Mom and Pop’s RV Park

Mom and Pop’s RV Park – located in Farmington, New Mexico is a VERY cool and friendly place.

Study the slides below – really look at them…Pop created the entire scene you see in the photos. I love this travelin’ lifestyle, ’cause you NEVER know who you’re gonna meet – or – what’s around the next curve! So, after my “incident” in Moab, life led me to need to be in Albuquerque in 3 days…on the way was an unassuming town called Farmington, New Mexico… it is where I met Pop of Mom and Pop’s RV park.

For those who study the photos in the slide show below in detail, look for evidence of the scene telling a story – like the railroad being built in stages; or the old west town and whats going on at each establishment. Pop is a great story teller. He is a Korean War Vet and he is on his own now after many years with “mom”.

Pop’s park is quite basic – not in a super-scenic spot, BUT, it has what you need; its priced right (low 20’s per night if I recall) AND it is centrally located ┬áto many sites you WANT to see. Upon checkin, Pop gave me a 3 page flyer on what I needed to do while I was visiting. (Oh and Pop’s wifi is strong and solid!)

Since I was only there for 1 day (I was on my way from my incident in Moab to repairs in Albuquerque), I could only reach the Aztec Ruins (click here to see a slide show of those ruins along with some detail of what the site is all about.) The ruins – a National Monument – is literally just 15 minutes from Mom and Pop’s!

Honestly, when I departed, I swore I would return – and soon – probably when I’m on the swing back north (North??) for the winter (for the winter?!) – yup! I’m gonna do LOTS of skiing this winter coming up and I’m “on the hunt” for campgrounds that are situated in the mountains near a ski resort.


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