How to create a SIMPLE, POWERFUL, and EFFECTIVE videos

Looking to earn money from home?

I’m right there with ya! In my situation, I do it from my “home on the road” as you see, I live in a luxury 5th wheel and have the opportunity to travel and see some of the most amazing places.

earn money from home

Yes, you CAN earn money from home


When it comes to success in a home based business today, video – especially powerful videos, those that communicate real “meat” are a great way to build a home based business and earn that income so many desire but don’t really know how to go about achieving.

Video can help you spread your message without having to follow the traditional (and all too often typical) strategy of “hounding” family, friends, and neighbors (until you end up in the “NFL” – watch the video linked HERE to learn what THAT is!)

A few thoughts about home based business, earn money from home programs, video marketing, and YOU

Let’s face it, YOU are THE unique aspect to any home based business or make money from home opportunity. That is, when you become a “Send Out Cards” representative, or affiliate with any network marketing company, you assume the same role that many others have before you. So, why will YOU succeed?

From my perspective, YOU need to set yourself “apart” from the pack!



AND… video is a great start!

Video is where (as I point out in this video), people begin to know, like, and trust you. In my opinion, you should also create some videos in which you also appear “on camera” to aid in this process (think about my Johnny Carson example cited in my video.)

And you know what?

To make a powerful video that produces results, you don’t need lots of special effects or high tech equipment – really!

Lets start with an overview of what is in the video posted below – within it you will observe a powerful video creation technique that does NOT require YOU to be “on camera”. Further, you’ll learn what company I have affiliated with to generate residual income that helps fund my RV Lifestyle, additionally, you will gain insights on why I selected this particular company – and a good portion of my criteria for how to look at virtually any home based business or earn money from home venture.

Here is what I used to create this video –

  1. A text writer – such as Word or Open Office Writer (free, use the link provided) to create the script
  2. A presentation tool – such as Powerpoint or Open Office Impress (this created the “slides” – again free, use the link provided)
  3. A good quality microphone – I used Sony’s bluetooth wireless mic system (Model ECM-AW3)  – it is very quiet, stable, and if I record outside, will resist wind noise. This system costs about $100., however to get started, you could use simply the mic that comes with your laptop or tablet.
  4. A video creation program called “Screencast-O-Matic” – cost $15/year for unlimited use.

Once I create the video in Screencast-O-Matic, I save it to my computer, upload it to YouTube (I also use Clipz – a service is illustrated on this page. You can learn more about Clipz HERE.)

The video, once uploaded will be “out there” for folks to view – and for those with whom it resonates to reach out to you and express their interest in doing what you’re doing – and achieving what you’re achieving. It is with this approach I became one of the top folks in a company in early 2013 and was even invited onto their advisory board to help steer the company as it navigated some troubled waters.

Ok, back to the video, and how to earn money from home

After creating the video, the next step is to get it ranked. Here is the big picture:

YOU are in a home based business and trying to earn money from home.

YOU want the entire world to get excited about the company that YOU are excited about – but your family, friends and neighbors don’t want to hear it!

BUT… there ARE people out there who want the same result as YOU. The key is this – instead of YOU seeking them out, THEY will find you IF when they do a “keyword” search (eg: make money from home), YOUR video shows up on page 1.

Top ranking is my personal goal for EVERY video I create (I set high standards!), and I am currently working on creating a formal training program where I will offer strategies (that I personally use) to rank videos. Until then, the best way to gain access to this information is to work with me as a member of my Send Out Cards team. As a team member, you’ll be able to work closely with me to learn how to create and more importantly RANK the videos you create so you find your phone ringing a few times each week with folks who ALREADY know-like-and-trust you!

Know that I’m a life-long learner. And that’s a good thing as getting videos ranked on YouTube is like following a moving target. Why YouTube? Simple – they are the #2 search engine – did you know that?!

And…once a video is ranked on YouTube, it has a good shot at appearing on a Google search as well (the #1 search engine!)

If you wish to speak with me, look for the “contact me” information at the top of this page.

If you review additional posts here on, you will find plenty of videos where I’m “on camera” and speaking to you as if we were across the table from each other at your local Starbucks. THAT is a BIG key to all of this – as I pointed out in this video.

Returning to a point I made earlier, when you’re in a home based business, you must find a way to “stand out” and stand above “the crowd” of other affiliates – especially if your goal is to NOT bother your family, friends and neighbors with your “new and great business opportunity”.

Allow me to close with these thoughts…

If you wish to work with me, learn how to market via videos (and other methods as well) instead of the traditional approaches in the “network marketing” world, then have a look here – and follow the path to “marketing distributor” to get started. You’ll become a core member of my team, privy to my private training and coaching and have direct access to me so we can help you achieve your goals and dreams as you earn money from home!

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