inevitable) future of our American dollar…

YouTube Preview Image

A major reason we are on the fast track to trouble is Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve. This article –The Fed’s Hands are Tied, Right as the Financial System Begins to Crackdetails how what we see happening in Japan may very well be our future. Consider Graham Summers’ words (the author of the article) as he explains how “QE to infinity” HAS to destroy our currency. 

If I have created a sense of concern, Good! If you’re not “awake”, you can’t take action. 

I’m going to make several suggestions – and a few more advisories in a “part 2” to this post. I just don’t want to give you too much to “chew on” at one time. As I noted earlier, I’m going to recommend several steps to buffer the impact of whats coming – and my recommendations are based upon PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

I’m going to state here and now the importance of having MULTIPLE income streams. If you have a job, ask yourself… what would happen if the company you work for closed down? Can’t happen? Ha! Think about the numerous American companies that have shut down – or relocated overseas in the past 25 years – including some we thought would NEVER leave us. The reality of developing ‘home based business income’ is a specialty of mine – and I will elaborate upon this also in part 2. 

I will state when it comes to silver and gold – you HAVE to be careful; in fact, in part 2, I’m going to share a NEW concern about silver and gold that has emerged in recent months. In terms of food and water – I have specific recommendations based upon my own research. I will get this information posted as quickly as I can assemble it.  

In closing for now… I welcome your thoughts and feedback! Please use the space below to “sound off”



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Mar 22 2013

Three days and then…

I want to personally thank Carnival Cruise Lines for conducting a study in human behavior recently.

YouTube Preview Image

Now I know what you’re thinking… “Gee, Al, what is your take on the recent Carnival Cruise mess? And…from your brief video above how do you plan to tie this together with the recent developments in Cyprus?” Well, I’m glad you asked!  😉

Three days that’s the amount of time from the backup in the first toilet on the cruise ship to the time civil society on the ship broke down. And this was on a ship where people KNEW they were DEFINITELY going to be “rescued”, their lives were NEVER in true danger, communication between the ship and the mainland was NEVER lost, and food was NEVER at true risk of running out.

Despite all those FACTS, society (on the ship) broke down. I will not go into details here as there are a myriad of reports on what was going on.

The point is – what can we learn from what happened on this cruise ship?

Society is fragile – and – civilization is but a thin veneer

be prepared

Be Prepared

Ask yourself what would happen to society after just 3 days if (and when) a crisis occurs in your community, your state, OUR entire nation??

Yes, experts say help MUST arrive within 72 hours or real trouble begins. New Orleans after Katrina is another “case study” where we see a breakdown in society after just 72 hours.

What if the event is BIGGER than just a city? Could it happen? Or…is it just a matter of time before it does? AND…if so, are YOU ready?

Consider these FACTS:  

  •  In 50 (or so) short years we (the USA) have gone from the worlds greatest lender to the worlds greatest debtor nation. In fact, We are borrowing MORE than any nation in the history of the world has EVER borrowed.
  • The government has purchased 1.6 BILLION bullets – these are NOT for our military- they were purchased for other purposes. WHAT do you think they’ll do with all those bullets?! (remember – there are only 350 million Americans, so, you do the math – 1.6 billion bullets is enough to 5 to “earmark” every person in this nation. (If you link to the source of this info, it is NOT a right wing site, it IS Forbes and the Denver Post)
  • Most food markets have (at most) 2-3 days worth of food. (Are you THAT confident that delivery trucks will NEVER stop running – for ANY reason?!)
  • 28% of the Greek Parliament is now NATIONAL SOCIALISTS (NAZI’s) – considering what happened to Greece in WWII it is AMAZING to see the RISE of what is essentially the NAZI party in Greece…will this contagion spread? 


What if there was an UNEXPECTED EVENT? Would you…

Tip: Treat the following as a “check list” of things to have “just incase”!!

  • Have enough cash on hand to last you and your family for several days? Look at what JUST HAPPENED in Cyprus! Here is an article detailing what is going on – AND – what it means to us (and as they put it – the consequences of having a communist in the White House). There is STRONG REASON to believe that Cyprus is the “tip of the iceberg” for what will spread to the rest of Europe and yes… eventually HERE. It has been MORE THAN 1 week since Cyprus’ banks CLOSED and there is SERIOUS concern over whether there will be a run on the banks – READ THE ARTICLE LINKED HERE – when they re-open. SEE UPDATE BELOW…
  • have food supplies that could last 2-4 weeks (at least) – look for the banner linking to Wise Foods on this page (right side, scroll down!)
  • fuel
  • energy (batteries, solar) – What if your cell phone or computer runs out of juice? – personally I’m still working on this one
  • water – I’ve given this some serious thought. I decided upon the Sawyer PointTwo systemIt is available from Amazon for a moderate fee. It will filter water to 0.02 microns (this gets out almost EVERYTHING) AND… will filter up to 1 million gallons. Best yet, it is very light and takes up almost NO space. It can filter virtually ANY source of water.
  • protection – ‘nuf said? Cheaper Than Dirt (.com)  or Cabelas are great suppliers of “the right stuff”
  • something to barter – anything from cigarettes to silver (I can help you connect with an honest and fair silver and gold dealer)
  • a “go bag” – ready to grab with some (all) of the above?
  • saved money – perhaps money you’ve earned by starting your own businessAsk yourself: WHY do you think I keep hammering this issue! AND…trying to steer folks AWAY from scams and ponzi schemes. Want to know more? Contact me via phone (561 676 1205) OR Skype (alan.sills) and let’s talk.

Have I overlooked something about the subject – be prepared? Got something to contribute? Use the space provided below to comment, reply, whatever…

Let me conclude with this statement: I firmly believe we are IN “uncharted waters”. The stock market bears LITTLE RESEMBLANCE to reality; the FED continues to print money like there is no tomorrow; our nation has not been this divided since… (you fill in the date); and our leadership (ha! WHAT leadership?!) in Washington (BOTH parties) is COMPLETELY OUT OF TOUCH.

Heed my words – get ready – and if nothing happens, so, you’ll have some extra cash on hand, extra food, and a good water filter for your next camping trip!

You agree? I’d love to hear from you on this!

CYPRUS UPDATE 3/28/13: “They’ve Stolen Our Money” – review these two articles. Think it can’t happen here??? If so, keep dreaming! ARE YOU PREPARED??

Read this carefully – some depositors (INCLUDING SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS) will lose 30% (or more) of the THEIR funds in THEIR accounts. HOW will they make payroll? Pay other expenses?? Here is the article:

Banks reopen – BUT – you can ONLY withdraw about $400. U.S. per day AND very little money can be removed from the country! Talk about a TRAIN WRECK – and again – WHAT IF this spreads??

GET FOOD…GET WATER FILTRATION…GET PREPARED – please read the above article and be kind – use the links provided.


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Nov 11 2012

Preparing for winter (bet you’ve never seen anything like this before!)

Preparing for Winter in an RV is quite an experience! 

I am posting this as I believe some might find it interesting – and it certainly provided a “release” for me this past week! 

It started with simple stuff like heat tape and foam insulation on the water hose. Then I outfitted the windows inside with bubble wrap that rests between the shades & the windows providing double to triple the R-factor insulation otherwise. 

The big project involved the purchase of 8 – 4 ft x 8 ft 2 inch thick insulation boards called “blue board”. They “seal” the underbody of the RV and prevent cold air from surrounding it. The idea is to make it more comfortable inside AND to use less propane. Which … thanks to a deal with Ferrell Gas, I’m purchasing for well under $2.00/gallon! (Contact me if you are traveling by RV and plan to settle somewhere cold for the winter – I will refer you to my contact and get you the same deal I got.)


The holidays are coming – Send someone special a heartfelt message today!


You can see in the photos to see exactly what I’ve done – and – Mother Nature was kind to me! You can see the boards cut to fit and held by pressure, stakes and gorilla tape!

I did all this work on 3 days where the average afternoon was 65; and now that it is done, 2 days after finishing, today temperatures remained in the low 20’s (during the day!) and tonight its going to be NEAR ZERO!! (And that is NOT zero Celsius – its zero Fahrenheit!)

You can see the job partially done in the first few photos then my work upon completion; the photos with snow on the ground were taken about 24 hours after finishing and a period of high winds (up to 40 mph) – and I’m pleased to say – my work has stood the test! 

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