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Aug 19 2012

Story telling – averting disaster – and wisdom…

Stories, ever notice how the best story tellers always have a crowd around them? Whether its your rabbi or pastor at temple or church or a local teacher or speaker or now an online personality, those who tell stories attract visitors. Why? We all love a good story told by a good story teller. I was reminded of this fact today and I thank Harlan Kilstein for doing so.

Now, lets also talk briefly about the ‘post-Zeek’ world – many have been hurt by Zeeks closure. Not that there weren’t signs of trouble along the road…but when greed clouds judgment, well the results are often undesirable. What bothers me at the moment, is the “guru’s” are coming out to feed on the carcas’ (if its plural, is it “carci”?) – and they are offering former Zeek reps programs that are just as phony as Zeek was. I guess many will jump at them and get burned *again*.


Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing in the wake of zeek’s demise…. (image courtesy Pierre Tourigny of Flickr)

I would rather encourage you to PAUSE and REFLECT and learn – even if you were never in Zeek – do you know what to watch for? And, no it is not the obvious! I claim there are ways to protect yourself – and I will share them Tuesday evening at 9pm EDT here…  After you register, if you are brought to a page that seems to have nothing to do with our webinar coming up, thats ok; I will get notification of your signup and will send you an email directly to insure you have the right link to sign-in and attend.

ok, couple of things to remember…

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