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Sep 18 2013

The Federal Reserve Speaks, Gold and Silver React and…

What it all means to you and I

Allow me to begin by stating I am NOT a financial advisor, guru, or expert in ANY way. I’m just a guy who does a lot of reading, thinking, and assessing. So, with that…

I’m writing this at 4:02PM EDT (I’m in Wyoming, but I CAN do time zone adjustments!) on Sept 18, 2013. This is barely 2 hours after the Federal Reserve’s latest decision – one to continue “Quantitative Easing” which amounts to printing about $85 Billion each month “from nowhere”. They opted to do this as in their words “the economy has not performed as well as expected” (paraphrased) and they have downgraded the economic outlook for the United States for the coming months.

The Federal Reserve Releases BAD News…

And what happens? Wall street ROCKETS upward! The DOW Rose about 200 points in the last 2 hours of trading – most of that within SECONDS of the news issued at 2pm EDT today (9/18/2013).

On the surface, this seems downright silly – the Dow RISES when the Federal Reserve indicates the economy is WEAKER than they thought… but since the money they are “printing” is going into banks that will buy stocks… well you see the picture, right?

The TRUE indicator of this insanity (I believe) is the reaction of gold and silver – which are TRYING to tell us something! Gold has risen almost 70. on the news (since its low earlier today) and silver almost $2. (on a PERCENTAGE basis) – that is nearly a 10% gain in the price of silver in a matter of HOURS?! Think about it!

My video attempts to make sense of it all…

YouTube Preview Image

AND…remember this – only about 1/2% of the general population owns silver and gold now – historically about 5% have owned precious metals. WHAT do YOU think will happen when the MILLIONS in that “missing” 4.5% “wake up”?

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US Debt Limit vs. The Price of Gold

U.S. Debt Limit vs Price of Gold

Click to see larger image

Source: ZeroHedge.com

After reading an analysis by Bill Holter on Harvey Organ’s blog, I decided to include this very telling chart. Note the STRONG correlation between the price of gold and U.S. Debt Limit. As Congress has raised the debt limit, the price of gold has continued to rise. The inside vertical axis is the US Debt Limit, from about 6 trillion in 2002 to nearly 17 trillion now; the outer vertical axis is the price of gold from about $250 in 2002 to about $1800 now. 

There is a most interesting break in the pattern that began in mid-2012 – note where the debt ceiling continues to rise, and gold’s price fell. Now, again I am NO expert, financial advisor, or anything of the like, that said, here’s my take… First, some argue that the drop in gold prices was the result in MANIPULATION; and from my experience, manipulation while effective in the short term, is not going to last IF demand remains high (for gold) – do your research, most gold producers are having difficulty keeping up with the ongoing DEMAND for gold! 

Why the relationship?

As the U.S. Debt Limit is raised, we are going deeper in debt and we “print” more money. So… our dollar is being devalued (you and I see this in the form of inflation). To gain an unbiased view of inflation, search for the “Big Mac Index.” As the dollar deflates, gold will necessarily rise in response to a weaker dollar. So, to me at least, the relationship exhibited by the graph makes perfect sense.

The trend resumes…

So, if one expects the trend to resume, there are two options: 1) the debt ceiling can be reduced by about 30% (Ha! Like THAT will ever happen!!) OR 2) Gold will rise (at some point) quickly to around $1900. (and perhaps since “corrections” often over-correct) – will it rise to a significant percentage OVER $1900. before settling back??

One more thing – whatever Gold does, Silver is likely to do as well – and then some! Silver is STILL well below its historic 16:1 price ratio to Gold… so, expect silver at some point – and for some period of time to OUT-perform Gold! This is why some analysts are seeing silver as an INCREDIBLE opportunity. 

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Sep 13 2012

America Attacked and Money From Nowhere

Image Courtesy Max Keiser

Character Matters

America was attacked on 9/11 – NO not the 2001 attack, the 2012 attack. When OUR embassies and consulates are attacked, WE are attacked – it IS “soverign, American soil”

I feel like I’ve been watching a James Bond film the past 3 days. I wanted to bring you some great business news this morning, but I felt compelled to share my thoughts here. My video below says much of what is on my mind. But… consider the following

  • While all the facts are NOT yet out, it seems that our Ambassador to Libya was brutalized (and sodomized) before he was KILLED 
  • Our State Department HAD warning 48 hours in advance of what happened (AND shouldn’t security be raised on 9/11 anyway??)
  • Israel is now virtually surrounded by unstable states that want to insure their destruction, their Prime Minister wants to meet with our “leader” – and he REFUSES? (but DOES have time to meet with the muslim brotherhood (next week) AND go on Letterman??
  • we are still FUNDING and SENDING MONEY to Egypt and Libya
  • QE III was announced!!! (YAY!)…ooops, nope – as SOON as it was announced, oil jumped 3% to OVER $100/barrel, the US Dollar “crashed” against other currencies (go look at the Yahoo Finance charts comparing our dollar to the Canadian dollar – or just google it) – THIS WILL IMPACT YOUR WALLET – and it spells BIG trouble down the road in terms of INFLATION which fundamentally DESTROYS the purchase power of the dollar

I could go on and on… its clearly an evolving situation. I can tell you this, if you are NOT yet sure how you will vote, follow theblaze.com as they are airing a show at 5pm EDT today that will be highlighting the life and actions of Mitt Romney – it may very well open your eyes as to who this man REALLY is. The amazing thing? It was made by a man who was NO fan of Romney’s and he ended up with his jaw on the floor simply calling Romney “a better man than I” and saying you HAVE to see this documentary. I’m sure clips will appear after the initial airing.

So, please do 3 things – 

  • Watch the video below NOW and then stay tuned in for the latest news (I highly recommend the drudgereport.com)
  • Leave me comments – I WANT to know what you’re thinking
  • Take action (suggestions are made below the video)
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Ok, action steps:

1) Get a supply of emergency food – look for my banner to Wise Foods along the right side of this page (scroll down), I have a free shipping/discount offer

2) Convert dollars into gold and silver – not sure what steps to take? Reach out to me – 561 676 1205 or email alan@alansills.com and I will speak with you – NO I am NOT a financial advisor or expert in any way in these matters.

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