Shootin’ and Fishin’ and thoughts about “earn money from home”

The rain finally ended. I didn’t think it was possible to see 4 days of heavy rain in Wyoming! It actually gave me a chance to see if I have any leaks – and I’m pleased to say, my “5er” is holding up with only one small puddle in a storage bay – and I know exactly how water got in there! (Don’t miss my photos below sharing the best of the past couple of weeks – and my comments below the slide show)

 Shootin and fishin…

And… when the rain ended, I got out and went to a “locals spot” to reacquaint myself with my shotgun – still trying to figure out how to load multiple rounds in it! I have a remington 870 ‘tactical’ and I’m enjoying getting to know it.
And then to another “locals spot” to do some fishin’ – this is about my 5th attempt, and I have YET to catch a fish! Dunno what I’m doing wrong, but I have a feeling it will require a visit to an anglers shop and talk with a real fisherman to get some tips!
The region – this is the Star Valley – a number of lightly populated towns in a deep valley. The salt river runs through it – and as I mentioned above, I continue to have no luck catching anything.

About Videos and “Earn Money From Home” (a new keyword I’m striving to rank for)

While I have been enjoying the outdoors when the weather permits, I have also been working on my videos and keywords. 
Do me a favor, have a look at this brief video, and then let me know what you think of my “presentation video”…
YouTube Preview Image
Want to learn more about my “video strategy” and ranking videos? Contact me! (See contact link above)

A few inspiring photos…

The past couple of weeks of travel…

Ashton, Id – a small town North of Idaho Falls. The Jolly Camper RV (accepts passport america) is a good park to make “home base”. Inexpensive, clean, and conveniently located to provide easy access to town (has a pizza shop and mexican food – both good; also a root beer drive-in – authentic!) and points North (Yellowstone and Henry’s Lake State Park) – and Montana.

Victor, Id – in the “Teton Valley” – next to Driggs (has many good restaurants and a great grocery store); a few miles west of Grand Targhee (potentially the BEST skiing conditions in the entire nation) There is ONE RV Park (Teton Valley) – the sites are *tight* and they are priced knowing they are the ONLY RV park in the entire valley! Also home to the Brakeman – see photo.

Alpine, Wy – the site of my ‘shootin and ‘fishin… and 3 good coffee shops/breakfast eateries. Each has its own unique atmosphere and qualities. A good grocery story, a few other unique retail establishments, and a pizza place that makes a VERY good tuna sub (surprising!) Gotta check out “Cowboyz Bistro” (on North side of the road) – GREAT breakfast and coffee!

Learn more about my RV travel HERE


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  1. Thanks for sharing Al – very cool !

  2. Don and Carol Brier says:

    Definitely God’s country, right?

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