Sep 13 2012

America Attacked and Money From Nowhere

Image Courtesy Max Keiser

Character Matters

America was attacked on 9/11 – NO not the 2001 attack, the 2012 attack. When OUR embassies and consulates are attacked, WE are attacked – it IS “soverign, American soil”

I feel like I’ve been watching a James Bond film the past 3 days. I wanted to bring you some great business news this morning, but I felt compelled to share my thoughts here. My video below says much of what is on my mind. But… consider the following

  • While all the facts are NOT yet out, it seems that our Ambassador to Libya was brutalized (and sodomized) before he was KILLED 
  • Our State Department HAD warning 48 hours in advance of what happened (AND shouldn’t security be raised on 9/11 anyway??)
  • Israel is now virtually surrounded by unstable states that want to insure their destruction, their Prime Minister wants to meet with our “leader” – and he REFUSES? (but DOES have time to meet with the muslim brotherhood (next week) AND go on Letterman??
  • we are still FUNDING and SENDING MONEY to Egypt and Libya
  • QE III was announced!!! (YAY!)…ooops, nope – as SOON as it was announced, oil jumped 3% to OVER $100/barrel, the US Dollar “crashed” against other currencies (go look at the Yahoo Finance charts comparing our dollar to the Canadian dollar – or just google it) – THIS WILL IMPACT YOUR WALLET – and it spells BIG trouble down the road in terms of INFLATION which fundamentally DESTROYS the purchase power of the dollar

I could go on and on… its clearly an evolving situation. I can tell you this, if you are NOT yet sure how you will vote, follow as they are airing a show at 5pm EDT today that will be highlighting the life and actions of Mitt Romney – it may very well open your eyes as to who this man REALLY is. The amazing thing? It was made by a man who was NO fan of Romney’s and he ended up with his jaw on the floor simply calling Romney “a better man than I” and saying you HAVE to see this documentary. I’m sure clips will appear after the initial airing.

So, please do 3 things – 

  • Watch the video below NOW and then stay tuned in for the latest news (I highly recommend the
  • Leave me comments – I WANT to know what you’re thinking
  • Take action (suggestions are made below the video)
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Ok, action steps:

1) Get a supply of emergency food – look for my banner to Wise Foods along the right side of this page (scroll down), I have a free shipping/discount offer

2) Convert dollars into gold and silver – not sure what steps to take? Reach out to me – 561 676 1205 or email and I will speak with you – NO I am NOT a financial advisor or expert in any way in these matters.

3) Find a way to generate additional cash – again – reach out to me and lets talk. A couple of possibilities are posted below – click on the banners for more info.


send out cards

“Send Out Cards is doing the SAME THING to Hallmark that Netflix did to BlockBuster”

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Want more? I decided to add some additional thoughts and a bit more depth here…

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Sep 11 2012

Sept 11

Thoughts about Sept 11 and more…

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Give me some feedback if you’re moved to do so.


9/11 Never Forget

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Sep 07 2012

Making Powerful and Compelling Videos – a few tips

Making compelling videos will

  • grow your credibility to your viewers
  • help you grow a following that WANTS to hear from you
  • help you to grow your business
I prepared this video to give you a few tips and tricks that will help you to get started or to improve your videos…
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Sep 04 2012

This is as much about health as marketing…


network marketing scams

True Success vs. Network Marketing Scams

So the video I want you to see is over here – BUT FIRST – read this…

When it comes to INTEGRITY or SALESI will take INTEGRITY EVERY TIME.

How about you? 

What am I talking about? Well… let me start here – I am “growing” a Heart Disease Risk blog. No, I am not a cardiologist, or anything like that. But, I *do* have a background in science AND I can read, interpret, summarize, and add value to emerging research – which IS the nature of most of my posts on

Recently, I curated a post about “GMO’s” – genetically modified foods. The bottom line? They are BAD for you (and me). Further, they are in virtually EVERY diet powder, meal replacement drink (which are a FAVORITE of the MLM (network marketing) world now. 

—-OK… stop reading… click HERE (a new tab or window will open) and visit my heart disease risk post, watch the video, THEN come back here.. to continue —

Why? The “professionals” (those who run MLM’s) KNOW that we are becoming increasingly obese – so what do they do? They formulate a “quick fix” (which does NOT work for many ANYWAY.) Meanwhile some great looking guy or girl in their late 20’s or early 30’s peddles this “crap” to the masses and they (literally) eat it up. And I ask, “but at what cost?” Not just in terms of dollars, even more so in terms of long term health risk from things like “soy protein isolate” and “canola oil” (when I learned more about them here, I will most certainly stay away from ever ingesting them if I can avoid it

Now I clearly know when you watch my video posted here, it will clearly upset some folks – particularly those who are cashing in on “the almighty cash cow.” Some, those with integrity, will reevaluate their marketing of these products and find something else to market. There ARE several (well at least a few) MLM’s that do offer real products and services that ARE worth the money they charge; DO offer the “rep” a chance to earn residual income (and yes, leverage); and DO NOT harm the consumer (as I claim these GMO laden products can and DO do harm.)

And…yes, in my video on my heartdiseaserisk page, I DO name names. You can see exactly who I am talking about – and if you are a “rep” for one of these companies, I encourage you to DO YOUR OWN research. Find out what is really in these products you’re promoting and profiting from. 

For me, I will only “peddle” and profit from products and services that I believe to my CORE are safe, legitimate, and of high value. 

And while I’m on the topic of MLM’s that make NO sense at all, especially since I just got “pitched” on one of ’em AGAIN. Please do some research and thinking when presented with a “shiny new idea” – there are people out there peddling over priced coins (paying over $100 for a coin with $30 worth of silver in it), over priced phone services (including a new one for $49/month) and more… please folks – think before you pull out your hard earned money to “join” something “new and shiny”.

Want to know which MLM’s I’m with? Look towards the top of this page and look for my links to “cardio” and “promptings” – I bet you’ll see true value; feel free to contact me and ask me more about why my convictions are so strong about these two companies.

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Sep 01 2012

Back on the road (again)… Some Labor Day thoughts (and much more) –

Greetings from Floydada, Texas! (and…no, I didn’t name the place!!)

I arrived here yesterday, and have now traveled over 300 miles from my latest “home” – Denton, Texas.

My video – and you gotta see this one – shares quite a bit from my journey – about Americans. Including the fine folks I met and virtually lived with at McClains RV in Corinth/Denton, Texas for much of August. I can’t believe I spent – and survived – the month of August in the Dallas Metroplex!! But, I will share this…  Texans as a “breed” are top flight! I have thoroughly enjoyed the contacts and friendships I’ve built and know that I will be in touch with several folks from here for probably the rest of my life. Oh, and by the way, this morning was the first “hint” of autumn – it was about 60 at sunrise… of course now (at 11am, its HOT) and heading to about 97 by late afternoon!

More thoughts below…but – hey, watch the video now, ok?

YouTube Preview Image

So, you see where I’m coming from? Like my views or not, hopefully you respect them. I’d welcome hearing yours – use the comment space below.

I have much coming soon on business, the online industry in general and much more. You should know that my “blog curation project” continues to move forward. Have you been to You may just find some bit of info that will save your life!

heart disease risk info

My plans from here include revisiting Canyon, Texas – and perhaps this time dropping into Palo Duro Canyon. Last time, in early July it was just *too darn hot*! Now, it looks like temperatures will “stay” in the 90’s instead of near 110! As I travel, I’ve made friends, and my visit to Canyon is in part for that reason, as is my return to Albuquerque later this month. Then… its onto the mountains – but where?? Not sure yet! And that … is part of the fun!

So, have a great labor day weekend… look for some business posts coming out soon – and perhaps even a political statement here.

Feel free to “friend” me on Facebook at

AND… if you own a business, you should check out – and “friend me” once you’re there!

UPDATE!!! Just posting this on 9/2/12 – I got motivated to take a walk through “Downtown Floydada, Texas” – you HAVE to see this and let me know what you think of my observations, quips, and thoughts as I take my walk…

YouTube Preview Image

So, do you agree? What do you think of my points raised in the video? 

Oh, and in case you were thinking that Floydada is the way it is because of Walmart or something – there is NO walmart within at least 25 miles of here. There is no “edge of town” where a mall was built that “stole” all the business from downtown.

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