May 21 2012

The definitive guide to building stages

and to building your business

After 2 weeks of experimenting and exploring, I’m ready to “turn-key” this to you. 

Hey, I’m an educator, that’s what I do! I develop an understanding, grow some insights, and now share info that will help you to build your business – regardless of what you have to offer. 

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If you like what you see, please use this page to access the services you’ll need, including enrolling with

As always, I appreciate your feedback – including sharing this info with the buttons provided above and below this post! 

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May 17 2012

Remember the classic “Miracle on 34th Street”?

I can recall watching that Christmas classic every autumn when it started to get cold outside. We got our first color TV in 1966. It didn’t help with this classic ’cause it is in black and white – as it should remain! There were only 7 “VHF” channels (and that was more than most “markets” had)…and TV was free – who would have thought we’d actually be willing to pay for TV?! I can recall people laughing at that notion.


Oh how far we have come… is that a good thing?


Miracle on 34th St. of course takes place in Macys – on 34th St. in Manhattan (NYC). It centers around a man named Chris Cringle and a young girl who believes. For me however, there was more magic… it was Christmas time – a time of gifts and presents! And Macy’s was (and still is) one of the top retailers – not only in NYC, but across the entire nation.
miracle on 34th street

Macys - Retail and Marketing Giant

We lived in New Jersey (ok, no jokes!) But, even then, at the age of 8 years old, I knew that NYC was special – the shops were filled with the latest goods, the best stuff, the best displays. I convinced my folks to take me into “the city” to go shopping (and have dinner in Chinatown!)


When we got to Macy’s, I learned that a major competitor, named Gimbel’s was just across the street. Naturally, we had to explore both stores! At the time, I was very “in” to model trains – Lionel and “n” guage. The electric kind, you know.

A century of gone...why?

We started out in Gimbels. They had some electric trains, they looked nice and the prices seemed fair, but I wasn’t going to make any decisions until I visited Macys. When we went across the street, just as in Gimbels, there was a wide variety of merchandise available, I found the toy department – and located the trains. And…wow, was I thrilled. They had several locomotives I wanted – and the prices were fair. My parents were prepared to buy one… I convinced them to buy two and forgot all about Gimbels.


And that is the point of the story… fast forward 45 years and Macy’s is still here while Gimbels closed their doors after nearly a century of doing business in the late 1980’s. How big was Gimbels? Well, did you know it was the “Gimbels Thanksgiving Day Parade” BEFORE it became the “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade”!


So, why is Macy’s still here and Gimbel’s is a faded memory?


I believe it comes down to the people whom they call “buyers”… you know, the folks who decide WHAT is going to be offered on the shelves in their store. Those decisions determine where an 8 year old boy decides to buy his electric trains! If one buyer has a “sense” of what people want (and gets that item at a price the customer is willing to pay)… the store makes a profit and the customer walks away satisfied – the hallmark of a good business deal – one where both parties are satisfied.


And that is how I see myself today – as a “buyer” – seeking the “best in class” products and services. Because… unless you’ve got that, how long can stellar marketing strategies work?
I’m sorry, but I just don’t understand the mentality of most “home based business entrepreneurs”…


Many folks who “pitch” me on the latest deal (of the week as it seems) are more focused on the “pay plan” (100% commissions?! – ever hear anything SO rediculous? … for the math majors… THAT model is *just not possible*) OR… how frequently you get paid (daily? weekly?)…OR, they are swayed by fast or easy money, and NEVER stop to consider the ethics of the program they are promoting. Currently there is one program, I was just told is being promoted by many pastors – wow – how far off base one’s moral compass can be swayed. I’m not trying to come across as “Mother Theresa” here…but sheesh, how about *some* standards??!! Anyway, I digress…


Don’t get me wrong, I WANT to work with companies who pay regularly and offer a fair chunk of the profits for my efforts…




Not before I know the product or service being offered is BEST IN CLASS – and – the company’s inner circle is comprised of moral and ethical individuals (to the best of my ability to assess this). What I don’t respect (again being brutally honest) is the “false Christian” attitude where every other word out of someone’s mouth is attributing success to God as if He is personally managing the company’s pay plan!


Again, don’t get me wrong, I’m all FOR Godly men (and women) running businesses, but for heaven’s sake…don’t use it as a SHIELD (or worse yet, a SWORD)!


Sound business principles are the same now as they were 500 years ago


There needs to be a fair exchange between the two parties – that brings be back to the “best in class” concept.


Now, even if you have great stuff to offer, you will fail UNLESS you let folks know about it!


In the home based business world, this is MIShandled by most – and that is why I put together my “ultimate video training” series – you can access this (for free) on my blog in the top right corner of


But…in a world where the Internet has connected us to literally every “corner” of the globe (how can a sphere have “corners”?!) – it pays to learn how to get your message out to the masses.


One tool I recently discovered is produced by a company called staged – this tool, perhaps more effectively than any other I’ve found can quickly gain you exposure to the masses – and for a reasonable fee (about 25./month). You can review a video here that explains (briefly) how it works –

Click this banner to learn more about!


I want to invite you to join me Sunday evening at 9pm EDT (5/20/12) to attend a webinar where I will share with you – step by step – how to use this marketing tool to promote what YOU are currently interested in marketing.


Register here: to insure that you have a seat at the table when I serve up the info! Again – get a seat for 9pm EDT 5/20.

Click to grab your seat now!


Have a great day!



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May 13 2012

Create STAGES and watch your business grow

I’m  a business professional. I see myself as a “buyer” in the traditional sense (the video explains this) and as a marketer. As a marketer, I want traffic, but more specifically – QUALIFIED TRAFFIC that leads to “conversions” – that is – one who becomes a customer OR a customer who also wants to learn how to build business and grow their own enterprise!

I’m open to either!

One of the things I’ve learned is the internet is still young – but it has changed. So, you have to be a bit smarter as you generate qualified traffic…OR…you may go broke on your way to becoming independently wealthy…not a desired outcome!

So…that leads me to what you’re about to see…because I’ve found something VERY affordable …and… it is working! 

Watch this video, then be sure to read what follows because I’m going to HELP YOU learn how to do what I’m doing.

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Now…want to see some of my pages? 

Ex 1:

Ex 2: (Note on this page there is a banner to “fleabooth” – you DEFINITELY want to explore fleabooth as well!) …note: this stage uses one of my own videos

To get started with Staged (my link):

Want to learn how to use this? AND…take a detailed look “inside”? 

I’m going to conduct a webinar – it will be a TEACHING webinar. You do NOT have to have purchased a subscription to before the webinar, BUT, I encourage it. Why? I’d like you to get an account (use my link above) and then poke around the interface a bit before you come to the webinar. If you want to review this more, of course, you can come to the webinar and then sign up afterwards. To be sure you get notice of the webinar, use the optin box below to get on a list that will be notified of the date/time of the webinar.

Major topics the webinar will cover will include: 

  • How to select good videos to use in your stages
  • Where to do keyword research to help you gain qualified prospects
  • How to create banners if what you want to promote does not offer banners to you
  • Which themes in Stage are the best to use
  • And MUCH more!

Either way… those who enroll through my link will receive ONGOING support and training. In one week, I’m amazed at what has happened and I expect to see this *really* take off in the coming weeks.



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May 12 2012

Aztec Ruins National Monument

Aztec Ruins… first, I visited this site while staying at Mom and Pop’s RV Park in Farmington, New Mexico. (A GREAT place by the way!)

The first thing I learned is the Aztec Ruins were likely NEVER occupied by Aztecs! The name was gained from the notes of an archaeologist in the mid-1800’s who was instrumental in un-earthing this site. His notes referred to this as an “aztec-like” area, and since Aztec-lore was big at that time, the local residents named the neighboring town Aztec, and the site was dubbed the “Aztec Ruins”. Built by the Puebloan (indians), and occupied by typically nomadic people who advanced to an agrarian culture about 1000 yrs ago, these structures are actually multi-story!

Visitors are actually able to walk through the structure – much of which is as it was over 1000 years ago! When you survey the pictures, look at the heights of the doorways between rooms; the kivas (deep, circular “rooms” where ceremonies were conducted.) It is thought that this area was not occupied by many residents, as an apartment building may be; instead it was a community gathering site for socializing, food preparation, storage and the like.

Why the site was abandoned is unknown. A lot of work went into designing it! The long wall – look for the shot of it – is over the length of a football field! The large circular building in the center is reconstructed from the archaeological notes made when the site was first unearthed.

I’m personally most interested in “old American towns” (soon you will see an essay on Helper, Utah), so this is about 900 years older than my “area of interest”, regardless, I found the site to be most interesting and highly recommend allocating at least 2 1/2 hours to visit – including a 30 minute video that explains the history of these people and the region.

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May 12 2012

Mom and Pop’s RV Park

Mom and Pop’s RV Park – located in Farmington, New Mexico is a VERY cool and friendly place.

Study the slides below – really look at them…Pop created the entire scene you see in the photos. I love this travelin’ lifestyle, ’cause you NEVER know who you’re gonna meet – or – what’s around the next curve! So, after my “incident” in Moab, life led me to need to be in Albuquerque in 3 days…on the way was an unassuming town called Farmington, New Mexico… it is where I met Pop of Mom and Pop’s RV park.

For those who study the photos in the slide show below in detail, look for evidence of the scene telling a story – like the railroad being built in stages; or the old west town and whats going on at each establishment. Pop is a great story teller. He is a Korean War Vet and he is on his own now after many years with “mom”.

Pop’s park is quite basic – not in a super-scenic spot, BUT, it has what you need; its priced right (low 20’s per night if I recall) AND it is centrally located  to many sites you WANT to see. Upon checkin, Pop gave me a 3 page flyer on what I needed to do while I was visiting. (Oh and Pop’s wifi is strong and solid!)

Since I was only there for 1 day (I was on my way from my incident in Moab to repairs in Albuquerque), I could only reach the Aztec Ruins (click here to see a slide show of those ruins along with some detail of what the site is all about.) The ruins – a National Monument – is literally just 15 minutes from Mom and Pop’s!

Honestly, when I departed, I swore I would return – and soon – probably when I’m on the swing back north (North??) for the winter (for the winter?!) – yup! I’m gonna do LOTS of skiing this winter coming up and I’m “on the hunt” for campgrounds that are situated in the mountains near a ski resort.


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