Sep 15 2014

Navigating Troubled Waters – Part 2 – Time for Preparation?

If you have not yet read part 1, please do so now before proceeding. Then as you review this post, take your time, there is alot here – it took me time to compile it and I believe it is worthy of your valuable time.

Are we witnessing the collapse of the US economy?

Time for Preparation?

Allow me to begin with this thought –  Things are changing…rapidly. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I’m only a guy who looks at our nation, and frankly sees how we got here – I am not one who is saying “what the hell happened?” Most folks now see how much is going on even in the “mainstream media”. So, as I see it, the key is to be prepared (funny how that is the boy scouts motto!) and as I see it here is how…

First – a word from Dr. Ron Paul – 

Dr. Paul is a man whom I agree with on 90% of his positions – especially as they pertain to the U.S. economy and what is happening in our nation. 

It’s Going to get Much, Much Worse

YouTube Preview Image

You can’t eat silver or gold

Yes, that statement is quite true, and while I AM going to recommend some resources to be purchased BEFORE you buy silver and gold, I want you to remember this: Silver and Gold have had and continue to have value SINCE ANCIENT TIMES. I see no reason to believe that in 2013, that will change! In fact, looking at human behavior today, are we really that different from our most distant grand parents who lived hundreds or even thousands of years ago?

What do I need before considering silver and gold? 

In short – think of the essentials, or as a friend once said to me, when it comes to preparation… “the 3 B’s“: beans, bullets and band-aids!

At a minimum, ask yourself these tough questions:

If shipments of supplies break down how many days (weeks/months) will I (and my family) last with the food we have on hand?

I’m going to recommend Wise Foods to you. Personally, I have several months of food reserves with me. Their food is packaged into meals that serve 2-4 people…and the packages are designed to last 25 years. By using my banner below, you’ll save a few bucks and get free shipping. 


If our water supply is threatened, how will we get potable water?

I thought about this one – my first idea was to carry (remember I’m a full time RV’er) bottled water…but then I realized the space and weight involved. Instead, I opted for a water filter. One that I recommend is the Sawyer featured below. Why? Well, first it will filter almost *everything* from virtually *any* water source. AND… the filter (which CAN be replaced) will filter 1,000,000 gallons of water! (I am also working on sharing a less portable solution – look for an update to this page soon.)



Am I prepared to protect myself and my family?

Personally, I recommend “” or “Cabellas” – ‘nuf said?

What skills do I have (and bring to the table to be of value to others)?

Think about how to make yourself more valuable and useful to others. Ask yourself, what would happen if you were unable to travel from where you are now. Do you know your neighbors? Have you considered what each of you can do to help each other get through a crisis? While things are tranquil, wouldn’t it make sense to at least talk about these matters? 

Before I get to silver and gold… I fully realize most folks have VERY little savings – so, here are my thoughts on that…

I learned years ago that having a “job” is really being “just over broke” And… in my years, I have seen businesses fail that were once thought to be “fail proof”. What would happen if… Further, Brian Mudd shared some alarming stats the other day. In his daily research report (called his “cheat sheet”), Brian uncovered a Yahoo finance report that shows while we are earning 30% more than 10 years ago, hospitalization costs 85% more, fuel 108% more and heating oil 145% more in that same time period. Get my point? 

Oh, and if you think your pension is safe, listen to the audio recordings I have linked in the silver and gold section below.

So, what is the solution?

The short answer is ASSETS – preserve what you have and create new assets. It is in that light, I want you to consider the “home based business world”. Now… before you run screaming for the exits… yes, I know its a mine-field and many things you hear of are outright scams – but NOT ALL. Part of the value I bring to the table at this time is a keen sense of what is and what is not.

I’ve found a few. Presently, I’m generating residual, leveraged income with a company, not because of the compensation plan or fancy marketing schemes – AT ALL. Instead, I see myself more as a “company rep” as I believe in their product – period. If you want to learn more about a “home based business” that I feel is VERY unique and different from the rest – click HERE.

So what about Silver and Gold?

OH BOY… what a hot topic! Why would I say this when only about 1% of the American public own silver and gold (SOURCE)? In fact, this same article, refers to silver as a “ticking time bomb.” One reason I agree with the author of this article is the fact that the national cookie jar is NOT infinite. According to this report, the number of people living on government support (and I’m NOT talking about social security or medicare) is at an all time high – and is MUCH higher than just a few decades ago. As one very sharp individual recently said, you can’t spend $1 trillion MORE each year than you take in and not expect something bad to happen.

I should also point out that demand for gold and silver bullion CONTINUES to exceed or nearly exceed our ability to mine and produce these precious metals. Ask yourself… what will happen when more Americans “wake up” and decide having some bullion is a good idea? Personally, I am a big believer in supply and demand (especially in the long term).

Recently I listened to a few powerful and brief audio presentations. You can hear from:  Bill Fleckenstein    Eric Sprott     Gerald Celente   (I will leave it to you to Google who these men are and why their opinions are worth listening to.) If you do not have the time to hear them, here is the “executive summary”… in short, we are in trouble!

Quantitative Easing (QE) – the strategy by the FED and other national banks (for example, Japan) has only served to prop up the stock markets – and cracks are showing up even there. (There has recently been an increase in “volatility” and that often precludes a “change in direction” (remember – the markets have nearly gone straight up for about 18 months now. In short, paper assets are NOT to be trusted. I’m going to recommend physical gold, and based upon Mike Maloney’s recent warning about COUNTERFEIT silver and gold permeating the market, I suggest you take care as to whom you purchase it from. I use a trusted individual at Monex and would be glad to refer you to him on a personal basis. Contact me and I’ll get you his information. (You can look into who Monex is – they are one of the largest and most trusted bullion dealers you’ll ever find.)

In closing, I am posting this to advise you, my reader of what I believe is coming – and when it comes to preparation, some things to consider (and i’m sure not an exhaustive list). I assure you I am not prescient, nor am I a doomsdayer. In fact, I believe in our nation and know we will survive – but – being prepared – and considering where you live or if you are able to relocate “on the fly” just simply makes sense. Got thoughts to add? Liked/ didn’t like what I’ve shared? Use the space below to offer up your thoughts – I welcome them!

Note: I wrote this originally about a year ago (in 2013), I have since updated it – but – consider this: have things* improved or deteriorated?

*The economy, world stability, general feeling of “ease”

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Aug 29 2014

The 5000 Year Leap: Revisiting Americas Founders and OUR Constitution

Let’s revisit The American Founders AND the Constitution they wrote “way back when”

First… I felt COMPELLED to do this. There was this “little voice” that kept saying “do it”… so I did. 

I believe it is time the generation I was born into, a generation that has truly never known “want”, a generation who’s poorest among us still have MORE than most residents of the rest of the world to learn more about our national roots – what exactly did the founders do that impacts us through this day?

What were THEIR principles? AND do these principles still apply today?

Is it even worth knowing and thinking about our Founders and the Constitution they created?

Speaking for myself, I have always had a burning curiosity about who the American Founders were and why they opted to “take on” the worlds greatest military force of its day. I remember learning in school some simpleminded explanation of how the colonies defeated the British. I don’t know about you, but I always thought there was “more to the story“.

In this video essay, I share key passages from “The 5000 Year Leap”, a book written (way back) in 1981 by W. Cleon Skowsen, a man born near the beginning of the 20th Century who lived to see many changes in his life and was fortunate to see the first years of the 21st Century.

After viewing the video, I truly welcome your thoughts and insights. I am even willing to remake the video if you feel I did not do the book or its message justice. You can leave a reply below. Know that there are more videos to come on this topic – it truly WILL be a video series. I offer these thoughts as I travel the nation as a “Full Time RV’er” – a lifestyle I truly enjoy and highly recommend.

YouTube Preview Image


Want a copy of the 5000 Year Leap or The Covenant? Click on the images below to order from Amazon

As we begin to look at the 28 principles our nation was built upon, I encourage you to consider whether these principles still apply today. AND if they do, are we living up to them? Future videos coming in this series will look at these principles – and as I did in the above video, I will share the principles in the Founders own words and then offer my own commentary. As is the case with this post, I welcome your thoughts and feedback. Please use the “reply” section below

5000 year leap

The 5000 Year Leap (click to purchase a copy)

A word about Arginine Infusion… you can learn more HERE. (Remember – heart disease IS a big deal!)

arginine nitric oxide

Arginine Infusion – For Your Heart (and more)




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Aug 05 2014

YouTube and the Paradigm Shift in Advertising Any Business – Especially “Work From Home”

What do North Carolina, Texas, and Costa Rica have in common?

Stumped? Well, it isn’t a fair question!


Because only I can know!

You see, these are where calls came in from over the past few days – calls expressing interest in Send Out Cards. Calls that were made after these folks viewed videos I created and posted on YouTube.

Think about that for a moment. Most directly, what did it cost me to post those videos?


Now of course, there was some prior investment of time and money in learning how to post AND rank the videos.


Yes. Everyone knows the #1 Search Engine is GOOGLE, but did you know that YouTube is #2?!

Yep. Create a video with a CLEAR, CONCISE message and a “call to action” (like giving your phone number and inviting the viewer to contact you) AND getting it ranked on Page 1 of the results for your chosen keyword, and you are well on your way to success in business (or at least in getting your message out and seen by many.)

This is why I received calls from those most disparate locations over the past few days.

There is a bit of an ART to ranking YouTube videos and I will not pretend to be an absolute guru, however, I am getting quite good at it and I will be developing some materials to help you do the same. In recent weeks, I have 4 videos ranking on page 1 for various keyword terms.

Here is an example – and consider the potential of this for anyone who wishes to work from home. This video was posted less than 24 hours ago (as of when I’m writing this). My latest check (on Aug 5, 2014) shows it is at the top of page 3 on I want this video on page 1 for my chosen keyword and am actively working towards achieving that goal.

YouTube Preview Image

YOU can help! If you click the video and view it in YouTube (click the YouTube logo in the lower right to open the video in YouTube), you can “thumbs up” the video (if you like it) and leave a comment. This social interaction is one of the metrics used by Google/YouTube to determine who gets the coveted #1 position on page 1.

As you view the video, note the title and look at the description. These provide clues as to the keyword I’m trying to rank for AND how to go about achieving that goal. Know however, what you see under my video is only part of the story for what is required to land on page 1 of the YouTube results for most keywords.

Think about it… this really is a PARADIGM SHIFT – especially in the work from home realm!

Years ago, to gain exposure for your business or message, you had to purchase space in a newspaper, or on air via radio or TV. And… this was (and is) expensive. With Google and YouTube, IF you can get a high ranking for a video or post, then you’re getting lots of exposure for FREE. And if you were in the work from home world, it could mean endless networking through family – friends – and neighbors, and certainly THEY tired of it even if YOU didn’t!

When it comes to ranking videos…

The “magic formula” has to be one-part great service, product or concept; one-part effective communication; one-part great YouTube and/or Google ranking.

That “formula” can only lead to success – and probably much more than you are expecting!

A Note About “Keywords”

A keyword is a word or short phrase that people type into Google or YouTube and then in turn, Google tries to provide the most relevant results for that keyword. For example, “business” is a keyword, but it is a very generic keyword. “Home based business” is also a keyword, and is considerably more directed. “How to succeed in a home based business” is a very directed keyword.

To know which keywords to seek ranking for, one must use a tool (and I can suggest one HERE for the interested reader) that allows you to assess the popularity (number of searches) for a keyword and the competition (number of other folks trying to rank for that keyword). Armed with that information, you can then determine which keywords are best to try to rank for in light of what you’re marketing or the message you wish to deliver.

Google and YouTube have risen to the heights they have achieved online (as the top 2 search engines) as they are VERY good at giving the “searcher” who is entering a search term (keyword) into the search box the ideal results that they are looking for. As a content creator, your goal is to meet the needs of that searcher and get Google and YouTube to recognize that you deserve to be in the #1 slot on page 1!

All of this is great news for those who wish to “work from home” – or in my case “work on the road” as a full time RV’er. The day truly HAS arrived where you can earn a living from the keyboard of your laptop while working deep in the woods – which is precisely what I am doing at this very moment – enjoying the peace and tranquility around me, in the still very comfortable mid-morning temperatures.

work from home

Not a bad spot, eh?

If you felt you derived value from this information, please do leave a comment below.

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Jul 08 2014

Automation: it IS coming… are YOU ready?

Consider this post to be a “heads up” on what IS coming…

automation and send out cards

Oh really?

This is a REAL issue and WILL impact *many* Americans.

After reviewing the video, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts (post below)

YouTube Preview Image

So… fundamentally, do you agree?

IF so, will YOU be impacted? How?


I firmly believe those who prepare and learn a new skill will THRIVE as these changes occur. For myself, I was trained as a classroom educator (science) about 35 years ago. Since then, I have learned how to use the Internet. No, not just to surf the ‘web and post on Facebook all day, but to “drive traffic” to a site (you’re here aren’t you?) and to deliver a message.

Those who master these skills will be in a unique position to provide for their families – yes, its that basic.

There WAS a day where being a steel-worker generated a hard but good living for the “bread winner” and his family. Those days are long gone.

With automation… MORE will change, and MUCH more rapidly than in previous employment “revolutions”. As mankind’s rate of knowledge increases, so too will the rate of change in many areas of our lives.

If you’re just starting out, are YOU positioned to succeed as these changes transpire?

If you’ve been around for a while – are YOU ready and WILLING to “shift gears” and take on a new role?

The Entrepreneur

America (and much of the world) offer you and I (all of us truth be told) unprecedented opportunity for independence as automation causes “systemic change”. But, human nature being what it is, most will remain stagnant and not take action. For those who do however, literally the sky is the limit.

Speaking for myself – I have decided to position myself to avail new technologies AND to grasp onto that which will NOT change.

What won’t change…

Human nature. THAT won’t change.

Combine our need for “belonging”, “acknowledgement” and to act in kindness with the facts as I have laid them out in my video – to me the path is clear. Click the Send Out Cards button below and if YOU agree, let’s talk, ok?

send out cards

Learn How To Create the PERFECT CARD – a REAL card! It’s human nature to express appreciation and act upon promptings… (click here) – AND… see how this ties in with AUTOMATION!


While you’re here, please feel free to review other parts of my site – and offer comment upon posts that you find particularly interesting.

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Jun 26 2014

Ben Carson and the Parable of the Talents

Ben Carson is a good man. 


He has an incredible story to tell. In my brief video I share a piece from his book

ben carson

Click Image to order book from Amazon

America the Beautiful


on “The Parable of the Talents” and what it means to each of us in these times of great uncertainty. 

YouTube Preview Image


As I see it, Dr. Carson is sharing we are called not to “sit on” our talents and resources… but to utilize them and have them multiply – for each of us and inevitably for others. Consider how many folks have been employed as a result of a great business idea; or how great success often leads to great philanthropy… something we certainly need more of as many are frankly suffering. 

Consider the message of the Parable of the Talents… and then check out “Sendcere” – there IS (In my humble opinion) an unprecedented opportunity for YOU to use your talents to fulfill the (frankly) biblical goal of multiplying them – and do so in a way that enriches others by acting upon promptings to express gratitude and kindness.


Sendcere … A VERY brilliant idea – and a new social media platform. (click to learn more)



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