Yes, there is a place called TINKERTOWN! But, no it is not a town.

Tinkertown is the result of a man’s life work. And it is an experience to visit and see it.

tinkertown, cedar crest, nm

The best part of being a traveler is the people I meet and the places I find. Yes, the places I find -- while I do plan my route and the RV park I’m going to stay at, I rarely study an area in advance to see “what to do and where to visit”. Why? I am often pleasantly surprised at what I find!

Basically, it is a side benefit of the lifestyle. And that is where Tinkertown fits in…

Ross Ward, a very creative individual created this over the course of his years. Now departed, taken early by early onset Alzheimers, Ward’s wife continues to operate this “museum” -- this year is its 29th year of continuous operation!

Truly a “build it and they will come” story, you have to see what Ross Ward created…and THAT is why I made this video. I take you on a walk-through of his exhibits. I know the video is 32 minutes, and if time is a factor, watch the first 4 or 5 minutes then jump to 18:25 -- trust me, it will be worth it.

As you watch the segment that begins at 18:25, do yourself a favor… allow yourself to DREAM -- and consider what *might* be! After you see it, you’ll see why this particular segment resonated with me!

IF the video does not play… click HERE and a new window will open -- you’ll be on youtube and it WILL play there! (Don’t know why this is acting up!)

Tinkertown is also a testimonial to entrepreneurship and to thinking outside of the box. THAT has been a big factor in the choices I’ve made in recent years. I am now entering my 7th year without a “J.O.B.” So, when I see someone who is forging their own way -- I’m impressed. Plus, I’m fascinated by memorabilia -- and in the video you’ll see lots of “old stuff” -- both real (tools and more) and depictions that date from a century or more ago!

Just to share a little more, I’m truly enjoying this part of New Mexico. If you ever visit… I highly recommend the Hidden Valley RV Resort in Tijeras. Additionally, the people who own and operateCoffee at Dawnare very friendly, run a great place with great coffee, and there is often intelligent and spirited discussion! Hidden Valley RV is located just off I-40 about 15 minutes east of Albuquerque (be sure to watch my video on the facebook page I linked you to for them!) and Coffee at Dawn is on the Turquoise Trail (NM 14, or the OLD old Rt 66 -- pre-1937) that runs to Santa Fe -- about 50 miles north.)

Anyway -- this is one of those “hey Al, what do you do when you’re on the road posts”… I’ve got more to share that is business related but it can wait till a bit later.

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