A Special Day to Pause and Reflect…


America is a truly amazing nation. Blessed and Exceptional in MANY ways. 


I believe it is special, and yes, it goes even deeper than that.


I’m sitting here this evening (Sunday evening) as I write this, watching a documentary about WWII. Tom Brokaw described the men and women of this age as “the greatest generation”. Many from that generation gave the ultimate sacrifice for our nation during the war; and virtually all sacreficed in one way or another as we truly were a nation at war. We are now losing them at a rate of over 1000 per day (my dad was part of that generation and he went home to the Lord in November of this past year.)


Today, we again are a nation at war (and have been for much of the nearly 70 years since WWII ended). But, these more recent wars are different – while we have men and women, brave men and women, patriotic men and women fighting for a continuation of the American ideal, we here at home easily forget that these conflicts are ongoing as virtually no sacrifice is asked of us. 


Today is a day designed to pause and reflect – ever since the Civil War. Yes, some may debate over the nature or even the validity of the wars we have fought in recent decades, but only a fool would deny that evil still exists and from its founding, America has been different – and yes, special – and I for one certainly believe our ideals are worth defending against that evil.


I said America is different…and from the get go here is evidence – Did you know that when George Washington surprised the British forces (actually Hessian forces) in Trenton – in December 1775, a battle that turned the tide of the Revolutionary War, the men he attacked and captured – and then imprisoned, were offered shortly afterwards by the Continental Congress in a declaration signed by John Hancock full amnesty if they agreed to drop their agression against “the rebels” (Washington’s troops), and join the effort to build a new nation that valued freedom?


Have you ever heard of such an act? Few, if any, conquering armies were so quick to free their enemy and embrace them as friends. Interestingly, Rob Lowe’s (the actor) 5th great grandfather was one such fellow – who actually later helped in the Revolutionary War effort for OUR side! That made Rob eligible for membership in the “Sons of the American Revolution”! 


Fast forward nearly 200 years, after the evil that caused WWII was defeated and the Germans and Japanese were beaten into submission (a great way to end a war in my opinion), we turned around and provided billions in the effort to rebuild these nations. Today, Germany and Japan are close allies and trading partners with our nation.


Yes, things have become muddied in the past few decades, but that does not mean we don’t live in a truly blessed nation, or one with the best Constitution ever created by man.
So we take at least part of this day and pause – reflect – and consider those who gave the ultimate sacrefice, whether it is a young man who lived down the street and went off to Iraq or Afghanistan or a distant relative who fought in WWII, WW1 or an earlier war.


I am certainly NOT going to promote or market anything today – but – I will share based upon a recent interview, I am adding a new book to my must read list for this summer. Here is a link to a video that shares a connection between our nation and Ancient Israel.


http://www.staged.com/video?v=OlUb    <— click here to see a preview of “The Covenant”


To access the book, I have provided a link to Amazon…

In closing, tomorrow I have some very interesting and important information to share that IS business related…but, it can wait until tomorrow.


For now, go eat a hot dog, drink a beer, throw a frisbee, AND pause to reflect.


All the best,


Alan Sills

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