Create STAGES and watch your business grow

I’m  a business professional. I see myself as a “buyer” in the traditional sense (the video explains this) and as a marketer. As a marketer, I want traffic, but more specifically – QUALIFIED TRAFFIC that leads to “conversions” – that is – one who becomes a customer OR a customer who also wants to learn how to build business and grow their own enterprise!

I’m open to either!

One of the things I’ve learned is the internet is still young – but it has changed. So, you have to be a bit smarter as you generate qualified traffic…OR…you may go broke on your way to becoming independently wealthy…not a desired outcome!

So…that leads me to what you’re about to see…because I’ve found something VERY affordable …and… it is working! 

Watch this video, then be sure to read what follows because I’m going to HELP YOU learn how to do what I’m doing.

YouTube Preview Image

Now…want to see some of my pages? 

Ex 1:

Ex 2: (Note on this page there is a banner to “fleabooth” – you DEFINITELY want to explore fleabooth as well!) …note: this stage uses one of my own videos

To get started with Staged (my link):

Want to learn how to use this? AND…take a detailed look “inside”? 

I’m going to conduct a webinar – it will be a TEACHING webinar. You do NOT have to have purchased a subscription to before the webinar, BUT, I encourage it. Why? I’d like you to get an account (use my link above) and then poke around the interface a bit before you come to the webinar. If you want to review this more, of course, you can come to the webinar and then sign up afterwards. To be sure you get notice of the webinar, use the optin box below to get on a list that will be notified of the date/time of the webinar.

Major topics the webinar will cover will include: 

  • How to select good videos to use in your stages
  • Where to do keyword research to help you gain qualified prospects
  • How to create banners if what you want to promote does not offer banners to you
  • Which themes in Stage are the best to use
  • And MUCH more!

Either way… those who enroll through my link will receive ONGOING support and training. In one week, I’m amazed at what has happened and I expect to see this *really* take off in the coming weeks.



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