September 12: A Day to Come Together

Yesterday was a day of remembrance… did you?



Did you take a moment to reflect upon where you were and what 9/11 meant? September 12 was a day to come together. I recall 9/12/01, I drove to Sandy Hook in New Jersey. It was a day off from school (I was a classroom teacher in Paterson, NJ at the time). I drove to the tip of Sandy Hook, which is actually within a few miles of the southern tip of Manhattan. It was a breezy, chilly day (especially for early September.) I saw the plume of smoke where the towers stood until the previous morning and watched it blow out towards the ocean. The towers had been a prominent feature easily viewed in the past from this spot. I thought about the brave men and women who were busy at “ground zero” hoping against hope to save as many as they could. Many of these dedicated servants are now suffering from debilitating diseases including cancer as a result of exposure to God knows what in all that rubble. 

Incidentally, I later learned that part of the reason school was called in Paterson for 9/12 was due to the palestinians celebrating. Disgusting.

For the rest of us, 9/12 was a day to pick up the pieces, start treating each other with respect, care and love. Heck, in NJ, people were even courteous on the highways! (That didn’t last long.) 

Ten years later, for me at least, the wound is still raw, but I am determined to see our nation (and world) move forward in a sustainable way. That is why from time to time you’ll hear me remark about current events – on my blog or on facebook. 

I want to close this brief note by saying “join me” – connect with me here on my blog  and or my  facebook page. And…if you are so moved, send someone a heartfelt message today.

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