Proverbs 12:24

“The hand of the diligent maketh rich, but the
slothful shall be under tribute.”

in other words

Diligence is more likely to bring riches,
and laziness is more likely to bring poverty.

You may know this (we all “know” this), but do
you KNOW it? That is, have you internalized it? Is
it a part of every fiber of your being? As a side
note, I often turn to Proverbs for true (and pure)
wisdom. And…it is ALWAYS what I “need to hear”.
The key, with myself (and most folks), is do we
ACT on the wise counsel we receive?

Take the next two minutes and take stock

How much time do you spend (wasting time)
watching TV? Doing other things that are

Avoiding doing the real work of work? eg:
rearranging the paper clips, pencils and whatever
else on your desk instead of doing the kind of
work you need to do to build your business.

If you’re not sure of what to do – or what steps
to take that are concrete, head over to my blog
(address is below) and sign up for my (free)
“ultimate video training” series. There are 9
*very brief* videos prepared for you, along with
some thoughts on each page where the video appears
– each is designed to help you get into “action

The reality is, if you are “centered”, focused on
building your business, spend some time each day
in contemplation; some time learning something
new; some time taking concrete steps towards
building your business…I maintain that success
is inevitable
. All it requires then is patience!

Just keep planting seeds…something will grow…I
know, I’ve seen it over and over.

I’ll close with this – the greatest mistake
budding entrepreneurs make is they give up TOO
DARN FAST! Don’t be one of THEM!

Like this? Hey, I welcome your thoughts… and
give me some feedback.

All the best,

Alan Sills

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