May 31 2012

What REALLY Matters…

The pace of life for most of us is best described as “torrid”

As I travel from place to place, I have re-affirmed my thoughts about

“What REALLY Matters”

YouTube Preview Image

You can learn more about Victor Kiam here:  It is a moving piece.

I’d like to take this moment to invite you visit my “work with Al” link above – If you want to speak with me and see about how to help you achieve your goals and dreams, there is a way to contact me on that page! 

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May 30 2012

Hidden Valley RV Resort, Tijeras, New Mexico

Visiting Albuquerque in an RV?


May I suggest you consider making…


Hidden Valley RV Resort in Tijeras, New Mexico YOUR “home base” for your stay.

Hidden Valley RV Resort


Hidden Valley RV Resort is located literally two minutes off I-40 (exit 178), on the side of a hill, and despite its convenient proximity to the Interstate (and the Mother Road Rt. 66), the park’s setting is secluded and quiet.


I stayed here for a time both before and after repairs to my 5th wheel by Rocky Mountain RV in Albuquerque. Incidentally, I highly recommend their repair department – highly professional, and attentive to detail!


Hidden Valley is situated literally 15 minutes from downtown Albuquerque. Driving to Hidden Valley from the city, the first thing you notice is a significant climb towards – and that is a good thing! Tijeras is comfortably cooler than Albuquerque! Hidden Valley is located near some great things to do –


The Turquoise Trail (Rt 14) is just minutes west of Hidden Valley – this is the OLD Rt. 66 stretch (pre-1937) to Santa Fe. Don’t worry, the road has been improved since then! Just minutes up Rt 14, you’ll find “Coffee At Dawn” – a “homey” coffee shop with a friendly crew offering at least 5 different brews each morning! Cedar Crest, the first town you encounter along the Turquoise Trail also has several quality eating establishments – offering everything from healthy salads to ribs and tap beers. Need a market? There is one of some size there too!


Farther up the trail, you’ll encounter the road up to Sandia Peak. Your first “attraction” along the mountain road is Tinkertown. (Click the link to see what Tinkertown is.) Continuing up the access road, you will pass numerous hiking trails before reaching Sandia Peak Ski Area, a ski area in the winter, a mountain biking center in the summer – with a great cafe and high altitude views, and even a tram to ride to the top of the 10,300 ft. mountain peak!



Returning to Hidden Valley, the resort itself has all the amenities you would expect. You can see details here on Hidden Valley RV Resort’s new Facebook page.


Hidden Valley RV Resort    <—- Click Here! 


Just a few notes about what to expect when visiting…


  • the full time employees are very friendly and helpful, they take care to insure you are positioned in the best spot for your rig
  • most sites are pull thru, but the backin sites are wider
  • because the park is on a hill, your experience will be different from “cookie cutter” parks! (bring wood or other tools to level your rig)
  • the park actually has a library – stocked with books, videos, games and information travelers will truly appreciate
Hidden Valley RV Resort

Visit Their Library


A special offer…


When you visit Hidden Valley RV Resort’s website, “like” their page and then email them, they will return the favor with a special rate for your first nights stay! Just remind them when you are making your reservation.


Final thoughts – and one more way to save… Hidden Valley RV Resort accepts Passport America – locate and click the banner on the right side of this page to get a Passport membership and save on your stay at Hidden Valley and at hundreds of parks across the continent!


Hidden Valley RV Resort is a unique RV park, offering everything you would expect onsite (pool, hot tub, pull-thru sites, wifi, 50A power, modern rest-rooms) at most modern RV parks, but with the added ambiance of its location and the nearby attractions.






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May 28 2012


Yes, there is a place called TINKERTOWN! But, no it is not a town.

Tinkertown is the result of a man’s life work. And it is an experience to visit and see it.

tinkertown, cedar crest, nm

The best part of being a traveler is the people I meet and the places I find. Yes, the places I find -- while I do plan my route and the RV park I’m going to stay at, I rarely study an area in advance to see “what to do and where to visit”. Why? I am often pleasantly surprised at what I find!

Basically, it is a side benefit of the lifestyle. And that is where Tinkertown fits in…

Ross Ward, a very creative individual created this over the course of his years. Now departed, taken early by early onset Alzheimers, Ward’s wife continues to operate this “museum” -- this year is its 29th year of continuous operation!

Truly a “build it and they will come” story, you have to see what Ross Ward created…and THAT is why I made this video. I take you on a walk-through of his exhibits. I know the video is 32 minutes, and if time is a factor, watch the first 4 or 5 minutes then jump to 18:25 -- trust me, it will be worth it.

As you watch the segment that begins at 18:25, do yourself a favor… allow yourself to DREAM -- and consider what *might* be! After you see it, you’ll see why this particular segment resonated with me!

IF the video does not play… click HERE and a new window will open -- you’ll be on youtube and it WILL play there! (Don’t know why this is acting up!)

Tinkertown is also a testimonial to entrepreneurship and to thinking outside of the box. THAT has been a big factor in the choices I’ve made in recent years. I am now entering my 7th year without a “J.O.B.” So, when I see someone who is forging their own way -- I’m impressed. Plus, I’m fascinated by memorabilia -- and in the video you’ll see lots of “old stuff” -- both real (tools and more) and depictions that date from a century or more ago!

Just to share a little more, I’m truly enjoying this part of New Mexico. If you ever visit… I highly recommend the Hidden Valley RV Resort in Tijeras. Additionally, the people who own and operateCoffee at Dawnare very friendly, run a great place with great coffee, and there is often intelligent and spirited discussion! Hidden Valley RV is located just off I-40 about 15 minutes east of Albuquerque (be sure to watch my video on the facebook page I linked you to for them!) and Coffee at Dawn is on the Turquoise Trail (NM 14, or the OLD old Rt 66 -- pre-1937) that runs to Santa Fe -- about 50 miles north.)

Anyway -- this is one of those “hey Al, what do you do when you’re on the road posts”… I’ve got more to share that is business related but it can wait till a bit later.

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May 27 2012

A Special Day to Pause and Reflect…


America is a truly amazing nation. Blessed and Exceptional in MANY ways. 


I believe it is special, and yes, it goes even deeper than that.


I’m sitting here this evening (Sunday evening) as I write this, watching a documentary about WWII. Tom Brokaw described the men and women of this age as “the greatest generation”. Many from that generation gave the ultimate sacrifice for our nation during the war; and virtually all sacreficed in one way or another as we truly were a nation at war. We are now losing them at a rate of over 1000 per day (my dad was part of that generation and he went home to the Lord in November of this past year.)


Today, we again are a nation at war (and have been for much of the nearly 70 years since WWII ended). But, these more recent wars are different – while we have men and women, brave men and women, patriotic men and women fighting for a continuation of the American ideal, we here at home easily forget that these conflicts are ongoing as virtually no sacrifice is asked of us. 


Today is a day designed to pause and reflect – ever since the Civil War. Yes, some may debate over the nature or even the validity of the wars we have fought in recent decades, but only a fool would deny that evil still exists and from its founding, America has been different – and yes, special – and I for one certainly believe our ideals are worth defending against that evil.


I said America is different…and from the get go here is evidence – Did you know that when George Washington surprised the British forces (actually Hessian forces) in Trenton – in December 1775, a battle that turned the tide of the Revolutionary War, the men he attacked and captured – and then imprisoned, were offered shortly afterwards by the Continental Congress in a declaration signed by John Hancock full amnesty if they agreed to drop their agression against “the rebels” (Washington’s troops), and join the effort to build a new nation that valued freedom?


Have you ever heard of such an act? Few, if any, conquering armies were so quick to free their enemy and embrace them as friends. Interestingly, Rob Lowe’s (the actor) 5th great grandfather was one such fellow – who actually later helped in the Revolutionary War effort for OUR side! That made Rob eligible for membership in the “Sons of the American Revolution”! 


Fast forward nearly 200 years, after the evil that caused WWII was defeated and the Germans and Japanese were beaten into submission (a great way to end a war in my opinion), we turned around and provided billions in the effort to rebuild these nations. Today, Germany and Japan are close allies and trading partners with our nation.


Yes, things have become muddied in the past few decades, but that does not mean we don’t live in a truly blessed nation, or one with the best Constitution ever created by man.
So we take at least part of this day and pause – reflect – and consider those who gave the ultimate sacrefice, whether it is a young man who lived down the street and went off to Iraq or Afghanistan or a distant relative who fought in WWII, WW1 or an earlier war.


I am certainly NOT going to promote or market anything today – but – I will share based upon a recent interview, I am adding a new book to my must read list for this summer. Here is a link to a video that shares a connection between our nation and Ancient Israel.    <— click here to see a preview of “The Covenant”


To access the book, I have provided a link to Amazon…

In closing, tomorrow I have some very interesting and important information to share that IS business related…but, it can wait until tomorrow.


For now, go eat a hot dog, drink a beer, throw a frisbee, AND pause to reflect.


All the best,


Alan Sills

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May 25 2012

Gold and Silver… What’s Next?

Are you following gold and silver? 

Have you noticed they recently appear to be under attack?

If you’re like me, perhaps you’ve been keeping an eye on silver and perhaps even buying some as other investments – even keeping money in the bank, just don’t look very attractive right now. That is why I follow silver and gold.

You may have noticed that since silver hit nearly 50./oz. and gold nearly 2000./oz. – they have fallen back…or is it more appropriate to say beaten down??

I have to wonder, especially in the case of silver how this can possibly occur if the market was NOT being manipulated somehow. While I do not pretend to be an expert on commodities or the markets that trade them, I go with the following to regulate large parts of my life…

“If it walks like a duck, and it talks like a duck… its a duck!”

That said, I also do a lot of reading and research on the topic. In fact, I just ran across a post titled “The top 5 Gold Commentators”

You can access that post here  or click the banner –>

Top 5 commentators on Gold

The good news when you read Will Bancroft’s article is that each of the experts he cites makes statements that you and I can access at no charge.

While (i’m sure) you and I prefer to get our information for free from experts…there IS one group I have elected to pay to gain additional insight and “access”. Access to much more info actually than just investing in gold and silver. That group is “the EVG group” (Elevation Group). In fact, I’d like to share a recent message I received from the EVG research team… enjoy the read…

Should You Go All-In on Silver or Gold?

Hi Alan, EVG Research here. We have a special
update for you today from EVG founder Mike Dillard

We received a question from an EVG member about
investing his entire portfolio in precious metals.
(Click here to see why precious metals should be
part of your current investment strategy).

We posed the question to Mike, and he found the
question important enough to take time out of his
busy schedule to answer personally … and to give
us all a great update.



Hey, Mike Dillard here.

We are knee-deep in some MASSIVE changes coming
to EVG over the next few months, but I had to stop
and take a moment to share my thoughts with you
regarding an email that was sent to us this week
about gold, and making investment decisions…

First things first, let’s talk about the recent
price declines in precious metals…

Personally, I don’t even pay attention to the
price any more, which is why I haven’t bothered
writing about it recently.

The fundamental reasons I own gold and silver
have not gone away, and in fact they’ve only
gotten stronger…

The Eurozone is crumbling as expected, and
that process will only continue to accelerate.

The US continues to accumulate debt at levels
never before seen in human history.

The nuclear derivative time bomb continues to
flare up and remind us that it’s still out there
ticking away.

The only two outcomes to all of this, are still
the only two outcomes… A massive global depression
unlike anything the world has ever seen if
deleveraging is allowed to take place.

Or hyperinflation if the banking system continues
to paper over the debt-deleveraging by simply
printing trillions upon trillions of more dollars.

Taking a look at the latest riot pictures coming
out of Greece, it’s safe to say that the
politicians and bankers would rather press,
“print”, than look out the window at burning cars
and anarchy.

I have not sold a single ounce of my gold or
silver, and I will not until this process plays
out. Because the US will be the last man standing,
I expect that to happen here within the next three

In the meantime, I could care less about the
price of metals. I have zero emotions about the
topic. I know the reasons why I own metals, I know
human and financial history, and I know the
inevitable outcomes that lay ahead.

If gold and silver drop another 50%, I won’t be
selling… I’ll be backing up the dump truck.

Now with that in mind, let’s talk about that
email we received this week…


“First of all I would like to thank you for the
top-notch content you are delivering. I’m learning
a lot!

At this moment, the only issue I have is not
knowing what I should do but convincing my wife to
the following actions we should take.

I have 30% of my portfolio in metals but I would
like to move to all-in scenario and my wife says
I’m crazy. This issue is now becoming a source of
discussions at home.

A future idea for our EVG portal: “Ways to
convince family members to take action”.

Kind regards,

Nuno C. (from Lisbon, Portugal)


As we all know, I am not a Financial Advisor, so
I can’t tell you what to do with your money, I can
only share my opinion when it comes to my own, and
investing strategy in general…

Way back in the beginning of 2008, I put around
90% of my investable cash in precious metals.
There are three reasons I did that…

1. I’m a risk-taker by nature.

2. I didn’t know any better.

3. I have the skill-sets and cash-flow
businesses in place that allow me to recover from
mistakes made due to my ignorance and lack of

I could afford to make a move like that, because
I could make it all back within months because I
own my ability to generate cash flow on demand
through businesses.

Over the past three years, I’ve continued to
diversify my asset holdings into infinite banking
and cash-flow real estate… Both are vehicles
strategically chosen because I expect them to do
well during deflation or hyperinflation.

At this point, the % of my investments held in
precious metals is probably around 50% and
dropping as I’ve continued to diversify. As stated
above, I’m not selling my metals, I’m just buying
different assets with new funds.

If you have a job, if you’re on a fixed income,
or if you simply can’t afford to lose a
substantial amount of your money, I think you’d be
crazy to, “put it all on black”, as you’re
suggesting Nuno.

That’s a decision that someone makes based on
emotion, instead of strategy and experience.

My advice is to call a Financial Advisor like
Paul who understands what’s taking place around
the world and the importance of precious metals,
but who can also help you create a strategy that’s
safe and profitable no matter what happens.

Mike Dillard


EVG Research team here again.

Thanks Mike. That clears up a lot of questions
our readers and members have been asking about
gold and silver prices lately.

With that, we hope you’ll take the opportunity
right now to watch the special Webinar we’ve made
for you.

You’ll discover where the global economy is
headed, and exactly why Mike has 50% of his
investments in precious metals:

Register for the EVG Webinar Here.

After that, we hope you’ll join us as our newest
EVG member. You’ll get instant access to 20
different lessons outlining the black-box
wealth-building strategies of the rich.

Plus, you’ll have the EVG Rolodex at your

It’s chock full of experts who can help you
create an individualized financial plan …
including Paul, the EVG financial planning wizard
that Mike mentions above.

Won’t you join us today? Your financial freedom
starts here:

Join Elevation Group right now

Your Partner in Prosperity,
The EVG Research Team

The Elevation Group

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