Apr 15 2014

The Flintstones and Atlanta, Georgia

I recorded this video in Mid-February. At that time, Atlanta had just experienced its (3 inch) “snowpacolypse” and there were stories filtering out about fights breaking out in markets as people secured “provisions” for themselves and their families. That event prompted me to create the video that follows. Before you watch the video, I want to make 3 quick points: 

  • Within the video I talk about our needs and two important things we all need
  • The video itself serves as a “model” for what you can do in a “video with a message” – pay careful attention to all “elements” I have added to the video
  • Consider *just how much* the world has changed since I made this video – just a few short weeks ago!! (see my notes below the video for more on this thought)

Fred says “be prepared”

Important: Watch this video – and just like it says on screen, you do NOT need to add your email (but feel free to do so if you wish to receive updates) – just click “skip email” to start viewing. Also – after the video starts, you can make it full size using the resize tool in the lower right corner (you must scroll over the video to see the “full size” tool. 



 So… just how much has the world changed since Feb 13? (And I’m most recently updated this on April 15th)

  • Russia has effectively “annexed” Crimea and is threatening the Soverignity of the Ukraine
  • Poland has called up its military reservists – a move NEVER before done
  • Rumors have Germany being threatened over continued access to natural gas (by Russia)
  • Flight 370 continues to be an UNPRECEDENTED “mystery” (at least to us) – but the Israeli’s are on “high alert” (for some reason?!)
  • The stock market continues to float near record highs – but Yellen has to keep coming out and voicing her support for the (failed) monetary policies of the past several years (I firmly believe that the “crash” of 2008 was NOT allowed to happen by those in power at that time, and all we have done is delayed the inevitable – and WHEN it happens, it will be a FAR BIGGER event than it would have been in 2008.)
  • A standoff occurred between a private citizen (Cliven Bundy) and the Feds (BLM) – and personally I do NOT think the last chapter on this issue has been written.

What does this have to do with the video I created? 

Two things

1) If you’re like MOST folks, you have not yet done ANY preparation… isn’t it about time to get some food that will store for up to 25 years AND a way to create potable water? (See links IN the video OR below my words in this post)

2) If you’re in your own business – Video Marketing WORKS! – Have a look at Clipz by clicking “Powered by Clipz” to learn more.

Continue on to access Wise Foods and the BEST Water Filtration System I’ve found to date…









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Apr 08 2014

Protected: Send Out Cards Team Video Training

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Feb 07 2014

Brief and Important

Watch this BRIEF video and if you wish to receive a message when I post new videos, please take the action(s) detailed below

YouTube Preview Image

To gain access to my latest videos, WHEREVER I have them hosted, you can do any one (or more) of the following:

1) Join the Skype channel “Alan Sills Video Channel” (my personal skype id is alan.sills if you need to contact me directly)

2) Send an email to alans_videos@getresponse.com  (that is alans(underscore)videos@getresponse.com) OR enter your first name and email below and click “Yes! Lets Connect”


Yes Alan, I want to know when you post videos



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Jan 31 2014

Well… Rippln really WAS a good idea

From the moment Rippln was introduced to me by a core member of Russell Brunson’s team, I had three thoughts…

YouTube Preview Image

1) Rippln was onto a good idea

2) I have great respect for Russell and his team. NOT because of his success, instead because of their morals, ethics and values.

3) I was very concerned over who the CEO was – I now consider him a 3x loser (he was already a 2x loser) – and will NEVER follow him down another rabbit hole again regardless of WHO brings his next “big idea” to me!!

I gotta call it as I see it. As I noted in other posts,  I’ve learned MUCH leading up to 2014 and plan several changes for this year. To start, I have narrowed my “home based business” focus to one venture –

Send Out Cards as detailed in my PROMPTINGS post. I consider this company to be VERY stable and the service offered to be HIGH VALUE.

send out cards

Make someones day today! Act upon a prompting.

Continuing… Rippln’s main problem (as I saw it) was in its execution and communication. In short, with INCREDIBLY POOR LEADERSHIP from the CEO, they OVER promised, UNDER delivered, and then FAILED to communicate clearly with “the field.” The website “startmyripple(dot)com” was also not designed well. So, as with many business ideas and concepts, Rippln will be added to the trash heap of history.

I try to provide value and work within a code of values, ethics and morals to those who look to me for my thoughts and insights, and I feel I’ve let you down this time.

I can say this – I DO learn from each and every venture I choose to engage with and share, and Rippln has taught me some important lessons… No matter how credible the source, or apparently good the concept, successful execution ultimately relies upon strong leadership – and that starts with the CEO of the company.

All that said, I’m now going to head up to our local hot springs and relax some very overworked muscles as I have now skied well over 50 days since the season began!

Back from the hot springs…and a final thought – This year I also plan to pursue “SEO” – this means ranking websites AND using video marketing to promote various products and ventures. Stay tuned (and connected to me) to receive video “how to’s” from time to time on this topic!

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Nov 19 2013

Life in Steamboat…

Fresh snow – a little rain – then more fresh snow. (Don’t miss my photos at the bottom of this post!)

Such is the nature of Autumn in the Rockies. Near 0ºF this morning, a few days of dry weather, then more snow! I honestly believe we are DONE with the rain! Its still hard to get the idea in my head that when it snows, I don’t have to rush out to ski as I did in the east. Too often back east, a snowfall was followed by something “wonderful” like freezing drizzle! Now with opening day just 1 day away (opening of Steamboat – Mt. Werner), I’m totally psyched! 

Here are a few thoughts I’d like to share…

YouTube Preview Image

It has been a truly muddy mud-season. The “Central Rockies” have had lots of rain (and snow) this Autumn – which gives me hope that it will stay “wet” into the winter, which out here (very soon) of course means white – and lots of it! In the “off season”, I have had to do a few things you may want to be aware of…

First of all, I’m excited to announce the release of Miracles and Massacres – a new book about American History. This is a landmark book with some great stories within its covers. It also represents a success in my marketing strategy. Care to know why I call it a success, contact me!

Next, with the holidays approaching, please take a moment and check out Send Out Cards hereThis is a service I personally use and endorse. This service honestly is one I can wholeheartedly endorse and know you’re going to love! Consider using one or more of the photos below as a cover to “the perfect card”!

Lastly, as I mentioned in my video, I have been losing weight (well at least until this week!) To access the Garcinia Cambogia I chose to use – check the information below (I take 3 capsules / meal, so 3 bottles last me 2 months.) I selected this product on the basis of ingredients (all natural and had the “required” potency (as Dr. Oz detailed) and of course, a competitive price! 

[easyazon_block add_to_cart=”default” align=”center” asin=”B004PTI1CQ” cloaking=”default” layout=”top” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”alansillscom-20″]







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