The Importance of Good Health – Especially Heart Health…

Isn’t it obvious? The importance of good health, that is? I guess it must NOT be obvious given how we as a nation eat and behave. 

Heart Health

Consider this – you’re born with a healthy heart (and this is considered NORMAL). But then… we (as a group in general) trade in physical activity (as was typical of earlier generations) for more sedentary pursuits. Add a touch (or a ton) of processed foods, carbonated beverages, and chemical ingredients that no one without a PhD in Chemistry can pronounce, and what do you have?

A GREAT formula for…

Cardiovascular (Heart) Disease

Over  85 million – yes OVER 85 MILLION Americans’ have some form of cardiovascular disease – go ahead, check me on that statistic! Why don’t we hear more? I can guarantee you if 85+ million had the common cold at any one time, it would make front page headlines. So, why not cardiovascular disease? After all, it is MUCH more serious than the common cold, isn’t it? 

I believe it boils down to this: cardiovascular disease is a SILENT disease in many cases UNTIL it strikes – and once it does, IF you survive the “event”, the “fun” is just beginning – a wealth of visits to a number of different specialists. Combined with a regimen of drugs, you and  your life savings are sure to be separated in short order.

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Arginine to the rescue…

I hate to place any one thing on a pedestal, but of all the preventative approaches, arginine, a semi-essential amino acid seems to be a viable answer. I trust it to the point that I take it myself DAILY. 

According to WebMD (and other sources), here is why we need arginine.

Why we need it: 
  • Wound healing
  • Helping the kidneys remove waste products from the body
  • Maintaining immune and hormone function (some use it to prevent the common cold)
  • Dilates and relaxes the arteries 
    • improves circulation (men – you’ll notice improved blood flow in one area fairly quickly – hint: poor man’s viagara!) – 
    • may even help with ED (source – WebMD) – referred to as a “prosexual nutrient” (source:
    • higher blood flow also makes vaginal tissues more sensitive – so women, you’re not left out on this benefit
    • shows promise in lowering BP (personal experience!)Used 
    • used by MD’s for Congestive Heart Failure (webmd) and Coronary Artery Disease
    • can reduce pain in legs due to peripheral artery disease (blocked arteries)
    • some diabetics report increased blood flow helps with cold hands and feet
  • Works for migranes (with ibuprofen)
  • Plays a role in muscle growth  (body builders use it), formation of tendons and bone, incr. muscle mass/reduce body fat, reduce risk of blood clots and stroke (source:

Now the reality is, your body CAN produce all the arginine you need, so why supplement it? Simple, it ONLY produces arginine when you EAT RIGHT and get ENOUGH EXERCISE… ‘nuf said?

So, without sounding like a “pitch man”, I’m going to point you to the Arginine formulation I use personallyI selected this one based upon ingredients and believe it is priced to be highly competitive with ANY other arginine produce on the market. So for me, my plan is reasonable exercise, good diet rich in natural foods including fruits and veggies, AND a daily dose of 5g of Arginine.

arginine for your heart health

My choice in Arginine supplements

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