Apr 28 2012

Blessings and setbacks

Setbacks always present challenges.

We can not always control the challenges we are presented with … BUT… we can always decide HOW we want to respond and react to those challenges. 

When you respond well to a challenge, OFTEN, it will be accompanied by a blessing. 

Watch this video to see what I’m talking about…

YouTube Preview Image

Now for some incredible scenes… (you can click to make larger)

sunset at the windows in arches national park

Sunset At The Windows In Arches National Park









Sunset over the cold desert

Sunset over the cold desert









One more from Arches National Park

One more from Arches National Park









Sunset from my campsite at Dead Horse Point SP, Utah

Sunset from my campsite at Dead Horse Point SP, Utah









A towering thunderhead that passed through the desert a couple of hours earlier

A towering thunderhead that passed through the desert a couple of hours earlier









Dead Horse Point, overlooking the Colorado River in a desert Thunderstorm!

Dead Horse Point, overlooking the Colorado River in a desert Thunderstorm!









Mom and Pop RV Park

Mom and Pop RV Park









You’re going to see more of this place! Farmington, NM…

a MUST see for any RV’er! This is an “n-guage” train setup OUTSIDE at Pop’s RV Park!

(Watch the video to learn more about Pop)

Mom and Pop RV Park

Mom and Pop RV Park









I had to share 1 more… look at the attention to detail – the image shows a progression of workers building the railroad!

Again – at Mom and Pop RV Park

Aztec Ruins National Monument

Aztec Ruins National Monument









Built by the Pueblo Indians over 1000 years ago!

A sacred site of worship, community, and safety.

Located just 15 minutes north of Farmington! (who knew!)

A Kiva - A circular pit in which ceremonies were conducted

A Kiva - A circular pit in which ceremonies were conducted









More Aztec Ruins

More Aztec Ruins - but never occupied by Aztecs!

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Apr 26 2012

Business today and putting things in perspective…

A (hopefully) inspiring message from a totally inspiring place…

YouTube Preview Image

Reflect upon these points…

  • The internet is still very much in its “youth” and as such opportunities abound
  • It is also a “mine-field” – you need to use good judgement AND a great mentor can also prove invaluable
  • Action beats INaction every day of the week! – Be an action taker.

Two more things – 

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Apr 24 2012

A near brush with death…and the amazing desert environment

YouTube Preview Image

A near brush with death … and a lesson learned

Yesterday morning I set out on a very short hike in Canyonlands National Park. The hike was to an overlook – the Upheaval Dome Overlook. The overlook is just 0.3miles from the start point of the hike – that’s just about 5 football fields of very light hiking! Since the distance was so minimal, and I do have extensive experience hiking, I set out in sandals and saw no need for water – certainly a round trip of just over ½ mile would not be even the slightest stretch for me! The climb to the overlook, while mildly strenuous was easily completed in a few minutes.

I remained at the overlook to enjoy the view for a few minutes, and even though it was only about 9am, the desert sun was already getting quite hot. I decided to continue my exploration of Canyonlands – a phenomenal national park by returning to my car.

That is when things got interesting… you see, the trail was a mix of “slick rock” (sandstone rock outcrop) and loose “dirt” – more like sand. Near the top of the climb, as I approached the overlook, the surface converted to just rock. This made it difficult to find the actual trail leading back down to the parking lot.

I started down what I thought was the trail and when the rock yielded to sand, initially there were footprints, then more rock, and when sand re-appeared, no foot prints were visible…I had somehow lost the trail.

I searched around a bit and just over a slight berm, there was the trail – complete with footprints! I was back on track…or so I thought. I proceeded down the trail for another 15 – 20 minutes or so (at my pace that is nearly a mile) and by then I knew I was most certainly on the wrong trail…and the problem I then had was, I was unsure as to whether proceeding forward was going to get me to my vehicle or turning back would. The trail I was on, was an 8 mile loop around the geologic feature I had just seen. I knew if I completed the loop, at some point I would get back to my car…unfortunately (for me), in sandals and without water, I was unlikely to successfully complete an 8 mile hike!

So… as I evaluated the situation, I decided I had probably diverged off the overlook trail, and landed on the loop trail and had “overshot” the parking area. I doubled back, hoping to eventually see the T-intersection I had started from. That T-intersection is where the loop trail goes left and right and the overlook goes straight up the slickrock and sand to my originally brief destination.

As I was doubling back, minutes seemed like hours – especially as the sun was growing increasingly higher in the desert sky. Then, my phone “kicked in” as I heard the internet radio station (it was Glenn Beck) I had been listening to earlier in the day. This was good news as I knew IF I was truly lost, I could (even though the connection to a cell tower was sporadic), call 911 and they could use GPS to locate me.

Naturally, I held back on doing that as I did not want to feel like a complete idiot if I was within ½ mile of the parking lot. A few more minutes of travel, and YES, I saw the road and then the parking lot… assured that I was now safe, I stopped worrying, the sun didn’t feel as hot as it did before, and I knew…that especially out here, any venture out into the wilderness, no matter how small a hike, I would take at least 1 bottle of water! And…I’m thinking of investing in a compass!


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Apr 23 2012

Mike Dillard from Elevation Group speaks…and you’d be wise to listen –

I JUST received this in my “inbox” as a subscriber to the Elevation Group. Read it carefully, Mike talks about some of the SAME things I have and I am reading about now. As you read this…you’ll KNOW why I’m out west (if you’re following my posts here on my page)…and if you want to know what I’m doing to PREPARE…just ask me. 

One thing i WILL suggest you do… IF you’re not already subscribed…CLICK HERE to get into “The Elevation Group” and read/watch the WEALTH of information Mike has to share with ALL of us. 

See All of The 2011 Year-In-Review Email Below
Why Did The US Government Just Buy
450 Million Rounds Of Hollow Point Ammunition,
Which Can Only Be Used On Americans…?


Hey Alan, before we dive into the government’s latest purchase, I wanted to give you a quick update about our Member’s Only webinar last Thursday…

It was a packed house with all 1,000 lines maxed out, and despite a few technical difficulties, the team did a fantastic job sharing our recent results, and answering your questions. 

The incredible investment strategy we’ve put together that combines infinite banking with cash-flow real-estate, is absolutely killing it… So far I’m on track for a 30-40%+ return this year using this system. And the best part is that it’s protected from inflation, and has a massive downside cushion in place for any potential deflation. 


The quality of the recording turned out great, so we’re editing that right now and it should be available for Members to watch on Wednesday.

On a side note, the team here at EVG and I begin weekly weapons training with a former Navy Seal this week out at the ranch. The goal is to become proficient in all forms of tactical self-defense. 


The climactic crescendo to the greatest economic collapse is nearing, with an estimated time of arrival within the next 6-18 months now that Spain is officially in the game. Throw in wildcards from Iran, Israel, North Korea, and Fukushima… And frankly, I think you’d have be crazy NOT to make preparations. 

If you don’t believe me or just think that I’m being an alarmist, simply look at the government and what they’ve been buying the past two months… 

1:  75,000 packages of Potassium Iodide to protect troops against radioactive fall-out

2: 450 Million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point. Now this quite possibly the most disturbing piece of news I’ve read in a while, (although expected)…  Why? 

Well first of all, hollow points are only used in active duty, when maximum damage and death are the desired results. They are never used in training. 

Third, the military primarily sticks to 5.56 rifle rounds, and 9MM, or .45 caliber pistol rounds. The only group that uses .40 cal, is American law enforcement. 

And what’s most disturbing of all, is that hollow point rounds are outlawed by the Geneva Convention, so they can’t be used on a battlefield such as Iraq or Afghanistan. 

Which means that logically, there’s only one place on the planet where these bullets are intended for use… In America, on Americans. 

Click here to read the full story from Mike Adams over at Natural News which is going viral today… 

At the end of the day, The Elevation Group is about one thing… Freedom. 

Freedom isn’t something that’s given to you. It’s something that you create in your life through the decisions you make on a daily basis… 

Freedom is something you achieve by reducing your dependencies upon others for your food, your money, and your safety. 

The writing is on the wall. The most successful and wealthy individuals I know are making significant preparations for a national emergency of some kind. While we don’t know what form it will take, we all agree that it’s coming, and so does the government. 

Act accordingly. 

If you haven’t done so yet, go watch Lesson 8 on, “How To Prepare For The Worst of Times, So You Will Only Know The Best of Times…”, in the EVG Member’s Area. 

Talk soon,

Mike Dillard

What do you think of Mike’s message? Alarming? On the money? Want to know more about Mike’s thoughts and what he’s doing NOW? 

Go here: http://evg.sillsleadership.com and subscribe…its worth it – PERIOD.

In closing – EVG is a great step towards preparation…and so is CloudZow <– click here to get CloudZow now and protect your data

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Apr 22 2012

Sunset at the Point at Dead Horse Point State Park

No words…just pictures…edead horse point state park at sunset alansills.com lifestylenjoy (click to see larger images)






dead horse point state park at sunset alansills.com lifestyledead horse point state park at sunset alansills.com lifestyle

dead horse point state park at sunset alansills.com lifestyle

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