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Jul 08 2014

Automation: it IS coming… are YOU ready?

Consider this post to be a “heads up” on what IS coming…

automation and send out cards

Oh really?

This is a REAL issue and WILL impact *many* Americans.

After reviewing the video, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts (post below)

YouTube Preview Image

So… fundamentally, do you agree?

IF so, will YOU be impacted? How?


I firmly believe those who prepare and learn a new skill will THRIVE as these changes occur. For myself, I was trained as a classroom educator (science) about 35 years ago. Since then, I have learned how to use the Internet. No, not just to surf the ‘web and post on Facebook all day, but to “drive traffic” to a site (you’re here aren’t you?) and to deliver a message.

Those who master these skills will be in a unique position to provide for their families – yes, its that basic.

There WAS a day where being a steel-worker generated a hard but good living for the “bread winner” and his family. Those days are long gone.

With automation… MORE will change, and MUCH more rapidly than in previous employment “revolutions”. As mankind’s rate of knowledge increases, so too will the rate of change in many areas of our lives.

If you’re just starting out, are YOU positioned to succeed as these changes transpire?

If you’ve been around for a while – are YOU ready and WILLING to “shift gears” and take on a new role?

The Entrepreneur

America (and much of the world) offer you and I (all of us truth be told) unprecedented opportunity for independence as automation causes “systemic change”. But, human nature being what it is, most will remain stagnant and not take action. For those who do however, literally the sky is the limit.

Speaking for myself – I have decided to position myself to avail new technologies AND to grasp onto that which will NOT change.

What won’t change…

Human nature. THAT won’t change.

Combine our need for “belonging”, “acknowledgement” and to act in kindness with the facts as I have laid them out in my video – to me the path is clear. Click the Send Out Cards button below and if YOU agree, let’s talk, ok?

send out cards

Learn How To Create the PERFECT CARD – a REAL card! It’s human nature to express appreciation and act upon promptings… (click here) – AND… see how this ties in with AUTOMATION!


While you’re here, please feel free to review other parts of my site – and offer comment upon posts that you find particularly interesting.

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Jun 26 2014

Sendcere – a VERY brilliant idea…

What happens when you take a company with a service that is built upon acting upon your PROMPTINGS…acting in KINDNESS…and expressing GRATITUDE and “spice it up” with a NEW and INNOVATIVE concept in “social sharing” called SENDCERE?

Watch and discover…

YouTube Preview Image

Pinterest achieved over 70 MILLION users in a VERY short period of time! Sendcere is built very similarly to Pinterest, but you can’t send out cards from Pinterest! Could Sendcere attract millions? My bet is YES.  (click each of the images below to see full size for better viewing)

sendcere send out cards

Sendcere (in time) will contain MILLIONS of cards – organized into intuitive groupings

Whether it is a humorous card, nature card, or whatever… it will likely be there in Sendcere for YOU to use OR to gain ideas to create your own in Send Out Cards.

Do you “get” how this could truly put Send Out Cards “on the map”? This is why I’m VERY glad I’m a distributor now – just ahead of Sendcere’s release! (Sendcere is currently in beta testing and will be released in the coming weeks or months – but as Kody has said… “not until it is ready”.


In Sendcere you will be able to search out the “perfect” card, “favorite” it, and even add it to your collection – you can act on a prompting ANY time and customize the card in Send Out Cards to YOUR needs.

The Sendcere collection will be EASY to search – favorite cards or add them to your collection – and make your own notes for future reference as to how you may use them!


Create a “collection” of cards for future use – and make your own notes to remember what you’re thinking right now!

Sendcere will likely come up at the top of Google when you search “greeting cards” (or something related)… and remember, with Send Out Cards you can add a gift (fresh flowers, brownies, canvas print, custom calendar, etc…) all from the comfort of your easy chair before pressing “SEND” from your computer, tablet or smart phone!

Remember – while the process BEGINS on your laptop, when you click “SEND”, a REAL card is printed by Send Out Cards and is then sent via POSTAL MAIL anywhere on the planet – WITH or WITHOUT a gift. This makes the service POWERFUL for businesses… individuals… and ESPECIALLY TRAVELERS! (Hint to RV’ers!)


Sendcere and social media… a POWERFUL COMBINATION

Consider the potential… you create a card in your Send Out Cards account… add it to Sendcere… then share it via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more – anyone who see’s that card and wishes to use it will need a Send Out Cards account… YOU will become their enroller (as a customer) and can later point them to this page (for some VERY brief videos) to decide if profiting with Send Out Cards as a marketing distributor is “right” for your new customer!

Want more info about Send Out Cards (and Sendcere)? Click HERE to learn how to get a customer account or for those who are a bit entrepreneurial… become a marketing distributor. (AND know this – if you opt in as a marketing distributor, I will PERSONALLY work with you to reach your maximum potential!)

send out cards

Send Out Cards – Send someone a heartfelt TODAY

To see what else is NEW and exciting (hint: Splash Packs)… watch the brief video below – 

YouTube Preview Image


Splash Packs address THREE key factors when it comes to SUCCEEDING as you “work from home” (or anywhere!)

With the introduction of Splash Packs, Send Out Cards has addressed:

  1. The issue of receiving REAL value with your distributor “kit”. 
  2. Enabling YOU (the new distributor) to give away Splash Packs – and removes “selling” from the “equation”
  3. Helping the new distributor to earn their first “pay check” by simply GIVING AWAY 2 (of the 10) splash packs that came with their distributor “kit”.

Consider this – between Sendcere and splash packs… its a whole new Send Out Cards!

Want more info? Contact me! 

Call 561 676 1205 (pacific time)

OR via skype at alan.sills


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May 29 2014

Send Out Cards – an Inspired Idea that “Just Makes Sense”

Have you ever fallen for the “shiny object syndrome”? 

You know – that car with all the bells and whistles??

The new job that had just sooo many new perks??

Or the “home based business” that was a “sure thing”??

Well, I’m here to share…

I’ve been there and done that! 


I’m soooo done with it! 

I’ve been a “marketing distributor” for a company called Send Out Cards for over 3 years now and after experience after experience with the “shiny object syndrome”, I’m coming home! Yup, I feel like the “prodigal son”. 

Allow me to explain…

YouTube Preview Image

Do ya see what I see in Send Out Cards

I see “SOC” as a service where you can create the PERFECT greeting card (holidays, birthdays, business…) and do it from the COMFORT of your easy chair using your laptop or smart phone. AND…when a gift is the “way to go”… you can easily include it too! After a few keystrokes, your message is on its way to being delivered in a way that it will LIVE ON as the recipient can keep it to remember you by – or think of you from time to time. 

Frankly… an email, a text, or even a phone call *just can’t do that*

THIS is why I’m “sold” on Send Out Cards – and really have been since the day I first saw it. I can share Send Out Cards with folks with a straight face and NOT feel that I’m pushing the latest “lotion, potion, or pill” or “shiny object” upon them.

So, if my logic kinda resonates with you as well – have a closer look at Send Out Cards. I will give you two links here – 

–> Leads to company provided information and a way to enroll for the service OR profit with us – CLICK HERE

send out cards

Send Out Cards – Send someone a heartfelt message TODAY

–> Leads to a page I created that explains more and shows off the service – CLICK HERE

Oh, and stay tuned for MORE videos about Send Out Cards – why it “just makes sense” and how I can help YOU to profit as well.



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Nov 10 2013

Send Out Cards – A GREAT idea for the holidays…

When I first learned about Send Out Cards, I said to myself, “people send cards (and gifts)” – and – if there’s a way to do it from your easy-chair, personalize it in ways you just can’t do with a Hallmark card, and pay LESS than “those cards” you have to buy in a store… well, it *just made sense* to me! See my thoughts here – 

YouTube Preview Image

Click here to access Send Out Cards and try it out! 

send out cards

Click the banner and try out send out cards by actually sending a (real) card… MY TREAT.

Send Out Cards really DOES do it all – create the card, add your photos and personal message – even in a font that parallels your handwriting – and then click “send”. The result? A REAL card arrives via POSTAL mail – complete with the envelope, address info, and stamp – and YOU never left your easy chair! Cool huh?

If you’d like to see the service in greater detail, I created the following video to share more with you…

YouTube Preview Image

In closing, I truly want to wish you and yours the very best for this upcoming Christmas/Holiday season. Here in Steamboat Springs, it is truly a magical season – the arrival of cold weather and snow; lots of Christmas lights and decorations, and of course the opening of the ski mountain (coming on November 27)  – and with our recent snows (and more to come), it will truly be a GRAND opening! Some are even hoping for all trails being open on day 1… if that happens it will be a real different experience from what we had last autumn! 

On a personal note, when it comes to “home based businesses”, Send Out Cards, is virtually in a class of its own. The vast majority of home based businesses are centered in the “health and wellness” realm, offering (sometimes) questionable products at premium prices. In fact, when you represent a health and wellness company, you find yourself often “defending” whether your stuff works.

When I saw Send Out Cards and realized it was a service that people can actually use (there is NO “defending” whether the cards are “good for you”) AND Send Out Cards is the low price leader in its industry – I saw a company I could represent with confidence. If you are a business owner (of any kind), you can also use “SOC” to build your current company through increased retention and referrals – I encourage you to review this post here, which I prepared specifically YOU, the business owner.

Do you gain a sense that I *really like* this company? 

As an example

I attended a local “pre-holiday” event where I met local business owners and craftsmen who produce everything from fancy soap to honey to wreaths and home decorations. I gathered a few (about 6) cards. In the coming day or two, I plan to send each business a card – within each card, I will emphasize the IMPACT of a card and its ability to THANK their customer – thus encouraging LOYALTY and REFERRALS. 

If you like the sound of all this and wish to work with me as a company representative, contact me or click here for more information.



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May 06 2013

Mother’s Day and World War III…

No the title is not trying to tie the two together! 

First… Mother’s Day is coming (SOONER than you think!)

So folks… watch this video then click the banner below and create an account to send Mom a (REAL) CUSTOMIZED CARD and GIFT – all while you’re butt does not leave your chair! And NOT for a kings ransom either…

YouTube Preview Image

So… to get Mom a custom card and gift – click HERE then click on “ways to get started”

Mother's Day

Send Out Cards… PERFECT for Mother’s Day!

Now… about World War III…

Did you see what happened in Syria yesterday? I believe the implications are deep and far reaching. You’ll hear more from me on this very soon. Lets just say for now…if we look back upon this event in a few months, we *may* pinpoint it as the beginning of World War III. What say you?

PS – are YOU Rippln yet? Our little “group” is approaching 8000 in less than 3 weeks! Want more info? See here – – then contact me for an invite.




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