Jun 06 2012

A visit to Bozo’s Rt. 66 Museum in Santa Rosa, New Mexico…

Yes, his REAL name is Bozo – but he is NO Bozo! He runs a garage in a neat Rt 66 town called Santa Rosa, New Mexico.

I love days like this as it lets me get to know some new folks and share their passion as well as my own. They built this museum out of their own life’s passion; I share this out of mine – and out of a lifestyle I now love as I travel the USA in my (no, not Chevrolet)…my Crossroads RV!

Watch this video then be sure to check out the slide show below… (read the captions below each image to get some info)

 YouTube Preview Image

 Enjoy the slide show.. (read the captions under each photo to see what it is)

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Jun 05 2012

Get rich quick…OR…Have a Plan?

Applying sound business principles is this even a point to be debated? 

Most solid, grounded business folks would say “heck no” – sound business principles and business plans will ALWAYS produce more stable and lasting results than a “get rich quick” scheme!

So, why do so many folks fall for these “get rich quick” deals? 

C’mon, you KNOW the answer! Remember the “7 deadly sins”? Isn’t GREED one of ’em?

Well…thats NOT me. 

“Principle before Profit”

Put simply – its gotta do what it says it does – both the services & products I take on to promote AND the marketing strategies I employ. 

Watch this video to get the whole picture… (then explore the info I have linked below the video)

YouTube Preview Image

To gain access to the information I promised to link to in the video –

Learn to make your own stages and build your business through them  <— click here

Learn what Blog Curation is all about and gain access to the BEST mentor I’ve found that teaches it  <— click here

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Jun 04 2012

“The jobs report is in, and it’s an unmitigated disaster”


The above quote is from Charles Payne of wstreet.com


Allow me to share a few additional thoughts from Charles (whom I have personally met) – and agree with about 99.9% of the time.


Now that a weekend has gone by, I’m going to reflect upon the jobs report.


The “headline” number was 8.2%


Now, in an election year, and given how the unemployment rate is calculated, getting it to rise at this time is a REAL DANGER sign.


Why do I make such a definitive statement? Simple – more and more folks are “dropping out” of the job pool (at least as the government calculates it). When someone loses their job and runs out of unemployment – as far as the government is concerned, they do not exist!


For those who are familiar with statistics, you can see how the unemployment “rate” can go DOWN even if the “unemployment picture” is NOT improving. So, for the rate to go UP, when less than 70,000 jobs were “created”, the unemployment picture is truly dismal.


I’m writing today from Santa Rosa, New Mexico. A hot, dusty desert town in eastern New Mexico. I went for a bicycle ride at sunrise, it felt good, but now at 8am, its already getting hot! Fortunately, there is a lake in town to cool off at!


Why do I mention Santa Rosa? Well, other than the “human interest” aspect, I want to share the condition of “Main Street”. This is a town right along Rt. 66 (The Mother R0ad). There was actually growth here in the 1930’s! Times were really good during the height of Rt. 66’s travel in the 50’s and even when I-40 opened in 1972, the town survived as many got off the exit to eat, shop and stay.


But today…businesses that survived the end of the Rt. 66 era and even the 70’s recession are closed. Large parts of this town are just shuttered…and Santa Rosa is not alone – the problem is everywhere – how are people going to work and support their families?


Charles Payne, who on Friday tweeted this…


“Disaster,” today’s jobs report probably the epitaph for the Obama administration-flaccid jobs growth for the most amazing economy in world.”


Also shared a chart that made me shudder…





Using this chart, I’d like to focus in on men and note two interesting trends:


Look at men aged 55+ and note that the “participation rate” (those who are in the workforce) has RISEN from about 40 to 46% in the past 20 years. My interpretation: Fewer boomers are retiring AND they have the skills and drive to go get a job. Have you seen the number of older people doing minimum wage work lately?


Now look at young men… age 16-24 – and this scares meTheir participation rate has dropped from 73 to 56% in the past 20 years. Put another way, in 1989, 27% of these young men were “terminally unemployed” – that is, not working and not looking for work. Twenty years later, that figure has GROWN from 27 to nearly 44%!


Look at Egypt and other nations where REVOLUTIONS have occurred…wasn’t it hoards of terminally unemployed young men whose hopes and dreams were shattered that were at the core of all the protesting and violence? (I want to emphasize…these thoughts are MINE; Charles did NOT say this in his post…so if you disagree with my premise, don’t blame him!)


This data signals me as a warning sign. Do YOU agree? Give me some feedback! (post below; share; like, etc…) AND, if you are saying “Al, what can I do?” Allow me to suggest this…


You know how airlines always tell you to put the oxygen mask on yourself FIRST before your kid? Know why they do that? You can’t help your kid if YOU passed out! So, if you don’t have your own “stuff” together, how can you help others – like some of those 16-24 yr old men?

Lets face it…our schools DO NOT teach entrepreneurship. They teach you to “get good grades, go to college and get a good job”. IS THAT STILL WORKING? Apparently for MANY the answer is NO!

Is there a solution? YES! Learn how to be in your own business – one that requires little (if any) capital investment. Get started, succeed, then help OTHERS (perhaps some of those disenfranchised from our work force) SUCCEED!


So…if you don’t have a solid plan for developing additional cash flow (INCOME), AND helping others… contact me!


http://alansills.com/work-with-al   <— click here


and LETS TALK. Allow me to help YOU and help you grow…then YOU can help others. And when you help enough folks get what THEY want, you’ll get what YOU want!


Have a great day!



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Jun 04 2012

A day with Alan on the road…

Hey there and welcome! 

I decided to post, along with a bunch of other “full timers” about “a day in the life…”

Life on the road presents a lot of excitement, decisions, opportunities, and yes – challenges.

In 7 months on the road, I had 1 major incident with my 5th wheel that resulted in over $15,000. damage – Thank God for insurance! (I have a post that details what happened, so i’m not going to go into that here); additionally, plans have changed at the last minute from time to time and when driving, especially in any towns – and pulling a 38 ft. “thing” behind me, decisions have to be made…quickly!

Overall, I would not trade this for a “stationary” life style! I prepared a brief video where I share a bit about me, what I do (how I support this lifestyle) and as closely as I can “what a day in the life” looks like…

YouTube Preview Image

Here are a few memories from the road…

Just hit the road...one of my first nights - in NC

Christmas Carolers in NYC (Washington Sqr. Park in "the village")

Near Mt. Rushmore...but THIS is Crazy Horse!

It *finally* snowed! Solitude Ski Area

Sunset at Tijeras, NM - smoke from forest fire in the distance (5/2012)


Our Life On Wheels


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Jun 02 2012

About Heart Disease…This post could LITERALLY save your life

That is a strong claim to make in ANY post, especially on the topic of heart disease but consider the findings in this article…

Important: We wish to provide background on the issue of heart disease here and a REAL solution, please DO read on if you want the ‘whole story’ – BUT – if you are a “bottom line” kind of person, you can SCROLL DOWN to view a video highlighting COMPELLING RESEARCH concerning Arginine (and why we ALL need it) OR click here to review the Arginine product we recommend.

“27 Years | No Deaths from Vitamins, 3 Million from Prescription Drugs”

Over the past 27 years — the complete time frame that the data has been available —  there have been 0 deaths as a result of vitamins and over 3 million deaths related to prescription drug use. In fact, going back 54 years there have only been 11 claims of vitamin-related death, all of which provided no substantial evidence to link vitamins to the cause of death. The news comes after a recent statistically analysis found that pharmaceutical drug deaths now outnumber traffic fatalities in the US. In 2009, drugs exceeded the amount of traffic-related deaths, killing at least 37,485 people nationwide. Read more: http://naturalsociety.com/27-years-no-deaths-from-vitamins-3-million-prescription-drug-deaths/#ixzz1wdimIjME

Lets digest the essence of this article

While pharmaceuticals are a valuable tool given certain circumstances, I’m sure you would agree that remaining healthy is THE key so you are never faced with a NEED to take prescription drugs. The key question we then face is “How do I maximize my health, and minimize the chances I will ever need to take prescription meds for heart disease (or anything else for that matter)?” Why does ANY of this matter?  Simple… Heart Disease (and stroke) is the #1 Killer in our society today! Think about your friends and family – odds are YOU know someone personally (or you yourself) have been “touched” by this silent killer.

We’re talking about the LENGTH and QUALITY of YOUR LIFE…

You see, I love the Kenny Chesney song that says “everybody wants to go to heaven, just not right now!” (ok, ok, i’m paraphrasing it…gimme a break!) So, lets work on that premise – and lets also agree that for the time we are “here” (alive on this planet), it would be better to be HEALTHY…right? Of course this begins with good eating habits and regular exercise. But, thanks to “modern science” we now know there are supplements we can take that will increase the odds of living life HEALTHY for the vast majority of our lives. Further, some of these “potions” can even reverse certain conditions. I realize that the moment one gets anywhere near claims about health, the red flags go up with most people. Me too. I can’t begin to tell you how skeptical I was introduced to Arginine (sometimes referred to as nitric oxide) and Arginine Infusion … **Arginine which shows great promise in the reduction in the incidence of heart disease**.

Arginine (nitric oxide) and Heart Disease

Arginine Infusion – natural support to assist in the reduction of heart disease (CLICK HERE to access Arginine Infusion)

Honestly, it took hours of discussion and testimonials from my own brother (who had seen some friends have their first heart attacks) and discovered Arginine Infusion for himself, and then a 3 hour face to face meeting with the CEO (of Good Life), Steven Smith before I was willing to even TRY it. What I learned from my meeting  with Steven is he is genuinely different from other “nutritional MLM” companies and entrepreneurs. Steven does his own design, manufacture and production of his products – all of them. He is knowledgeable about health and nutrition and genuinely cares to make “best in class” products. Arginine Infusion, “frankly is something that EVERYONE north of 40 should be taking.” Why do I make this bold statement? I will let the research speak for itself – watch this video… YouTube Preview Image Briefly, Ignarro found why arginine lowers your risk of heart attack and stroke…and since heart disease & stroke are the #1 killers in America today… to me it just made sense to become a user of Arginine Infusion. Compare its ingredients here to other arginine products – and there are plenty of them. So, what makes Arginine Infusion different?

  • bio-availability – how well your body absorbs it – Arginine Infusion readily dissolves to provide what is typically the BEST bio-availability
  • the mix of ingredients – including 5000 mg of arginine and 1000mg citrulline; vitamin A (all called for by Dr. Ignarro) AND for good measure: resveratrol; grape seed extract; co-enzyme Q10; Omega 3 (from fish oil) and 70 plant-sea ionic minerals
  • what it does NOT have – read labels!! There are NO harmful substances in this formulation
Does it work? In a word – Yes.


You can obtain Arginine Infusion by clicking HERE or the banner below and then the “buy now” button located mid-page.
arginine infusion for heart disease

Click HERE to learn more about – AND – order Arginine Infusion

Feel free to contact me and I will share a personal testimonial. My contact info is at the top of this page AND if you like this – please pass it along or share it or “like” it. Thanks!

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